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Great warranty – Sole shows confidence in the E95 by including a lifetime warranty on the frame, five years for other parts, and two years of in-home labor. Ergonomics – Some special ergonomic features on the E95 include uniquely tilted pedals, molded hand grips, and extra smooth dual-wheel rollers. Tilted pedals – The angled pedals on Sole elliptical trainers are designed to protect the ankles and knees from strain.
Incline – The entire workout surface can be tilted from 15 to 40 degrees to help users exercise different muscle groups and burn calories even more efficiently. Extras – In addition to providing great workout basics, Sole includes an MP3 hookup and built-in speakers. Heavy flywheel – This machine’s 30-pound flywheel helps ensure a smooth elliptical motion and effective resistance.
The Sole E95 cross trainer is supplied with a user friendly console offering feedback on the most important workout statistics such as time, speed, distance, resistance, incline, laps, calories, programme and pulse.
I bought this cross trainer as I needed one that would be durable enough for the heavy use it would see in our house. Introducing the Top 5 Elliptical Trainer Reviews to provide you with a peace of mind when shopping for the product that is right for you. This wonderful compact elliptical offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance and a 3 by 4 foot usage area as well as transport wheels for easy storage. The Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical machine slid right into the number two spot in this list of Top 5 Elliptical Trainer reviews it comes with everything you could possibly ask for in an elliptical machine. Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. The cross trainer is an excellent value offering high-quality components and an attractive design. It’s ideal for households that have more than one user; the machine stores two user profiles, has adjustable pedals, and can handle heavy daily use. The programmes include 1 manual, 5 pre-set including cardio, strength, hill, fat burn and interval training, 2 user programmes and 2 heart rate control, whereas  the heart rate can be measured through the hand pulse grips or a wireless receiver with an included Sole Fitness chest strap. I especially like the variety of different programmes and the fact it has an incline feature and a smooth motion. My fitness levels have increased noticeably since my first few goes back in September and I've lost a good few lbs off the belly. Having tested these products and done extensive research on many other similar products; I am happy to present a line of machines designed for you  to help you achieve that muscle toned body you’ve always dreamed of, in the privacy of your own home. It offers great warranty, and the LED console will show you exactly what you’re putting in by showing, time, distance, speed, calories and heart rate.

You’ll get a challenging cardio workout and it will display it on its blue LCD to help you keep track of your accomplishment.
A natural 0-60% electronic adjustable incline to fit your style of workout, and Surefit soft pivoting foot pedals you’ll get the workout you’ve been dreaming of. Users get an adjustable stride, heart rate monitoring, cushioned pedals, and several other great features.
The E95 features a cooling fan and oversized comfortable footplates with a natural 2-degree inward slope and unique turn knob adjustment for 10 different foot pedal adjustments. Much easier than going to the gym and the cross trainer itself provides you with a nice workout without putting too much stress on the joints and the action is lovely and smooth.
It is a 2 in 1 fitness machine with settings for elliptical training and the use of the exercise bike. With 14 digital resistance levels and 14 workout apps to help you get the best workout you could imagine in such a short time. Pulse grip has a multi-grip for a grip that fits your style and chest strap heart rate monitor.
Plus, with one of the heaviest flywheels in the industry, it provides an uncommonly smooth workout. Only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because I personally found it quite tricky to put together. A great product that delivers both different levels of resistance and a screen to show you when to speed up or slow down for your perfect HIT workout. In addition, a new IWM weight management software and since you are getting commercial grade components Yowza shows how confident they are in their product by boosting the warranty on parts to 7 years!
This machine is very sturdy and the seat can adjust to fit different height and weight, and it’s priced just right. For women, a workout is essential not only for staying in shape, but for combating the mid life crises as well that comes because of decreased Estrogen count.Decreased estrogen count leads to irritability, mood swings and of course weight gain. A housewife who is on her feet all day through tackling a demanding career, husband and kids, has no excuse not to work out. Her requirement is perhaps even more.A daily workout increases the amount of good hormones, raises the level of energy, tones fat, and invigorates a positive energy. Once you get into the regime, it is depressing to miss even a single day’s workout because of bad weather or hectic schedules. However, most commercial fitness equipment manufacturers like SOLE have come up with home version that goes easy on the pocket and is compact and durable. Sole Fitness products like the Sole E95 (Sole E95 2013 version) and the Sole E35 Elliptical (Sole E35 2013 version) have become quite popular now-a-days because of the ease and convenience with which these can be handled.Who Can Use This Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer?If you are on the slightly heavier side, you have limited options when it comes to choosing home fitness equipment.

All those who had formerly been denied the benefits of home cardio training, because of the weight issue, can now have the cake and eat it too. They can lose the excess fat on the run.The Sole E95 Elliptical can be used by everybody housewives, busy executives, senior citizens, etc. However in case you are beginner, or are pregnant, or any other sickness, ensure that you have the doctor’s prescription first.What Makes the Sole E95 Elliptical Different ?Heavy Flywheel and High Gear Ratio for the Gym Kind of WorkoutThe main reason why the Sole Elliptical E95, is such a hit among athletes, and work out enthusiasts is the flywheel.
Because of its sturdiness, the E95 Sole Elliptical can easily replicate the power and the intensity of the gym version.The Sole E95 has an extraordinarily high gear ratio. This combines with the whisper quiet drive mechanism to replicate the fluid ergonomics of the top end elliptical. The user thus has an extraordinarily fluid workout with plenty of top end resistance, without having to move out from homeMatchless Performance of Whisper Quiet Drive SystemThe whisper quite drive system is matchless. So you can now take time off from your busy routine to build the fab body you have always dreamed of, while husband and kids have a peaceful nap.0 to 40 Incline of Ramp for an Even More Intense WorkoutThe Sole E95 Elliptical has the additional feature of level ramp incline. That accounts for the almost negligible incidences of foot injuries while working on the E95.The foot pedals in particular have been designed after consultation with leading physical therapists. You have to be careful while choosing the location because if you are really tall, you can end up hitting the ceiling as you exercise.How Do I Install?Before assembling the elliptical, make sure that you go through all the safety instructions to avoid damage to property and injury on person.
As with other elliptical make sure that E95 Sole Elliptical is properly grounded and kept away from wet and damp.First try to associate all parts, in the package by consulting with the manual. Once you have identified the parts it becomes easier for you to put the elliptical together. As some parts are heavy (rear assembly, mast), a second help is advisable.The trickiest part is connecting the electrical plugs to the back of the console and that is because the wires are too short.
Keeping Needle–nose pliers helps.Is It Easy to Use?Absolutely, like other Sole products, using the Sole E95 is a cakewalk, even for those who are new to it. It is durable, strong and gives you the most comprehensive body workout ever, that targets all the core muscles. Athletes all across America have voted for the Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer, and have called it the next best thing to running.The ergonomics are excellent in every sense of the word, so that you get an impact free and almost fluid workout.
It is shock absorbent, so that means that even those suffering from joint pains can work out without discomfort. A few users suffering from arthritis have actually recommended this machine, for relieving pain.

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