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Revolution is the in-house brand of Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative, the Scottish retailer with a big on-line presence as well as, these days, shops south of the border in Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester.
That said, the Revolution climbs well, the light weight giving it a distinct advantage over most price-point rivals.
The Revolution bucks the trend towards more upright set-ups with a traditional-style frame geometry. We actually found the Revolution to be a really comfortable ride, doubtless helped by the carbon seatpin, fork and handlebar. We’ve mentioned that the head tube is on the short side to provide a low front end and, along with the non-sloping top tube, this gives the Revolution a fairly traditional shape. Guizzo provides the forged alloy stem, the anatomically-shaped carbon fibre handlebar and the micro-adjustable carbon seatpost.
Conti’s Ultra Sport tyres offer a good compromise between all-weather grip and durability.
Some riders, especially those who are in to longer rides including sportives, might prefer a more upright position to ease the strain on the old back, and a compact chainset to keep things spinning along at the end of a hard day in the saddle.
Later I realized that it was the flat bar's "jack of all trades" character that makes it such a valuable option. Ok, so this isn't a performance road bicycle, but those wheels and tyres are the same size and roll pretty quickly. Like the road bike, a flat bar is fully rigid (no suspension) which allows all your energy to push the bike along. The only fall down is a lack of mulitple hand positions for those really long rides, but this can be fixed to a point by attaching bar ends. The gearing on a flat bar will not be as high as on a typical road bike, but this is to its advantage. Flat bar road bikes can be ridden for fitness, they are perfect for urban commuters and also a great option for touring.
When you get back home, remove the panniers and you have a lightweight, fast, fitness bike ready to go. Lastly, the fifth reason to get a flat bar is that it is simply the best urban general purpose bike you can get. BikeRoar would love to hear what is the best thing about your flat bar road bike and why you love (or hate) it! Did you know?—- Different Bikes sells hundreds of road bikes every year, from beginner to Pro-Tour! With onset the cooler weather, shorter days and wetter roads, many of you who love your road bikes are hanging them up for the season, and wondering how to get your endorphin fix and fight the winter bulge.

We know, you don’t want that beautiful carbon toy with the flawless parts and paint to be sullied by road grime and grit. Bicycle Technique & Consulting An extension of our fitting services is actual on-the-road cycling consulting. Claim Your Lane - As cycling advocates we know the dynamics of riding bicycles in urban or rural settings. Cornering and Descending - As many of our recreational clients have found, cornering and descending if done right is both exhilarating and safe. Climbing - We know that good climing techniques and strategy can make the difference between a successful ride or a bad day.
Pack riding and traffic - We teach safe techniques for drafting, pace lines, placement, wind direction and what to do if one contacts another rider or bicycle. That lack of weight makes itself felt straightaway, the Shadow skipping up to speed eagerly from your first pedal stroke with little in the way of frame flex to dull its responses. Get out of the saddle and stomp when the terrain gets steep and the bottom bracket doesn’t go walk-about but stays put to provide a staunch, firm platform for your pedalling. The head tube on our 55cm model was just 14cm long, and even with 30mm of headset spacers and quite a high rise stem fitted, that makes for an aggressive ride position. It’s stiff and strong with just enough damping to take the edge off irregular road surfaces. There are no sneaky downgrades hidden away, either – even the bottom bracket is the real deal. Narrow-nosed with a cut-away centre and enough give in the hull to take the sting out of bumps and potholes, we found it comfortable on even the longest rides. There’s little wasteful flex, weather sealing is decent and, when it is time to open up the hubs, regreasing or replacement of the loose bearings is simple. I think it was seen as the bike that didn't quite do this and wasn't quite good enough for that.
Some people want a solid, fast road bike without having to break their back reaching down to the handlebars. The great advantage of the flat bar over other general purpose bikes is not only its ability to move at high speed, but also the efficient way it gets there and then maintains the momentum. An efficient bike requires less effort to get from A to B, and the flat bar is certainly an efficient bike.
The gearing is a nice middle ground between the "big" gears of a road bike and the "smaller" gears of an MTB. Here’s a few suggestions to shake up this winter and have you ready to roll strongly next spring!

Join a spin class group in your area – whether a community centre program or one of many run by professional coaches.
We have a wealth of knowledge that clients have access to, in order to help them become better riders. We have many clients who have asked us to help them become more confident and competent on the road. Our techniques help clients overcome fear and improve their skills for all types of riding, both alone and in a group. Others want a good bike to carry some work equipment so they can get out of the car and ride instead. This purposefully allows a high flat line speed to be maintained in usual situations, but with low gearing options for when you go uphill, or when you are carrying a lot of weight (for example touring cargo).
Expect to see many attachment points for luggage racks and with frames constructed from cromoly and aluminium, they are robust enough to tackle rough tar roads without issue.
We can help with *Nordic skiing equipment and clothing *- if you like working hard on a bike, you’ll love the skate ski workout! When it comes to higher end road bikes, keep in mind that many brands can be hard to get and can sell out early.
Invest in wheels that are up to the standard of the rest of the bike, reduce the rotational weight and you’re on to a winner.
The flat bar uses MTB style riser bars (hence the term "flat bar") but you will find it also has a much more relaxed geometry than your typical road bike. If you’re dreaming of something new, come talk to us now so there is no disappointment. The benefit is you can get into a good low position for fitness riding and also be comfortable for the daily commute to work. We can make sure it will be here for you when the sun is warmer and the roads are dry and welcoming in the spring. Trainers start below $200 for basic magnetic resistance types, and step up through more realistic fluid resistance and then to very fancy computer driven simulators. Comfortable, durable and again costs less than one of those fancy wheels on your nice road bike. Accompany any one of these choices with the right clothing – waterproof jacket, some tights, gloves and booties and you can steal rides on all but the coldest and wettest Vancouver days.

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