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The life fitness x1 elliptical trainer is basically the entry model elliptical trainer for life fitness.
I've trained at many gyms and most times, I'll either see a life fitness life cycle or elliptical trainer (or both) there. Actually, the life cycle was the very first piece of aerobics equipment that I fell in love with. As with most of the well built elliptical machines, the life fitness x1 elliptical trainer is pretty heavy and will most likely be a stationary elliptical machine. The eddy current magnetic resistance system generates a stronger magnetic resistance when you start exercising. I find that the longer the elliptical stride, the larger the range of motion which means more fitness benefit.
However, larger strides may lose it's benefit if the leg reach of smaller individuals is causing them to stretch uncomfortably affecting overall form. For smaller individuals (under 5'6"), a smaller stride may be preferred, however, if you are over 6 feet tall, a short stride may be too small to gain the maximum benefit.
An interesting feature that may benefit the user since the elliptical trainer was designed specifically for it’s range of motion.
If you plan on using your elliptical on a daily basis, you want an elliptical trainer that can stand up to heavy use.
This is a feature that would have been nice to see on the life fitness x1 elliptical trainer. You have the option of doing a full body cardio cross training or placing more emphasis on the lower body. The bull horn front handle bars are also ergonomically correct offering a more comfortable ride. Some companies even have the nerve to charge the consumer dissassembly and re-stocking fees for defective equipment on top of the shipping costs.
A word to the wise, always read the warranty and guarantee of the elliptical trainer you want to purchase.
The Life Fitness manufacturer stands behind their product as reflected in their warranty information. You won’t find a bunch of bells and whistles with the life fitness x1 elliptical trainer.

The endurance of this machine comes from the sturdy construction and good quality fly wheel which provides quiet and smooth operation. Still, these are just a few minor things that might bother you, compared to everything else this elliptical trainer has to offer. Looking to get the most bang for your buck ?!Click here to discover the best elliptical trainers in the same class as Vision Fitness X6200. Life fitness provides commercial grade fitness equipment to gyms and fitness centres all across North America. It is not the heaviest model for life fitness but it is sturdy enough to accommodate all users in your home. I'm a big fan of the eddy current resistance system since it is possibly the quietest and smoothest resistance systems on the elliptical market today. This won't be problem for anyone out there because the x1 elliptical trainer comes with 19" peddles. Again, there isn't a problem with the x1 since it has enough peddle room to accommodate all users. Unfortunately, the life fitness x1 elliptical trainer doesn’t come with a hand pulse monitor. I think a couple of heart rate controlled programs would have been a great addition to the life fitness x1 elliptical trainer. If you were to take a look at some of the cheaper elliptical models, you will notice that these models have a lot of different programs and all of the bells and whistles. If you are over 6 feet tall and weight over 200 pounds, these types of elliptical trainers are not going to cut it since they are made for light use. I like the fact that life fitness x1 elliptical trainer has stationary bull horn front handle bars. And wouldn’t you know it, the Life Fitness manufacturer will pay all shipping costs including repairs and returns.
You can really tell the quality of the exercise equipment by the warranty and guarantee of the manufacturer.
If you see a short warranty, restocking fees, dissassembly fees, and other shabby statements which puts the emphasis on you as the consumer to pay, you might want to think twice. The exercise equipment will be delivered to your home, installed in a room of your choice, and you will be given a product demonstration.

If you live outside the States, you will need to make other arrangements via a third party merchant. This price is a little steep for someone who is just starting out and if you don’t have money to burn, a cheaper elliptical trainer might be a better choice. This is the kind of elliptical trainer that makes you feel like your working out on a gym quality machine. It is made for home use but can easily be found in a gym near your home, sustaining heavy usage. The fly wheel itself is in front of the machine which differs from other elliptical trainers on the market.
You can exercise your lower and upper body and do it with high intensity for maximum effect on your muscles. Although the life fitness x1 elliptical trainer is the companies entry level elliptical model, it is by no means short on quality.
If the manufacturer is doubting their own product via their warranty and guarantee, you might want to go with another company. However, if you are looking for a well made elliptical machine for under $2,000 from a proven manufacturer who stands 100% behind their product, the life fitness x1 elliptical trainer might be for you.
The price is reflective of the top grade materials used and the state of the art construction process.
Because of that, you can fold this elliptical and move it around on it's wheel, which comes in handy considering that the machine is rather heavy. This makes it awkward for the exerciser because you are almost touching the dual action handle bars.
Major minuses are exercising programs - there's only five of them - and poor quantity of LED readout information.

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