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The Sole E25 cross trainer offers a power incline feature for additional resistance, as well as variable positions to ensure diversity in each workout.
This is the current version of the Sole E25, which was first made available in 2013 and replaced the previous version which was first offered in 2011. Arranging delivery was very efficient and straight forward, and the equipment arrived well within the 3 hour time slot. First impression of using the E25 is that it looks and feels like it belongs in a professional gym.
About the authorSimon Gould has been involved in the exercise and fitness equipment industry for over 12 years. Other web reviews have the E25 as the best elliptical for under $1,000 so it's got good backing from elsewhere. The programs are all listed and selectable on the console above the start and stop buttons.
Another feature of the E25 which separates it from other ellipticals is that the frame is made from 38mm steel.
This site uses affiliate links which means that the owners maybe compensated if you purchase the product. Sole Elliptical Reviews – Sole e35, the Sole e25 and More!Everything you need to know if you are considering purchasing a Sole e35 elliptical, a Sole e25 elliptical and many more models.
Before we have a look at the e95, let’s take a look at why you might want to purchase an elliptical. The reason is that those types of exercises, while being beneficial from a cardio view, can be very hard on your bones and joints. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits that are offered by the e95 sole elliptical. The one component that everyone looks at right away on any cardio machine is the display and the Sole e95 display won’t let you down.
With all these controls right in the center, it doesn’t take long to get a workout setup and make quick adjustments as you go. As with any exercise equipment purchase, you have to make sure that what you are buying will fit in the space you need it to. Now that we have covered the basics of the Sole e95 elliptical trainer, let’s take a look at some of the other features included.
All of the Ellipticals made by Sole, including the e95, have the same options when it comes to workout programs. You want to know that a company is going to stand behind its product and that that product is expected to last.
Overall, the Sole e95 is one of the best ellipticals that you can find on the market today. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For this Sole E25 Home Cross Trainer Test, we have had our expert trainer Alex try out the mid range machine which has reportedly been reviewed as "the best elliptical under ?1000".
In terms of the price, the E25 comes in at ?999.00, which sits comfortably in the middle of our cross trainer range. The first thing we noticed about the Sole E25 when we plugged it in at the mains was the distinctive blue LED backlit screen. Beside the screen on either side, there are convenient quick keys to allow you to jump straight to incline and resistance settings 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 without scrolling through manually. One of the key features that makes the E25 a very good value cross trainer option is the inclusion of a wireless chest strap as well as the standard handlebar heart rate sensors.
Alex found the oversized foot pedals quite comfortable and stable, and the movement along the heavy duty single rollers was very smooth and constant. The key feature, which actually has a large impact on how this machine rides compared to similarly priced models, is the heavy 25lbs flywheel and high gear ratio.
The E25 does have a very smooth, quiet and solid mechanism when compared to even commercial models, but there is something lacking in the machine's weight distribution that reminds us that it doesn't quite match the feel of our more premium models.
There are many great features on the Sole E25 Cross Trainer and if you have a ?1000 budget then we wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product.
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Sole E25 Quick Preview- built from sturdier and heavier materials you would normally find in higher cost ellipticals. Overall, Sole Fitness ellipticals have set the standard for years as being durable, flexible, and priced right as compared to the other brands that are available in the marketplace today.
While they may not set the world on fire with an overabundance of features, if it’s a good solid workout that you’re looking for, without breaking the bank, then look no further than this quality piece of exercise equipment.
The Sole e25 elliptical machine has built up a reputation for providing a thorough upper and lower body workout unlike a treadmill which generally only works the lower body and cardio in general. The machine also features a stationary set of handle bars that include pulse sensors that monitor your heart rate. It’s also easy to see that Sole put a lot of thought regarding user comfort into the e25’s design, too. The drive system is also extremely quiet which allows you to focus on your workout and not become distracted with that clunking sound found in badly built ellipticals.
As compared to some of the other Sole elliptical products, this particular Sole elliptical has been built on a more compact and smaller frame – although it uses a large flywheel for providing the user with the feeling of inertia when really picking up momentum in their workout.
You are able to choose from 16 different levels of ECB resistance, along with 30 different degrees of incline for customizing exactly how difficult you want to make a particular climb. Some of the best features about this machine include the fact that it is extremely efficient – including its easy fit into small, compact spaces for quick storage. Although the machine has pulse sensors for heart rate monitoring, there is also an additional heart rate chest strap included for those who seek more accurate figures.
The warranty that is offered on the Sole Fitness E25 includes 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor should anything go wrong with the elliptical machine. In other Sole e25 elliptical review sites, this particular machine has been deemed as the standard by which all other elliptical workout models have been based – and this appears to be true.

One of the features that has come up for debate with this particular machine is its front drive. One thing that the E25 has that many other elliptical machines don’t have is the power incline.
Given the additional stride space, this Sole elliptical will also be good for someone who is taller. In the past the Sole E25 had a lot of complaints from customers that it would jump track due to the rails being different widths. The E25 has an easy-to-read console providing feedback on time, speed, distance, resistance, incline, calories, program and pulse and features 10 programmes including 1 manual, 5 preset - Cardio, Strength, Hill, Fatburn, Interval Training + 2 user programs and 2 heart rate control to keep you challenged and motivated. It's got a really great movement and I went for this one as it had a longer stride length which means I can work my legs even harder. My aim for 2015 was to improve my endurance and lose a little weight and this has certainly helped me achieve this. Whilst it is very heavy the E25 was relatively easy to put together as the instructions are clear and logical.
Below I give my opinion with marks out of 5 to the right for every aspect of this elliptical. These will take you directly to the incline or resistance level that matches the number you are pressing.
You can get ellipticals with many more programs and some which have the ability of downloading more. I would just ask everyone to pay more for their elliptical, there really is such a difference if you pay slightly more. From wanting to loose weight, to fighting a health condition to boosting energy, exercise is a great, natural way to improve your life. Home workouts help to alleviate these problems, but space is usually limited at home, so you have to really think about what machine you want to get.
An elliptical can help with this, as it removes all the impact from this by going through the same motions, but having your feet firmly planted on the pedals, alleviating that impact. According to Sole Fitness’s website, it has been awarded “best Elliptical”, even when it was competing with models that cost of $2,000. What this means is that the machine was designed for a smooth, natural motion while going in both forward and reverse.
This lets the elliptical incline with one press of a button, so you can get a completely different type of workout. Like the e35, the e95 model comes with a strong rail system that features four rear wheels riding on thick rails. It uses an adjustment through a dial called a “worm drive” which lets you adjust the pedal to be angled exactly where you want it.
The first thing you will probably notice is that it includes the customary water bottle holder right under the control panel, so that you can stay hydrated while exercising. With a great offering of features, solid construction and a great price point relative to the competition, the e95 is definitely a worthy consideration if you are in the market for a new elliptical. Our expectation going into our test is that the E25 should perform significantly better than our entry level and budget models, and should be nipping at the heels of our top quality home cross trainers. It's quite different to the style of display you would be used to, but still offers comprehensive readings on, incline, speed, distance, time, RPM, watts, %HR, pulse and calories burned.
The added extras on the E25 easily put it in the same league as the top end home models with its audio input compatibility (iPod, phone, mp3, etc.), integrated headphone jack, built in speakers and personal cooling fan.
The real time pulse reading on the screen is great for helping you monitor the intensity of your workout and means that there is no hiding place when training on this cross trainer as some fitness fanatics might claim!
There is a 2 degree inward slope on each pedal to reduce stress on the knee and ankle which is all positive. Granted, there are probably better home cross trainers on the market, we would be very surprised to find one matches the E25 at ?999. It came promptly and is just right for learning technique without it being too much weight.
We like the feel of the inward slope footpedals which limit stress on the ankles and knee joints. At the other end of the price scale there is the award winning Sole E95 but that will set you back about $1500 more unless it’s on special offer.
It is based on good design standards, has enough gear ratios to provide a challenging workout, and its built with strong components. If you enjoy listening to music while working out, you can hook in any Mp3 player directly to the elliptical, so it’s a breeze to work out to your favorite music, book, or other audio program.
There is also a built in cooling fan that keeps you from simmering over during hard workouts.
This is better than most of the standard one-year across the board manufacturer’s warranties that are provided by many other elliptical machine brands. Because of its wide range of features, it is easy to keep coming back to this one to compare. Some elliptical users tend to prefer a rear drive system as it tends to operate more smoothly. This, along with the additional weight capacity that this machine holds (350lb), gives it a bit of an edge over many machines in its category – and especially in its price point.
With more room to move, this machine offers a more fluid workout than some of the other models that are available out on the market today. Priced at just $1,000 this machine is stable and durable, yet not too expensive for a home workout machine that may or may not be used on a day to day basis. Sole appear to have fixed this problem to their credit and the rails are now the same width apart. The company has a good reputation, and its customer service is top notch – even if you do run across an issue or have a concern.
Heart rate measurement can be easily achieved through the hand pulse grip sensors, or for the ultimate accuracy a wireless receiver with an included Sole Fitness chest strap can be used.
It's very comfortable and the movement feels natural and smooth all the way through the cycle, not jarring on the joints.

Also this is an extremely reliable piece of kit despite its frequent use it has not let me down or had any issues whatsoever.
This tells you your heart rate as well as speed, distance and everything else you would normally expect.
The incline goes up to 30 degrees and this will target your lower body in many different ways. The thing about the heart rate control programs is that if you use the heart rate sensors on the handlebars these are very inaccurate. This doesn't take too much away from this elliptical though because you're only paying $1,000. The resistance just makes the riding harder or easier whereas the incline will workout your lower body in different ways.
You can get good quality ellipticals at this price I just think this is the minumum you should spend. Don't scrimp on this piece of exercise equipment that could last years and be a really great way to improve your health and fitness if you get the right one.
This model comes with all the great features you would expect a top of the line model to have.
It comes with a 34 pound flywheel and a high gear ratio, so that you get plenty of resistance for a great workout. This provides a smooth, natural gliding motion while reducing that side to side motion you get on some other ellipticals. They came up with a design that has a two degree inward slope, which is supposed to help reduce stress on both the ankles and the knees. The display is backlit with a pleasing blue color, so you won’t have to worry about eye strain. One other vary convenient feature of the Sole 95 is the control buttons on the moving handles. The e95 elliptical has a power cord that plugs in to a standard electrical outlet, so you don’t have to worry about batteries at all! The whole console is actually adjustable, which is great news for taller users who might need to reposition it for the best view. The maximum volume of the speakers is quite low compared to those in the Sole treadmill range, however the noise from the machine is far less significant so we didn't actually find that to be an issue.
Something that Alex didn't actually notice when testing the machine. The fluid, natural motion means that each flywheel rotation is continuous and smooth, resulting in an incredibly quiet ride.
Fun to use, the machine features a simple to navigate dashboard with brightly lit, and easy-to-read display.
This helps taller users find an evenly paced free flowing stride, so it can be an ideal option for anyone who has long legs or is up to 6ft 7 inches.
Front drive systems can tend to wobble as the weight of the user travels over the front of the machine.
At right around $1,000 you can forgo the gym membership, yet still attain the results you want at home.
It is also a joy to look at, and will fit comfortably in any room as it is only 67 inches wide and 30 inches tall.
In it’s price range you have the Epic A30E which we feel is not as smooth or as quiet as the Sole elliptical. My training consists of three to four 25 minute sessions a week and I feel this is enough for me. My fitness levels have seen a notable improvement which is the reason for the purchase so it's done everything I needed it to do. The resistance level goes up to 15 and is applied electronically when you press the button on the console. This makes those 2 programs pointless unless you buy a heart rate control strap which is not included.
Plus if you're one of those people who only use the manual program and that's what most people use in a gym then you'll be ok. This exercises the cardiovascular (heart) system which will get you fitter the more you use it and you'll be able to workout for longer. Sole technology and research has found that this how the foot wants to react on an elliptical so they built it into the E25. It goes up to 30 degrees and this means your buttocks, calves, quads and thighs get a slightly different workout enabling you to have your body to how you want. But after doing this for a while, many people find it inconvenient to loose the extra time involved with travel and getting in and out of the gym. On the left side, you have two buttons, which allows you to increase or decrease the incline of the machine. Sole have addressed this though with two heavy rails at the back of the machine, and increasing the diameter of the rest of the frame. Overall very happy for the price I'm giving it 5 stars because it feels almost the same as the machines I used to use in the gym. They don't cost too much (about $50) and the elliptical is capable of reading the signals from it. It's when you look at ellipticals costing $1,200 or more that you start seeing 2 years of labor so 1 year is perfectly acceptable here. If you would prefer, on the right side of the water bottle holder, you will find a headphone connection, so you can use a pair of ear buds and listen that way. On the right side, you have two other buttons, which allows you to increase or decrease the level of the workout. The machine also utilizes a heavy flywheel which again helps stabilize the machine, and keeps the parts turning in a fluid fashion.

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