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When talking about most effective home exercise equipments, elliptical trainer is the first name that always comes to mind. Sole E95 elliptical comes equipped with large electronic console, vibrant LCD display, cooling fan, water bottle holder, and MP3 player compatible speakers, which motivate you during workout.
Sole E95 elliptical features stationary handle bars with built-in pulse sensors for monitoring your heart rate, while an included heart rate chest strap provides hands-free pulse monitoring and heart rate interactive programs. Four rear wheels that ride on heavy duty rails provide smoother feel and reduce side to side foot pedal motion. If you don’t have a comfortable elliptical to exercise on, your sessions will be cut short and you’ll be left feeling exhausted. It’s hard to get a varied workout from one piece of equipment, but the Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer will deliver a full-body workout, cardio included.
Since the Sole E95 Elliptical costs slightly more, it offers even more diversity in terms of workouts.
When comparing both elliptical trainers side-by-side, you definitely get more features with the Sole E95. While the Sole E35 may not have all the same features as the E95, it still offers the same quality components and high-end technology.
Sole Fitness is primarily known for their high quality, yet affordable treadmills and ellipticals.
If you are looking for an elliptical that is designed efficiently and built well, then look no further.
Some Sole machines are offered exclusively at Sears, and Sears isn’t known for their customer service. The bottom line is that if hotels around the world have been satisfied with the Sole brand, where they are used and abused by different users on a daily basis, then you will probably be extremely happy with the quality and functions that Sole can deliver in your new piece of home exercise equipment. Our latest Sole elliptical reviews found 7 models to choose from: the E25, E35, E55, E95, E95s and top of the line Sole E98, as well as the new SC200 Stepper, a half elliptical, half stepping machine. To check out all of the machines that Sole has to offer, visit the official Sole Ellipticals web site for the best prices, and be sure to read my elliptical reviews below if you are trying to decide which model will be the best for you. Some of the more prominent features of this elliptical trainer is the pretty incredible maximum weight capacity.
Outstanding combination of heavy-duty 29 lbs flywheel and high-gear ratio offers extremely smooth feel with plenty of resistance for challenging workout.
Its ramp angle is fully adjustable from 0 to 40 degrees, this engineering targets lower body muscle groups. Then spring for the Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer that has earned itself a “best buy” rating by leading consumer websites and magazines.

Like the Sole E35, the E95 has a whisper-quiet drive system that makes the machine silent when in use.
There is a power incline feature that boosts resistance by raising the ramp to the position of your choice. The level plane is fully adjustable up to 40 degrees instead of 30, and the incline works the same way as the Sole E35 by pressing the button until the desired incline is reached. It has custom-designed foot pedals that feature a two-degree inward slope for reducing stress on the ankles and knees. Yet because of the higher price, the ergonomic features on this elliptical are bigger and better. It has a large, commercial-grade LCD screen, more levels of resistance, a 30-pound flywheel, the innovative “worm drive” system and is able to support more weight. If 16 resistance levels, a 30-degree level plane and 25-pound flywheel are adequate for you, the Sole E35 is an excellent machine that will leave you with comfortable, enjoyable workouts. They are one of the fastest growing companies on the market, and if they keep up the good work, eventually they may even surpass NordicTrack as the largest fitness equipment retailer.
However, even if you purchase one of these models from a 3rd party like Sears, Sole tends to have good customer service and should be able to help you with whatever you need.
Sole E95 allows you personalize your workout with 20 different levels of resistance and 10 preset programs.
Or try the Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer that is the top model in Sole’s elliptical trainer category. With a 25-pound flywheel, you can expect smooth performance from the start of your workout to the finish. The large, custom-designed pedals also add to the performance of the machine so you’re able to get good control and stability during workouts. The E95 includes six automatic programs, two custom programs and a wireless chest strap for keeping track of your heart rate. The same oversized foot pedals are included with this model and were designed in collaboration with physical and sports therapists. Of course, you pay for these features, so it’s up to you to determine if it’s worth spending the extra money for these amenities. You won’t be disappointed in either machine because both include the same internal workings that keep these elliptical trainers in the top running. Sole owes much of their success to hotels, who love the sturdy machines and the great warranties that are included. Power incline utility on this Sole elliptical offers additional resistance as well as variable positions for diversity in your workout at touch of a button.

Featuring oversize foot pedals with durable foam cushioning are designed in collaboration with leading physical therapists and sports enthusiasts. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be on your way to better fitness thanks to the intense workout programs. The smooth operation is made better with a whisper-quiet drive system, making it possible to workout anywhere without disrupting others. If you enjoy working out to specific programs, you’ll have six programs to choose from as well as two custom programs.
You can use the heart rate zone graphs to see where your heart rate is, and the chest strap boasts a 99.9 percent accuracy rating. Other comfort features include stationary handlebars with pulse sensors, adjustable incline and resistance built into the arms, built-in cooling fans and a water bottle holder. Yet specific to the E95 is the “worm drive” dial mechanism that allows you to set the pedal angle using ten different choices. Even their cheapest elliptical machine has a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 3 year warranty on parts and electronics, and a 1 year warranty on labor. 2 degree inward slope and unique foot pedal angle adjustment reduce ankle and knee stress commonly found in other elliptical machines. The good news is that you’ll be enjoying yourself in comfort and style as both elliptical trainers have high-tech technology, such as integrated sound systems, oversized foot pedals and fancy LCD consoles. All the while, a heart rate zone graph will flash on the LCD screen, ensuring that you’re keeping within your target zone. For your enjoyment, the Sole E35 also comes with an integrated speaker system and vibrant 6.5-inch LCD screen that tracks all the essentials.
But for the average person just looking for a sturdy machine, you can’t go wrong with a Sole.
It also includes a commercial 9-inch blue LCD screen that tracks the time, distance and resistance. You’ll also enjoy the built-in speaker system, cooling fans, water bottle holder and pulse grips on the handlebars.

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