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Compact Elliptical Trainer Enjoy the benefits of elliptical exercise at home with the Compact Elliptical Trainer.
After sustaining a knee injury and like all of us being stuck for many hours behind my work desk I decided to purchase this as a way to keep my leg muscle active and my knee limber.
I use this item after work for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week -the work out is awesome and I love the fact that you can watch tv while working out.
As a recent owner of an Octane elliptical I was hesitant to purchase this product mainly due to its size!
This is a great product to use when youre confined to inside and perfect for if youre just watching tv or doing something mindless. I liked this so much that I bought three - one for home, one for office, and one for my sisters house where I frequently go for weekend visits. The best thing is the convenience - I can stand and pump or sit and pump in front of the tv at home or at my sisters house. I just received my elliptical trainer so am pretty new to it, but have already seen that it is something I will enjoy.
It is heavy and not easy to move from room to room so you have to pick a place and leave it there. Trying to exercise more (without going to gym) and seems very well made for portable home use. Didnt know what to expect when I ordered it, but was pleasantly surprised when we put it together and tried it. Great for work-at-home exercise break, and for getting the heart rate up when its too cold or snowy to exercise outside.
Purchased item as gift for room-mate who suffers from restless leg syndrome so she wouldnt have to go to basement and ride stationary bike during the night. Limited range of motion for me since I am very active, still gets good use and I love being able to use it in my house!
I tried a few other similar products and ended up returning them because of their weight and difficulty moving around.
Ive had this machine in teh box for months because I prefer to do my cardio outside in the summer.
I think this would be a great product for its intended purposes, however our use is probably somewhat unorthodox.

Space Saving Elliptical with Handles The Space Saving Elliptical with Handles is compact enough to keep at home or the office, but still provides a smooth, quiet workout for legs and glutes.
I have a small gym in my building and sometimes miss the window of time to get my workout in without anyone else being in there.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a piece of equipment to add to their home or office.
This fits in my family room and doesnt take up much space, getting the best workout right here at home. This elliptical machine has a very short stretch and will not give you the work out you would get with an expensive machine. I havent had it long enough to review battery life or durability but it seems to be built pretty well, and I would recommend it.
My brother put it together for me, but he did not seem to have much trouble with it; most of it is pre-assembled. I have been a runner most of my adult life, but have fallen out of habit, and into procrastination. Ive only had this product for a short time but I really enjoy the fact that I can get a good little work out at home if I dont feel like going to the gym. I can use it not only for a long stretch of time, but for shorter intervals several times per day. I use this on days I cant make it to the gym its great, easy to use doesnt take up much space. Enter your email address to instantly receive your promo code and see your savings at checkout!
It gives you a great low-impact workout that burns calories at a rate comparable to jogging, but is easier on your back, knees, hips and ankles. The foot pedals can also be worked forward or backward to target different areas of your lower body. It has an LCD display that shows your number of strides per minute, total strides, exercise time, calories burned and lets you scan all stats stored in its memory. I have a new standup desk so its very convenient to use while Im on my computer, listening to music, or watching tv. Ive wanted to replace it with an elliptical, but was waiting for a good quality one at a reasonable price. Im getting used to balancing while using it standing up -- I use my cross country poles or a chair to lean on.

I was looking for a piece of equipment that I could have in my place, but wanted something I could stick in my closet or laundry room when guests were over. Its best uses would be in tandem with other types of workouts or to use on a day you were unable to make it to the gym. The "orb-elliptical" has been my refuse back into running, but another gym membership was not going to work. This cordless trainer features adjustable, customizable exercise programs, with an LCD screen to measure your progress.
When standing the motion is not quite as smooth, but it still provides an effective workout. A simple machine that does exactly what its supposed to do and without all the extra gadgets that add weight and cost.
It does need a mat under it to keep it stable on carpet, and it makes quite a bit of squeaking noise.
The Compact Elliptical Trainer features a sturdy steel frame that supports up to 250 lbs; some assembly is required. Im excited to find something I can use while watching TV, that will be the main time Ill use the trainer. Features sturdy steel construction, non-slip pedals and a height-adjustable handle with padded grips. It is easy on my aging knees and I could feel it working the muscles of my legs after only 5 minutes. I found that a looser tension setting & my feet placed closer to the front of the pedals is most effective.
This is why I purchased this Product in the first place - it seems like it will be perfect for me. Its probably not for the hardcore exercise enthusiast who uses a gym-type elliptical trainer as it may not give you enough of a workout. The metal plate under the wheel makes it so you can use it on carpet, tile, hardwood or wherever.

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