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When you decide it's time to get in shape, it's common to run to the store and buy top-of-the-line exercise equipment that you vow to use on a daily basis.
The very first step to selling your used fitness equipment online is to search for similar items that have recently been listed on the site. If you have put your equipment to use, it may have some blemishes that you should describe on the listing. The title of an eBay listing is what will entice a potential buyer to click through to the listing page. You must have a detailed product description in your listing no matter what type of fitness equipment you are selling. Listings with unique photos will get a lot more attention than those with only generic manufacturer's photos.
Take care when accepting payment for and shipping an item to ensure the buyer's satisfaction.
You can pay for your shipping and print shipping labels direct from your PayPal account, which is connected to your eBay account. Over time, the treadmill or elliptical that was designed to be used by a beginner just doesn't suit you any longer.
By searching for products by the same manufacturer or similar items that the same consumer may be interested in, you can find out how much the equipment is going for. Buyers want to know a lot of details when they are buying large items like home gym equipment.

Pictures help you sell exercise machines, and if you do not clean the machines, then you could hurt your chances of selling quickly for a good price. Be sure to take pictures in good lighting, capture all angles, take close-ups of imperfections, and use your 12 free photos wisely.
If you have a lightweight piece of equipment or you don't mind shipping, set a reasonable shipping price. You should individually wrap items and provide cushioning to protect anything that is fragile. If you are using a carrier like UPS or FedEx, have them come to your home for pickup, or drop the package off at your local office. To continue to feel fit and fabulous, you might upgrade to a more challenging machine with more advanced features. You should check recently completed listings to see if the item sold and how much it sold for. Be sure to use the make and model number to locate all the information that would normally be found in the user's manual. Include the type of machine, brand name, model name, condition of the equipment, and incentives that may make your listing stand out. You can choose from descriptors like New In Box, Gently Used, Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, or Not Working For Parts. The charges typically vary by distance, so you can use the shipping calculator to let the buyer determine the cost based on the size and weight of the shipping package.

To make writing the description easy, search for the product in the product catalog and use the description direct from the manufacturer for inspiration. If you don't mind waiting, you may want to set up an auction-style listing with a reserve or a low starting bid. Simply enter the product name, and you will see the average eBay sales price instantly without doing any additional research. If it's essential, order it through the manufacturer before you post the equipment so that you don't have to give a hefty discount for missing pieces. Start writing your listing now and clean out your garage to make space for your cars, not your treadmills.
In addition, the Selling Tools page will give you access to the hottest sporting good items trending today. In addition, include information about any part that is missing, broken, stained, or blemished. If you are already familiar with the listing process, get started by creating your listing now.

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