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Made from 600D Dacron fabric with hard plastic handles and heavy duty stitching, the 20kg and 40kg sand bags have been designed and constructed to take a beating. Spartan Sports is an Australian company that markets a wide range of sports products and equipment with the capability to deliver directly from our overseas factories. These rubber latex resistance tubes come in light, medium and heavy resistance levels and a fantastic resistance training tool for clients of all levels and abilities. Smooth handles and heavy duty powder coated cast iron make these kettlebells a great choice for everyday use. The ultimate fitness tool kit bag comes complete with everything you need to deliver a fun and effective workout. When a bunch of former cross country guys get together to compete, but are tired of generic 5 k courses, what do we do?? We ran the Spartan Sprint in Malibu Sprint, where I placed first in my age group and 12th overall! The cool thing is that if you complete all three of these races in one year you can prove it by showing off your Trifecta medal. Being that it was our first time running an obstacle race none of my friends, including me,  had no idea what to pack. A watch to keep time. Spartan races do not have mile markers so for those trying to pace it based on distance this will be tough. Light racing clothes. Avoid anything white or cotton since it will be a wet and muddy race.
Now that you are packed and ready to go let’s talk about some of the obstacles to expect. Some body of water. In Malibu the race started with all contenders jumping into a VERY cold lake.
Rope Climb. Tip for this one is to get a solid hook on the rope between your legs and inch your way up. Over, under, through. There will be a series of walls where you have to go over the wall, then under a wall then through a wall.
Fire pit leap. Tip here is to get your camera person ready and strike a pose when you jump.
Now that you have an idea of what is to come, the question is how to get ready for the race.

Since there are so many obstacles do not get caught up on focusing on one particular obstacle. My best advice is to focus on your overall cardio and conditioning to help you through the race. 5-10 hill sprints at 90-95% effort with about 2-3 minutes rest depending on the hill you run. This is why I say focus on overall conditioning because if the hill defeats you, you can’t take a pass and do some burpees. Weighted Vest – Hobie Call, who has dominated the Spartan races, has shown that he runs with a weighted vest during his runs.
If you cannot hold a 6-7 minute mile WITHOUT a vest for a few miles then wearing a vest will not benefit you.
Upper Body Strength  – The spartan race does require some upper body strength for pulling, pushing and climbing.
PowerWave™ is a multi- fucntional workout tool with a revolutionary design, which offers you an all round full body workout.
Unique shape, which improves your cordination and speed in a way that weights or machines cannot do. PowerWave™ is regularly controlled in order to maintain the quality, durability and the low price. In combination with the Wave20™ program, the fitness tool will help you to burn fat even 24 hours after the workout.
Complete with non-slip comfort handles and a door training strap, this versatile tool is a must have in any training kit. The ultimate in portable resistance training, choose a selection of kettlebells to suit a range of exercises.
As former cross county runners we were all hungry for a bigger challenge then just running a race so the Spartan race was the perfect way to feed our appetites. You are going to be soaking wet and nothing is going to feel better then a fresh pair of clothes and dry socks. Instead know how long your race is and use your watch to gauge how much more you have to go.
Wear athletic type attire that will dry very quickly because the last thing you want, is to be running around with an extra 5 lbs of water soaked into your clothes.

I really like the Inov-8 for racing shoes since they are light-weight and dry off very quickly during runs so you are not stuck with two heavy bricks on your feet. Depending on the type of Spartan race you run your going to need some nutrition right after the race.
Tip here is stick to the sides so you do not get caught up and kicked around in the middle of the water.
Tip here is to time your footing so you don’t stutter step before getting to the wall. You could end up carrying a tire, sand bags, bricks, or what ever object they can come up with.  Just find a comfortable way to hold the odd object and run.
Tip here is to get a good running start and hook your arms on the wall at the top and pull yourself up.
The worse case scenario is you are not able to complete an obstacle and end up doing burpees.
You will have to push through the hill and odds are all other obstacles will  be negatively effected. During my training time I did run with a weighted vest and found that Perfect Fitness vest works good for me because it stays on snug and does not bounce around when I run. Work on dropping to the floor on your chest and popping onto your feet in one motion instead of walking up for speed and efficiency. If you feel your upper body is not as strong start working on push ups and pull ups (assisted if needed) to increase strength. Tip here is to take your time and make sure to have proper footing before moving onto the next peg. During the race you are going to be facing some pretty steep hills so you want your body to be used to climbing hills as much as possible, otherwise you’ll end up walking and letting the hills defeat you. You are just putting unnecessary pressure on your joints and not getting as good of a cardio workout. Just have enough strength to be comfortable with pulling and pushing your own weight and you will be fine.

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