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Drive System and Flywheel: Even if the E25 has a heavy, 25-lb flywheel, and a generous amount of resistance and incline levels, it maintains a fluid and smooth motion through its whisper-quiet drive system.
Resistance: A The E25 Elliptical Machine has 20 resistance levels to choose from, and it operates using magnetic resistance or eddy current brake (ECB) resistance.
Incline: SOLEa€™s power incline feature is a step ahead of its competitors, as this allows users to change ramp angles and throw in additional resistance at the push of a button without stopping or stepping off the machine.
Programs: The E25 has 10 workout programs, six (6) of which are standard, two (2) are custom, and two (2) are heart rate programs. Stride Length: The E25 is built with a maximum stride length of 20 to 22 inches, and allows forward and reverse motion. Weight and User Weight Capacity: The product weighs a sturdy 189 lbs, and can accommodate users weigh a maximum of 350 lbs.
Pedals and Foot Plates: The E25a€™s 15-inch pedals are designed by experts such as engineers and physical therapists who have incorporated a two-degree, inward slope to reduce stress on knees and ankles. Sound System: The SOLE E25 also comes with a basic sound system and ports, wherein you can plug in your music player, tablet, and headphones.
Add-ons: This machine comes with a water bottle holder that can also double as a media tray, and a built-in cooling fan. Like most elliptical machines, both the sound system and cooling fan are not as good as some would expect them to be.
You would definitely reap the benefits of this machine only after you have hurdled through the assembly process, which can be tedious and time-consuming for some users who are not into reading worded instructions that much. SOLE Fitness produces nothing but high-quality exercise equipment and is probably one of the most preferred by consumers of all walks of life. It give us great pleasure at Exerciseable to help fight obesity, enhance vitality, increase longevity and play our part in lowering health care costs. It is with our most heartfelt thanks to those of you who are researching exercise equipment, for trusting and relying on us to meet your research needs through our impartial reports. Sole Elliptical trainers are quickly becoming the trainer of choice for anyone looking for a gym grade Elliptical in the home.
Affordability: given that these ellipticals can go to nearly $2000 it seems strange to consider them affordable. Coming from the stable of SOLE, Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer is a machine that instills confidence in the buyer. If you are looking for a solid and reliable cross trainer that provides effective workouts without any fuss, then Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer is worthy of a look. Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer has a long 20 inches stride length that is great for not just average height users but also for those who have a more than average height. This is a braking system that is considered the best these days to add to the resistance of any elliptical trainer.
It is basic physics that the heavier the flywheel, the more fluid motion the trainer provides to the user. E55 has a cooling fan on the main frame of the machine to make you feel comfortable with cool air while you are sweating. One can add to the incline with the press of a button and make his workout a bit more challenging. This elliptical trainer from SOLE is a very solid and sturdy machine that provides full value for money to the buyer. Tips on How to Select the Best Elliptical TrainerWhether you are a fitness freak or not, you must have noticed growing popularity of elliptical trainers at health clubs, gymnasiums, and even at homes.
This is the most expensive item I’ve ever reviewed and it’s not even something I own! The SOLE E95 elliptical machine provides a challenging cardio workout, supported by a blue, backlit LDC display that helps you track essential training data. The top rated, gym quality E95 features a fluid natural motion provided by a whisper quiet drive system that functions in both forward and reverse motion. Power incline: Additional resistance and variable positions mean a diverse, challenging cardio workout with the touch of a button. Advanced sensor systems: Stationary handle bars with built-in pulse sensors for monitoring your heart rate and a heart rate chest strap are great for ongoing pulse monitoring, and heart rate interactive programs.
Custom foot pedals: Pedals were designed in collaboration with a leading physical therapist, and SOLE SOLE engineers have created a two-degree inward slope to the foot pedals, reducing ankle and knee stress common in many elliptical machines. Articulating pedals: Not everyone walks the same, which is why SOLE designed pedals that articulate to fit your stride. Four rear wheels on heavy-duty rails: The design ensures a smoother, more stable feel, and reduce side-to-side foot pedal motion.
My friend’s mom bought this exact elliptical machine first which is where she first encountered it. My friend is very, very pleased with the purchase because she couldn’t fit in gym workouts due to long work hours. Sole Elliptical is so confident about its line of trainers that they offer a 30 day trial period, after which you can get your money back if you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase. Why are virtually all the Sole Elliptical Machine reviews so positive about this collection? If your body’s alignment is out of kilter due to the position and action of the foot pedals, you may experience discomfort in your knees, hips and back.
Another issue the engineering team addressed successfully, was that of numb toes after working out for a while. The idea behind Sole Elliptical Machines and the other brands are that they should move the way you do.
Viewed as one of the best in the below $1000 class, this total body exercise machine offers a smooth action with great stability.
It is no longer surprising to see a ‘Best Buy’ tag on this brand’s elliptical exercise equipment. Sole Elliptical Machines not only feature solid, quality components, but an equally solid reputation in the fitness industry. Sole is a leading treadmill manufacturer that has also carved a niche for itself in the field of elliptical trainers. Trust SOLE Fitness to come up with a heavyweight among elliptical trainers as it is one company that is supplying treadmills at Hilton chain of hotels.
Coming from the house of SOLE Fitness, Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine has been creating waves among the pros as well as amateurs because of its solid frame and sturdy design that provides a whispering workout that is so smooth that you do not feel a thing.

Keep water or any other energy drink in the water bottle and place it in the holder that has been provided in the mainframe to quench your thirst in between workouts. There is a blue LCD screen on the mainframe on the handle bars that is bright and sharp and makes it very easy to read all figures while you are pedaling at a fast pace. No need to do your workouts in complete silence as the elliptical trainer comes fitted with speakers that will blurt out music from your iPod to keep you entertained. Despite being heavy and bulky, this trainer allows you to do workout in complete silence as it does not make a sound at all. After having worked out on this elliptical machine, we can say that it is a sure winner from the stable of SOLE Fitness. The newest model from Sole exercise mahines is now out to impress you and that is the Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer (2015 Model).
The upcoming New Year means new goals and that might mean shedding some pounds that you have gained during the holiday season. More and more people would be aiming to reduce their weight or shapen up so you better check out also what exercise equipment you would love to have.
The E35 elliptical machine has been rated as Best Buy in some magazines and reviews and that serve as testimony to its efficiency.
You might want to watch your favorite shows while running and exercising and your old trainer is just too noisy for you to be able to do so. It offers top-of-the-line performance and fluid motion not to mention the convenient features that enable you to enjoy every single minute that you are mounted in this trainers.
If you want to motivate your kids to keep in shape while they are still young, this is one of the equipments you must have in your home.
With Sole Fitness E35 machine, your kids can step onto the platform and just enjoy their own pace. To boost your exercise, you can make use of the power incline feature and tilt the ramp 30 degrees more so you can exercise your whole body by targeting core muscle groups. It includes 2 heart-rate workout programs as well as customizable profiles that you can set to suit your preferences. In terms of display, you won’t have a hard time tracking down your heart rate and other exercise info, there is a brilliant LCD display with great LED lighting.
If you want to listen to your iPod, plug it in the integrated sound system and you can hear your favorite music while you workout. If you are still not sure if you should get this machine, check out our comparison of Sole E35 vs E95. It displays easy-to-read, simple, and relevant information to help users track their progress and make adjustments along the way. This is a quality trainer that has a solid frame and sturdy construction to provide easy and smooth workouts. The name of SOLE Fitness behind this elliptical is enough to reassure buyers about the quality of the product. This stride length makes you feel comfortable that obviously results in a more effective workout.
Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer makes use of this system that employs a small magnet that comes close to the flywheel whenever you want to increase the resistance level. This elliptical machine has a heavy 27 pounds flywheel to make for smooth and fluid workouts. This prevents you from tiring quickly and allows you to do workout for a longer time period. This was only to be expected with the expertise of the company and its long experience in making sturdy elliptical machines. This automatic system allows one to simulate the experience of running on a slope with a steep incline. But the machine weighs only around 200 pounds making it circumspect when it comes to allowing a person more than 300 pounds in weight to do workouts on this machine.
But the grips provided belie this high price as they appear to be standard and not very comfortable as are available with other elliptical trainers. However, a good friend made this purchase to complete her home gym and it’s turned out to be an incredible purchase for her.
The console includes a built-in cooling fan, water bottle holder, and speakers that allow you to plug in an MP3 player and listen to your favorite playlist while you work out.
The combination of a heavy 34 lb flywheel and high gear ration means an extremely smooth feel with 20 levels of resistance that will provide a challenging workout. The combination of a heavy, 34-pound flywheel and high gear ratio equates to an extremely smooth feel.
The ramp angle is fully adjustable from 0 to 30 degrees, allowing you to target and individually work all major lower body muscle groups. So far having this elliptical machine at home has saved enough time that she has been able to fit in daily workouts. She has used it every day since the new year and lost 15 pounds in a month – daily cardio at home makes a difference!
I have to say, this elliptical machine is a very nice ride and definitely better than some of the outdated ones I have at my gym.
This blog is my journey to create a happier, healthier life for myself through better food and fitness while encouraging others to do the same.
They are free for you to use, but they help support me by giving me a small commission of any sales. The Sole Elliptical Machine may be just the fat-burning exercise buddy you need to get your body-transformation on the right track.
It has to do with quality components, innovative engineering, reassuring warranty periods and top-rated customer service. Normally, the inclination is to move the pedals closer to each other in order to solve alignment problems.
Here you have all the regular Sole Elliptical Machine benefits, plus a larger display and a heart rate monitor with chest strap.
You will enjoy making use of the custom molded hand grips on the movable handlebars during upper body routines. If you are looking for an elliptical machine that is sturdy and provides full workout to your body in a fluid motion, then Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine is one trainer that you must take a look at. Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine has been designed to take it all in its stride while providing you with a smooth and quiet workout with the help of its 8 different pre-set programs. You might easily be assured that it is indeed a great piece of home exercise machine when you do a little research.

Even if you have younger kids who are on the shorter side, it is easy for them to grab the handlebars down, so you don’t have to worry. It will help them in their exercises so that not only you but also your kids will enjoy the benefits of exercise. While you pedal, you would likely be thirsty but no need to worry because this trainer has a bottle holder. This means that they were designed to fit the way users walk, whether flat-footed or arched. As such, we stand by our word to never give in to corporate interests when evaluating products.
Not only is the machine solid and robust, it comes with a long warranty to provide full value for your money. The trainer has a lifetime guarantee on the frame, a 5 year warranty on parts and 2 year warranty on labor. It’s on my own personal to-buy list for when I buy my own home and have space for a gym. The moving handlebars are adjustable for comfort and the stationary handle bars have pulse sensors for monitoring your heart rate.
Imagine seeing the lean, toned lines you desire in the mirror and slipping effortlessly into that skin-tight pair of jeans. For more than 20 years this Sole has been specializing in turning couch potatoes into calorie crunching consumers.
Add to this the fact that this brand’s engineering team came up with a solution for the foot pedal problems that plague the industry, and you have a winning combination. After careful study, the two top-level models got the benefit of an adjustable footpad, in addition to its articulating action. It features a 20? stride length, and the comfortable foot pedals the brand has become known for.
There is no need to lose your cool while sweating it out, as the equipment comes with a built-in cooling fan and a water bottle holder. The easy-to-read LCD blue back-lit electronic console with its health-club features allows for plenty of feedback fun and a continuous data diet. This is a machine that makes no sound and makes use of a flywheel that is 25 pound in weight.
It can be set at several resistance levels and offers the facility to workout at different incline angles.
It is designed to provide smooth workouts without much perspiration (courtesy cooling fan and water bottle). Elliptical Trainer GlossaryElliptical trainers have been around us for the last 20 or so years. Its E25 Elliptical Machine is definitely, no exception to this reputation, even if it is priced more affordably than the other SOLE machines. Our goal is to ensure you leave better educated on all facets of exercise products in todaya€™s market. Heavy flywheel chosen by the company allows the user to complete his workouts in a fluid motion. The machine provides noiseless workouts that produce visible results in a very short time period.
If you have a workout area at home you should add this elliptical machine to your fitness equipment arsenal immediately. Oversize foot pedals that Sole engineers have designed with a 2 degree inward cant reduce ankle and knee stress.
According to Sole Elliptical Machine reviews, these blubber-busting trainers are made to match your workout efforts step by step. Their electronic treadmills can be found in hotel rooms throughout the hospitality industry, where they stand up well to heavy-duty usage. Handgrip pulse sensors on the stationary handlebars enable you to zone in on your target heart rate. Sixteen levels of resistance and 10 programs test your mettle and get you into the best shape of your life. You can rest your feet comfortably inside the sloped, over-sized foot pedals with their foam cushioning. Try this solid cross trainer for a tireless work out to get desired results in a short time period. Elliptical workouts are said to be more effective than workouts on a treadmill especially if you are looking for cardio vascular effects. As if this wasn’t enough, these guys discovered that the change generated additional benefits. All the bells and whistles in the world won’t get you to train if you experience pain or discomfort after 10 minutes on the machine.
The foot pedals with their 2 degree inward slope have been designed for user comfort during longer workouts. How to Determine Stride Length for an Elliptical MachineElliptical trainers, ever since they made their appearance in gyms during the 90’s, have become very popular among the health conscious people.
When you adjust the angle of the foot pedals, you will find that your hamstrings or glutes get an enhanced, more intense workout. If you are not comfortable over a workout period of 20 or 30 minutes, you won’t complete your session. The sturdy frame comes with a lifetime warranty, while the parts and electronics are covered for three years.
The frame comes with the hallmark lifetime warranty, while parts and electronics are covered for 5 years, and labor for 2 years.
The robust frame has lifetime coverage, while parts and electronics come with a 5 year warranty. This well-muscled fat-burner deems itself fit enough to carry up to 400 pounds in user weight.
The E95 has all the characteristics to do battle with models in the over $2500 class, yet it comes in at around $1700.

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