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Heavy drive – Smooth Fitness ellipticals have above-average flywheels for their price range.
Heart rate sensors – The Smooth CE 7.4 includes a wireless heart rate sensor and chest belt.
Great warranty – Customers get lifetime warranties on the frame and brake, a three-year warranty on other parts, and two years of labor. The 21-inch stride length on this elliptical is relatively long and ideal for taller users, but can cause problems for people standing 5'2" or less.
A unique attribute of the CE 7.4 is the ergonomic, orthopedically cushioned, pivoting foot pedals that reproduce the natural movement of the foot and ankle joint to maintain proper alignment.
The heavy-duty flywheel produces a steady motion and eliminates the jerking sensation that can be felt with some elliptical trainers.
A 4-window LED console monitors course profiles, RPM, speed, watts, time, distance, pulse, heart rate, calories, resistance level, metabolic equivalents and target heart rate. When purchasing from a smaller manufacturer, customer service issues and shipping miscommunications are more common.
With all this in mind the Smooth Fitness CE 7.4 is still an above average machine, not a cheap bargain buy, and will suit novice to avid exercisers. For those starting out and just trying to be fit, I would really suggest going low impact first.
Just now I’m thinking of gifting myself with a low impact elliptical and cross trainer machines. The Eclipse 1100 is part of a long list of quality home gym equipment from Fitness Quest, and the economy of price and space earn the Eclipse 1100 a look if you’re tight on bucks and room. The Precor EFX5.37 has every whistle and bell imaginable, including a display and variable monitoring system you can customize to your own needs.
Life Fitness has put all the engineering and function of its professional ellipticals into a model for the home. Upper- and lower-body workout with a unique 3:1 ratio of lower body resistance to upper body resistance.
MultiSport has basically stripped off the bulk of its commercial unit and delivered a streamlined top quality elliptical for home use. Ironman has developed a well-deserved reputation for delivering quality equipment across the entire fitness category, and the Achiever Elliptical is no exception. NordicTrack has been at the Elliptical game longer than almost anyone, and the experience comes through with ASR 630. Schwinn has always been known for quality, but hasn’t always delivered that quality in an economical package. The sporty look employs an 18-inch stride length to accommodate varying heights of users, and youa€™ll get a challenging workout with 16 resistance levels and an impressive 25 lb.
Features a space saving compact design measuring 59-in x 26-in x 68-in that will fit nicely into most home environments, and a 300 lb. If you’re looking for an economical elliptical and don’t need all the whistles and bells, then the XP 420 may be exactly what you’re looking for.

In conclusion, this Eclipse elliptical trainer has good value and will find it's way to many homes. By changing the incline on your elliptical trainer, you can simulate stair or mountain climbing and increase the intensity of your workout for better results. The first upgraded thing is the resistance system - it's now magnetic and self powered so you don't have to use a power outlet. All in all, a good elliptical trainer, but at this price you should save a few bucks more and look for a Precor or Life Fitness. Looking to get the most bang for your buck ?!Click here to discover the best elliptical trainers in the same class as Nautilus 3000. Its detailed readings, generous stride, and exceptional ergodynamics make it comparable to a commercial workout machine. However, they won’t be able to share the machine with their smaller friends and family members. We suggest measuring your room space before ordering and plan to have some help when the large, heavy package is delivered.
Unfortunately, as this model is not sold in stores, you can't test it out before purchasing. The see-saw like pedal design is uncommon and may take some getting used to, but it's definitely a nice added feature.
An electromagnetic braking system allows for smooth transitions but the heavy flywheel produces high inertia, so you'll need to slow down gradually before coming to complete stop. Also, we advise against choosing a Smooth Fitness used elliptical which cannot be returned for a refund.
To compare with industry leading elliptical manufacturers check out Life Fitness and Precor.
You can send to your email instead:Whoops, the page you're looking for can't be foundOur office unicorn might have impaled it. I’ve been well aware that for the past few years I had been close to resembling a fat cat yoyo.
We’re not really big red meat eaters in the family, we prefer more fish, seafoods and veggies.
I want to have a couple of minutes of exercise inserted between my working times and spread throughout the day. The LCD display and variables tracked are more robust than many other “economy ellipticals,” and though the 1100 is economically priced and thus somewhat stingy on the “bling,” the elliptical mechanism is durable commercial quality.
The ramp angles and biomechanics configuration make this a machine that can fit almost any body type. The oversized pedals and extra long handlebars, allow almost any body type to find a stable comfortable stance. Not that aesthetics should make a “hill of beans” difference, but the unique look of the CE 7.4 is form following function with quality construction from top to bottom.
The small footprint of the 6600 almost says, “economy,” but the stride length and pedal spacing quickly dispel that notion by delivering the same feel and stability of the much bulkier professional model.

It is a good-looking machine with plenty of pedal and handle-bar space to accommodate any body type. Two modern features of the 630 that will really knock your socks off are the MP3 Music port, and space saver rollaway base. The 431 does just that, with a commercial quality elliptical mechanism, and plenty of home gym features. The basic elliptical mechanism is as good as those that cost three times the price, and though streamlined and basic, the programs and display still deliver what you need for a focused workout. The elliptical mechanism is heavy duty and durable, and the small monitor tracks the essentials just as well as any higher-priced elliptical. The changes were in features that are not so much relevant to the workout experience itself, but may come in handy. But I decided late last year, that I want to turn myself around and be more fit before this year ends.
The pedal is uniquely engineered to pivot slightly which may feel somewhat awkward at first, but once you find your natural ankle position and a rhythm, the comfort and stability are fantastic. The display monitors every imaginable variable, and the family friendly program menu allows multiple users to create and store training programs. Also, the resistance system is engineered to be nearly silent, so if a cranky downstairs neighbor is an issue, the Ironman might be right for you. I’m a big advocate of incorporating music into any workout routine as both a motivational and pacing tool, and the ASR 630 builds this right in.
Another feature is the small footprint, so if space is a concern, then the ProForm deserves a good look.
If you’re shopping to add to a room full of exercise equipment, or if you’re putting an elliptical in a recreational room where you’re focus will be elsewhere, especially in a room where you’ll be watching television, the Crescendo may be just the right fit.
There is also one additional exercise program and the number of resistance levels is raised to 20. So now,  I also strive now to eat more fruits and God, I love the way it helps me keep a healthy skin. The weight loss is slow but steady and I kinda like the little toning I have been seeing lately. So I’ve been doing a bit of research on which is the best elliptical trainers around for some low-impact workout.
And the multiple handlebar configuration coupled with the robust program menu provide an almost infinite number of possible workouts.
Another unique feature is the oversized colorful display, which makes all those variables you’re tracking easy to see, no matter how delirious a strenuous workout makes you!An oversized blue and yellow LCD gives you constant feedback on your workout by tracking your time, speed, distance, RPM, calories, pulse, program number, intensity level, body fat percentage, and BMI while also storing the progress of up to nine users at once.It has eighteen built-in programs, including twelve preset, four heart rate, one pulse recovery, and one user-customizable program and a wireless chest strap transmitter, which lets the trainer monitor and regulate your workout intensity to keep you at a specified target heart rate. That means you can alter the resistance levels from the console, electronicaly, but the main thing is that the motion is smoother in comparison to magnetic resistance type.

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