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Since it is a cardiovascular exercise, rowing for long sessions can improve your heart’s functioning and burn up the carbs you eat in order to fuel your body.
A rowing workout targets all muscle groups in your body and tones them evenly without stressing the joints and back.
The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower is made by the company that set the standard in rowing, and their rowers are used across the globe from Olympic competitors to beginners, and every class of rower in between. The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is one of the best selling rowing machines on the market, and after spending a few months putting it through its paces, we can see why. Storing the unit is just as simple: flip the quick-release and your unit is back into two pieces and ready to store upright, taking up less than 1 square meter. We’ve been using our model for many months now and it has remained in perfect condition. With the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine, you can even buy additional softeware to add functionality – limited versions come included with the rower, but by purchaing the full versions you can enable functionality such as racing people from across the world in real time!
Our unit has the PM3 on-board computer, which is lacking the heart rate monitor that comes with the slightly higher-end PM4 version, but if you can cope without a heart rate monitor or own one already then it’s hard to find fault with the Model D PM3.
So, as expected, the industry standard rowing machine is as robust, well-built and feature packed as you’d expect.
For rowers serious about their workouts, you really can’t go wrong with the Concept 2. A well built unit with plenty of computer functionality, that will support even the largest individuals in their quest for improved fitness, we highly recommend the Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine.

The same motions are involved, and rowing is an excellent exercise according to the United States Sports Academy.
An intensive 15-minute session can burn over 125 calories and a person weighing 200lb can burn around 700 calories in an hour of rowing.
It is recommended that you set the machine to low resistance and perform the exercise at high speed to reach an aerobic state, which will improve your breathing, heart and lung functions along with boosting your circulation system. The exercise works your upper body muscles (shoulders and arms), lower body muscles (legs and hips) and your trunk, every time you perform a stroke.
You don’t have to pay gym fees or leave the comfort of your living room in order to get a good workout. To make storage simple, it separates into two pieces with a quick-release frame lock, and the addition of caster wheels make it easy to transport.
Every Concept2 Indoor Rower comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and limited 2-year parts, 5-year frame warranty. Not only is the Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine’s computer packed with features (including games, just incase you get board of the rowing), it can be connected up to your computer to transfer data back and forth. With the Concept2 range so popular, there are thousands of people to compare yourself to and watch your progress over time.
Certainly not enough to put us off this otherwise great indoor rowing machine, but just worth a mention.
We’ve used the Concept2 Model D plenty of times in gyms, but it transfers very well to the home with the added benefits like the ability to fold it up in seconds.

The company are renowned for building great quality units, but the Model D really is one of the best, if not the best, on the market. A rowing machine has a sliding seat, a handle which you pull and a place for you to place your feet. If incorporated in your daily workout regime, this exercise can supplement your weight loss program and help you shed fat. Cardio exercises improve your ability to perform tasks like climbing stairs, walking and running. Rowing machines allow users to set the resistance levels according to their preferences in order to switch between endurance building and muscle building. Cardiovascular workouts have also been observed to release high amounts of endorphins, which are responsible for the feeling of satisfaction you get after working out. When operating the machine, you simulate the boat rowing motions, which are considered very effective for people with back issues, since the exercise does not strain the back or joints. Moreover, compared to other cardiovascular exercises, such as skipping and jogging, rowing is low-impact, and does not stress your bones and joints. A rowing machine workout can benefit you in several ways, some of which are explained here.

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