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It's still available Bought it about 3yrs ago, but shortly after purchase I went back to the gym. If you have questions or problems with your product, please call 1 (800) NAUTILUS (628–8458). Sole Elliptical Reviews – Sole e35, the Sole e25 and More!Everything you need to know if you are considering purchasing a Sole e35 elliptical, a Sole e25 elliptical and many more models. Purchasing a piece of quality exercise equipment can be a great investment for your future health, but like any investment, it needs a little maintenance from time to time to make sure that it runs properly and to help preserve the life of the machine. Even an introductory model elliptical can be an expensive investment, so why not make sure that you can use it for years to come.
Once this is done, check the machine for any odd noises and squeaks by slowly engaging the machine.
If your elliptical uses batteries, you will usually notice the display starting to dim when they are getting weak.
I've done a lot of research and the Sole has a smooth solid feel that many of the others (especially less expensive ellipticals) can't match.The most important thing to remember is the best machine is the one you'll USE. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. In this article, we are going to look at the various things involved in maintaining a typical elliptical trainer machine. The hand rails and grips are utilized every time you use the machine and they receive the bulk of the wear.
If your elliptical has a direct connection from the handles to the pedals, then a lot of the inner maintenance will probably be eliminated. If you want to purchase an elliptical trainer that will last a long time, you need to do your research and find a brand that builds quality products with a good warranty. If you have a jerky, clunky, noisy, or otherwise unpleasant elliptical you're less likely to use it regularly.What you want in an elliptical is a solid frame that doesn't flex much when you really pound on it at higher resistance levels and work hard with your arms.
However, if you have visible wheels that go over a track, this may require more maintenance.

Once you have found the source, use an appropriate old or grease (check your owner’s manual for this) and apply a small amount to the source to eliminate the noise. Another thing to keep in mind about machines that use batteries is that if you plan on not using the machine for a while, it would be a good idea to remove the batteries, as they will corrode and cause a mess in the battery compartment.
One example of this would be the offerings from Sole Fitness.  You can find a review for there introductory model, the E25 HERE.
This offer also applies to the Sole F83, F85, S77, TT8, E55 The Best Folding Treadmill On The Planet.
If required (consult your owners manual), the next thing to do would be to lubricate the track. Also, make sure that kids don’t play with the machine, as they could be injured and the machine could be damaged.
The E35 passes this test.And you want a heavy flywheel (hidden inside) to smooth out the motion so it's not jerky. At this same time, it would be a good idea to wipe down the display, as you press on the buttons during every workout. The frequency of this would depend upon the model you use and the frequency that you use it. Front or rear "drive" doesn't seem to matter much.You need good bearings at all the pivot joints to avoid "clunks" during the stride and keep it quiet.
Again, the E35 has all this.Unless only shorter (as in under 5'10" or so) people will be using it, it's best to have a stride length around 20" not 17-18" like many of the cheaper models. Sole Fitness Treadmills: Sole Fitness Treadmills have over twenty years of experience manufacturing treadmills, ellipticals and fitness products. The E35 has a 20" stride.The heart rate monitor grips tend not to work all that well when you're moving. As your hands move around on the sensors it confuses the electronics so your heart rate isn't that accurate or is only displayed sometimes. The F85 Sole treadmill is all that a treadmill should be: sturdy, powerful, user friendly and packed with features.

The E35 is somewhat rare in that it comes with a chest strap monitor (known as telemetric or telemetry). So that's a plus over other models including the Livestrongs.The above are the most important. Like the power elevation (incline) on the E35 works smoothly but doesn't make a huge difference in your workout (at least to me).
A backwards (reverse) stride and changing your hand positions makes a much bigger difference.The consoles all have various gimmicks and features but many of them won't get used much.
Everything else is just kinda fluff--especially when it's easy enough to tap the resistance up and down yourself whenever you want during your workout.Many manufactures play up the ergonomics of their machines.
To be honest, unless you have really odd body mechanics, I think most of it is marketing hype. Esprit and Xterra both have models similar to the E35.Another big manufacture is Johnson that makes Horizon, Livestrong, Vision and AFG. All 3 brands have been bought and sold sometimes more than once so don't assume because they were good in the past they still are.ProForm is a favorite brand in the big box stores.
And I couldn't find any that compare to the E35--but most are also cheaper.I've compared the similarly priced Livestrongs to the E35 side by side and prefer the E35. The Livestrongs are nice but not as well made, had a few squeeks, and seem to have more complaints about problems on the various forums. The Horizon products (same company) have lots of bells and whistles but just don't feel right to me.Vision makes some really nice ellipticals but they're mainly only sold through specialty fitness dealers and cost more than the E35.

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