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The Smooth CE Plus elliptical machine replaced the Smooth CE trainer that the company has been selling for a number of years. The new and improved 19” stride length, 200 lb unit weight, quality German engineering, and programs make this a top of the line compact elliptical. The Smooth CE Plus is a re-branded Kettler German-made elliptical machine and is at the high-end of their line of elliptical cross trainers. The Smooth CE PLUS elliptical has a 19” stride length jam packed into a sleek compact design. This machine comes with 48 user programs—by far the highest number of programs I have seen on an elliptical machine. With a 50 lb flywheel and an overall solid quality design, this is the best compact elliptical machine on the market. The machine also has built in floor levelers which are great if your machine will only be partially on a carpet or the floor is uneven. This elliptical comes with a USB interface for connecting to interactive software for even greater workout variety. Smooth CE PLUS Elliptical TrainerSmooth® CE PLUS – Longest Stride and the Smallest Footprint.
This German-engineered cross trainer will provide you with years of reliable and intense calorie burning workouts while being tucked away in a small corner of your home or apartment.
Learn more about the amazing Smooth CE PLUS Elliptical Trainer — small footprint, huge stride!

Discover unique ways to burn calories and weekly tips to help you drop the pounds and stay motivated! The older CE machine only had a 16” stride which seemed to be one of the major complaints from consumers. And for a compact elliptical trainer, this machine does a great job accommodating a wide range of user levels, from beginner to advanced fitness experts. This is a top quality machine, but because it is private labeled, Smooth Fitness does not have a lot of control over giving you a greatly discounted price like they can with their other 3 elliptical trainers. This is the longest stride length on a compact elliptical trainer and if you are looking for a space saver, this is the one to buy.
You’ll get 17 different heart rate control programs and a ton of other pre-programmed workouts.
Many cheaper space savers and folding machines sometimes feel less sturdy, but this machine weighs in at a hefty 200 lbs, evidence of its high quality. You will be wasting your time trying to purchase this directly from Kettler USA’s online fitness equipment collection because they do not list it online.
Like a fine German sports car , the Smooth CE Plus delivers outstanding performance in an aesthetically pleasing and space-efficient design.
If space is not an issue, have a look at the other Smooth elliptical reviews because this machine is a little pricey. Extended Motion technology is the technical name for the engineering that allows such a long stride length on an elliptical machine that is only 55 inches long.

Now, you certainly don’t need to buy this machine just because of all these programs, but the 4 user profiles are another great plus. It is being sold at online UK fitness stores, so if you are in the UK, you will be able to get a much better price. The foot plates glide along the bar to enhance the elliptical motion and create the 19″ stride length.
The console on the Smooth CE Plus is blue backlit which is an improvement from the older CE model. For example, the 418 features a longer labor warranty at 6 months instead of the 90 days you find the 430. If you’re concerned about the stability of your elliptical, a good point to keep in mind is that usually, the heavier the machine, the better. That is why the Schwinn 418 will likely feel more solid when you pedal.The Schwinn 418 also features HRC or heart rate control programs. These HRC programs automatically adjust how difficult your workout is depending on your heart rate. These programs allow you to track your progress.Finally, there are 8 more resistance levels (16 total) on the Schwinn 430 elliptical than the 418.

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