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When it comes to exercise rowers, there is nothing more durable and more highly respected than a concept 2 rowing machine. Based on many Concept 2 Rowing Machine Review by consumers, this fitness equipment is a lifetime investment. The Concept 2 rowing Machine is so well-made that you just know it’s going to last for a very long time.
Now in case I haven’t mentioned this enough, the Concept 2 Rowing machine is one of the most durable fitness equipment around.
If you want to buy Concept 2 Rowers for sale online, know that most of the fitness shops offer only the Concept 2 Model D and sometimes, the Concept 2 Model E.
The price of one of these machines ranges from $900 to $1700 depending on where you buy it from and which model you’re purchasing.
As of this time, you can buy the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine at the cheapest price of $900. Just go to Admin area > Appearence > Clear Line Options > Footer and select column number and their width.
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Rowing machines offer low impact work outs, that help burn calories and improve fitness whilst giving your body an overall work out. Amounts other things, we selling a Concept 2 Rowing machine, model C version with the PM2 monitor. Any person who loves rowing as a fitness machine will always go for a Concept 2 Rower hands down. It may not be as popular as treadmills or elliptical trainers but once you get hooked on it, you get hooked for life. Just head over to Ebay or Craigslist and you’ll find the used Concept 2 Rower Model C and Model b (which are now out of production) still sell at a very good price. True, people sometimes say that rowing machines can be boring as you can’t really read a magazine while exercising but with the quietness of the Concept 2 rowing machine, you can watch television while exercising as well. All muscles, from your arms to your legs, to your back and abs are at work when you’re using the rower. I personally do not know of any other fitness machines or companies that offer as big a community as the Concept 2 rower.
Apart from that, whichever Concept 2 Rower you buy will not affect the quality of your daily exercise.

Try your luck at Craigslist or Ebay and you might bag one of these for less than half of the retail price.
Indoor rowing using rowing mchines from Fluid Technology and Concept 2 provide exercise machines that will improve muscle, help weight loss and offer a real alternative to exercise such as treadmill running, cross training and cycling.
It’s also relatively light to move around if you need some extra space when friends come over. So basically, you can exercise for a SHORTER period of time yet burn the same calories as when you’re in a treadmill or elliptical trainer. And it’s not uncommon to find a lot of people still using much older models because they perform as good as any in the market. And if you’re competitive by nature, you can easily upload you rowing data and see where you rank in comparison to all other indoor rowing machine users.

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