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This is a quality mid range machine that offers a good sized rear drive, rare at this price point of less than $1200.
The new home use elliptical is packed with some great features, including Heart Rate controls, Ipod dock and a Fan. The CE 3.6 packs a lifetime warranty on the drive system and 5 years on all other components. Health club workout in a residential elliptical The Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical Trainer provides a gym quality workout in your home at an unbeatable value.
Lite Touch Thumb Control makes it easy to do manual interval training, slow, or speed up without breaking stride. Ergonomic, Pivoting Foot Pedal The goal is to keep you strong and healthy so you can keep getting stronger and healthier. LED Display Follow your progress on the 7.4 elliptical with our four-window, dot matrix LED display.
21-Inch Stride Length Enjoy easier, longer strides with the comfort of a 21-inch stride length. Wireless Heart Rate Control Normally only available for an additional cost, your CE 7.4 comes with a free wireless heart rate monitor so you can set your preferred heart rate, strap on the chest monitor, and the resistance of your routines will automatically be adjusted as your heart rate changes.
Tilt and Go Wheels The Smooth CE 7.4 elliptical has transport wheels to easily move your elliptical to any room in the house for storage or room cleaning.
Moving Handlebars The Smooth CE 7.4 elliptical offers a full body workout with moving handlebars to incorporate your arms, shoulders, back, and core to help you reach your fitness goals on one versatile elliptical.

Built-In Adjustable Fan Keep cool with the built-in adjustable fan and easily find just the right speed to keep you from overheating–a great feature for intense workouts. 13 Challenging Preset Exercise Programs The Smooth CE 7.4 comes with 13 challenging preset programs that include a manual program, 3 goal programs, a MET program, a fat burning program, an interval program, a strength program, a fitness level test, a target heart rate, and 5 custom programs. MET: Allows you to select the workout load, from 1 MET to 16 METs, to simulate the cardiovascular effect of light to strenuous activities. Strength: Starting in warm-up mode, the endurance program gradually increases in intensity to burn fat and calories and build stamina.
Fitness Level Test: Determine your fitness level in order to create or customize workouts that help you reach your goals faster. Warranty This machine is covered by a lifetime warranty on the frame and braking system, 7 year warranty on all parts, and 2 years of in-home labor.
WEBSITE FOR SALE: This website and domain name are for sale, Click Here to email us if you are interested in buying. The Bi-Motion feature (Stepper and Elliptical Motion) of the Smooth Fitness V2300 Elliptical Exercise Bike makes it a very efficient bike to exercise in.
The Smooth Fitness V2300 Elliptical Exercise Bike has a Dual Color Back Lit LCD Display that makes it easy to read your workout stats as well as your heart rate which is constantly monitored by the bike's Wireless Heart Rate Control. The Smooth Fitness V2300 Elliptical Exercise Bike comes with 7 Challenging Programs that meets your health and fitness requirements. With this, you can easily read course profiles, RPM, speed, watts, time, distance, pulse, heart rate, calories, resistance level, metabolic equivalents and target heart rate.

With a heavy-duty flywheel, the CE 7.4 has a noticeably smoother ride than other ellipticals. Magnetic Braking System The CE 7.4 elliptical allows for smooth transitions and stops even during strenuous workouts with the superior technology of magnetic brakes.
That means we’re keeping your ankles, knees, and hips from suffering impact and strain. Emulating the orthopedic movement of your ankle, the pivoting foot pedal supports your heel while allowing your ankle to assume its most functional position throughout the entire elliptical cycle.
With a heavy duty flywheel, the CE 7.4 has a noticeably smoother ride than other ellipticals. The CE 7.4 elliptical offers a natural, fluid motion with an extra long 21-inch stride length and 16 levels of intensity to match your fitness goals. Ergonomic pivoting foot pedals maintain your body’s natural motion and reduce stress and strain on joints. Features to maximize your performance and results include an advanced LED display with 13 challenging programs, an integrated iPod docking station with powerful high-clarity speakers, and an integrated SmoothAir fan to keep you cool during your most intense workouts.

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