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Wondering if there are any specific erg workouts that translate to better performance on the track.
I have a rowing background as well, I think generally speaking you'll have a massive engine from all the strength endurance work you'd do as a rower, which translates well to enduro time trialling. Um, in terms of specificity the two activities are quite far apart, given the amount of upper body activity in rowing and the difference in stroke rate in a boat to cadence on a bike.
I'm only good for short explosive efforts(0-15 seconds) and have no top end speed afterwards - similar results in criterium racing.
Followed the standard rowers weight circuit 2-3 times a week(circuits of light weights, high rep[15-20] x 4 or 6) while hitting the track once or twice a week for training and an occasional race. Progressively got faster throughout the summer, but it might just be due to getting more comfortable on a track bike and riding on the track in general.
Will try to work on progressively heavier deadlifts over the fall-winter-spring, any workout suggestions? TBH I don't even know what other machines are like, but the ones I've used have had sluggish returns and quite a lot of drag on the slide. I was a road rider for 6 years in Taiwan, fantastic mountains and geography to climb out there(even though my body shape and muscle mix doesn't lend itself to long extended climbs). I would kinda advise keeping your eye on legspeed if you're gonna use a rower to train on, as given the technique about 40 strokes a minute is a good optimum stroke rate for getting power down - much slower than a bike. I know given the amount of time and thought you guys put into your routines this may be an unnecessary bit of advice, but I thought I'd better mention it just in case.

Hot on the heels of my new resolution to make my peace with the ergometer came an offer from Argos to try out one of their rowing machines.
The model I chose to try out was the Roger Black Air Rowing machine which at the date of writing retails at a very appealing ?149.99.
On the plus side, although there is no mechanism to adjust the drag factor, the resistance is pretty substantial and I found myself gratifyingly achey, sweaty and tired after the nasty pyramid session prescribed last week by our coach.
It’s about the size of a Concept2 (perhaps slightly smaller) and folds up (basically folds back on itself to take up about half the space). Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This magnetic rowing machine from Roger Black is perfect if you are serious about your fitness.
You'll also (assuming here) have a super strong base to follow any type of track riding, though what type of events you're best suited to will come down to body type and whether you're a fast twitch or slow twitch muscle fibre kind of guy.
I don't know of any specific rowing workouts that will make you a better track rider, but ergs make great warmups for lifting in a weight room. Again, the strength endurance focus means you're probably doing higher reps than most track sprinters and more than most enduros. The only part that will need replacing is the rubber band and some batteries for the display.
Our coach used to make us jump rope as well, and I got into cycling because that same coach made us ride to and from training, and do legspeed drills on the bike.

At this price, I had wondered if what would emerge from the box would be flimsy and feeble, but I needn’t have worried. Well, this wouldn’t be the machine for a serious rower, but for a novice rower wanting to practise at home, or for any non-rower wanting a good, solid full-body workout at home, it is excellent value for money and will give you a satisfying and challenging workout. I also get irritated in gyms by the handles on wildly expensive Concept2s not being returned to their proper place at the end of each day. This rowing machine has a manual resistance system with eight level tension control and a console that shows strokes, speed per minute, distance and calories.
2 x 20 mins SE efforts, will probably tax your cardiovascular system more than on a bike, but like my rowing coach used to say, the best training for rowing is rowing. They're about 2 grand new (Australian) Used it is pretty much up to the person selling it - because of the technique involved, they're not as good as a home bike or whatnot for intensity.
It was straightforward to assemble and turned out to be a surprisingly sturdy air rower with a pleasingly smooth action and that familiar whooshing sound loved or hated by every rower. Folding away for storage, this machine is great when you don't have much space for storing equipment. Concept 2s have a good range of splits to display, can display power, and the action of the flywheel means you can really crank on them - all the world records for the ergs have been set on these machines.

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