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If you’re a regular reader of Angry Trainer Fitness you probably know that for the most part I don’t recommend using machines in your workout plan. Personally I think of the body as the ultimate machine and if you have a program based around a machine circuit, you’ll be missing out on stabilization, functionality, and the coordination aspect of most movements. But that’s not to say you can’t incorporate some machine work here and there to spice up your workouts. Now that I’m recovering from my biceps surgery, I plan to use all of these when I begin my recovery.
As for the items you see me wearing in this photo I love to color coordinate and also am a huge fan of wearing clothes that feel good and are breathable. Smith machines, jones machines and smith machine equipment, Sign up for the latest powerhouse fitness special offers and discounts:. Smith machine squat exercise guide and video, Get detailed instructions on smith machine squat. If you are looking for the best exercise equipment choices to design a home gym or just looking for one quality exercise product here are some of the better selections. So today’s Top 10 is my list of my favorite pieces of equipment that I believe will give you a big bang for your buck in the gym. The Gauntlet – You already know I’m not a fan of cardio machines, but the Gauntlet is the real deal. Hammer Strength Chest Press  – Some machines just “fit” people better, and I feel like the Hammer Strength Press works well for many people. Cable Crossover – If I could only have one machine this would be it and the reason is because you can do everything on it.
Lateral Trainer – I just started using this one a month ago when I injured my bicep  and couldn’t hold on to the VersaClimber handles. Smith Machine  – This must be the bodybuilder in me coming out, but the Smith Machine can be an awesome tool when used correctly. I know everyone has a favorite machine, but I urge you to try these and see how you like them. Please see your physician before changing your diet, starting an exercise program, or taking any supplements of any kind.
This post and video will show you some new exercises you can do if you have access to this machine at your gym.

I really love the kneeling squat to target the glutes and take off some of the stress from my lower back.
I hate wearing clothes that are too tight and make me feel too constricted – these tights I found at TJ Maxx and the tank top was also from there.
She told me she had to come up with some alternates to some of the exercises she had wanted to do and didn’t feel like it was necessarily as effective.
The guides on the side provide stabilization throughout the movement so it’s typically a little easier to do the motion. For me, the leg extension helps to warm up my knee joint and by turning your foot in or out, it targets different portions of the big quad muscle. It’s a huge machine with what amounts to basically a rotating staircase – in essence it’s the real Stairmaster. It does an excellent job of targeting the major chest muscles and the range of motion feels very natural. It’s great if used correctly, which means you should gradually apply less and less resistance to achieve greater strength as you go along. Companies like Precor, Hoist, and Free Motion all have a line of compact models that fit nicely in a basement. I especially love using this for kneeling squats which I have recently fallen in love with. I have also noticed my quads grow a lot faster than my glutes so I wanted to really find ways to target the butt without growing my quads too quickly. I power my music during my workouts with Beats by Dre Solo headphones and my sneakers are purple Nike Lunarglides. I am a "Jersey Girl" born and raised, a Rutgers University alumni, former cheerleader, Yorkie mom, super wife, meal prepper, gym junkie, animal lover and total Aries.
During most exercises your body not only moves up and down but also slightly forward and back.
I also keep the reps high, around 15, and only perform 4 sets prior to free weight exercises like lunges, squats and step–ups. It’s also very effective to use at the end of a workout when you’re fatigued, but want to bang out a few more reps. It’s a cross between step-ups and pull-ups synchronized together so you feel like you’re rock climbing.

You can train legs, chest, arms and shoulders, as well as perform functional and stability movements. It also gets an A+ from me because unlike most other cardio equipment that simply move in a forward and back motion, the Lateral Trainer targets the weakened and deconditioned glute medius (side butt). While I do think many people (mostly guys) abuse the machine and use insane poundages, using moderate weight with perform form for a few exercises is just fine. I always like to work up my weight so I add some more plates as I go and I recommend using a padded workout mat for your back and knees for this routine.
The Smith machine eliminates this forward and back motion (most of the guides are on a slant trying to mimic this lateral movement). Try replacing one of your free weight movements with a set of presses and let me know how you like it.
If you don’t currently use a crossover machine at the gym,  I honestly think your program is lacking.
To use it, you lay chest down on the top platform with your legs hanging off towards the ground.
But I eventually got myself to the 500-meter mark in 1:32 minutes, and can also row for 15–20 minute at a good clip. Many people argue that this puts your body in unnatural form that can potentially cause injury.
You then lift them up to a level position so that your entire body is horizontal, almost like a reverse deadlift. The rower hits the arms, back, shoulder, low back, and legs and provides a terrific aerobic benefit. While I agree with this statement, I would further argue that ANY exercise done with improper form has the potential to cause injury. My recommendation is to start with a lighter weight, perform the exercise until it does feel comfortable to you, and then increase weight as appropriate.
I figured what better way to do this than to introduce these exercises to you in the form of a killer workout you can try the next time you’re in the gym!

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