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The Spirit XE125 is almost exactly the same unit as the slightly higher priced ZE120 but has the shorter 18″ stride, which is perfect for those of us who are vertically challenged. The rest of the Spirit XE125 features are just as nice — 16 levels of magnetic resistance, 13 programs, heart rate control and monitoring.
UPDATE: After an increasing number of problems from this unit it has been recalled by Spirit.
The Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer is your best mid-market choice to fill the cardio corner of your home gym. Like every respectable elliptical machine, the Sole E35 gets your blood pumping and raises your heart rate with low-impact, continuous foot motion that simulates walking or running.
Building on the outstanding reputation they developed for the quality, durability and value of their treadmill line, Sole entered the elliptical market with a head start.
This led to many innovative features, such as the Sole’s unique two degree inward foot pedal slope, a feature intelligently designed to keep your body in neutral alignment and thereby reduce sore backs, knees, ankles and hips during elliptical workouts. The Sole E35 packs a lot of features, many that you might expect only from higher-end ellipitcals. The full-featured electronic console is easy to use and includes a blue back-lit LCD display, a water bottle holder, a built-in cooling fan, and an MP3 player connection with built in speakers. The whisper quiet drive system provides fluid, natural elliptical motion in both forward and reverse. The Treadmill Doctor says Sole Fitness has decided to be the one company this year (2009) to try to give consumers a real value for their money. Compared to many ellipticals that have a 14-16 inch stride, the Sole E35 has a 20 inch stride.
Regarding the console, the fan is not super powefull and the LCD and speakers could be slightly better quality.

While the Sole E35 lists for $2,299, you can get it from Sole or many other sources for $1,299.99 with free shipping included. Discover Why Sole Elliptical Machine Reviews Love These Smooth Operators Yearning to go from flab to fab? The XE125 has a large sized, 24 pound flywheel (some people rate the ZE120 as a 23 pound wheel, but I think they’re exactly the same) and weighs almost 200 pounds itself! They provide an in-home warranty that covers the parts and electronics for 5 years and the frame for life! Sensei doesn’t really like it, I play the Lotto every day and today I won almost $600! This is a very sturdy unit that far surpasses anything else in its range, especially other ellipticals with 18″ strides. Check it out if you’re a small person who is tired of living life by the rules of a tall society!
Are we stuck with lower end ellipticals with a shorter stride or is there something good out there for us?
Where other companies tout their elliptical trainers as high quality at prices well below $1000, the starting model from Sole Fitness, the Sole E25 is just at $1000. From this, you can expect a certain amount of quality in all of Sole's products, even from its most basic Sole E25.Even though the Sole E25 is a solid piece of machinery, it's certainly not the best that the company has to offer. After all, it is the most basic model from the company and it is certainly inferior to its older brothers such as the Sole E55.
Let's take a look at why the Sole E55 is better than the Sole E25.The Sole E55 features heart rate control programs, something that's lacking in the Sole E25. For many buyers, they're buying an elliptical to help them achieve their fitness or weight loss goals.

It's been said that by exercising in your optimal heart rate zone, you can gain certain benefits that you wouldn't have in other heart rate zones. With a heart rate control program, the machine will increase or decrease in difficulty to help your heart rate reach that optimal zone. This makes the elliptical much more effective in helping you achieve your goals.Besides the heart rate control programs, the Sole E55 also has a few more extras that the E25 doesn't have.
You gain the ability to program one more new custom program at the expense of losing a standard program. The product is also a little bulkier at 200 pounds which provides increased stability over the E25. Increased stability usually means increased reliability and quality so that's why the E55 also has a greater weight capacity.Even though the Sole E55 features many notable improvements over the Sole E25, the one thing that you can't overlook is the added quality.
The Sole E25 is a featured filled machine that on the surface, is not really that much inferior to the Sole E55. But to bring about so much features and functionalities, they have to sacrifice something somewhere to arrive at such an attractive price. The Sole E55 has a much longer warranty attesting to the fact that it's a better built machine.

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