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The are produced by Sole Fitness who started out making commercial treadmills for hotels like Hilton and Omni.
As they built a reputation for high quality commercial grade equipment, they branched out into the home fitness market with ellipticals, treadmills and bikes.
They currently produce 4 different ellipticals starting from $999 up to $1999 for their light commercial model.
Sole has also recently added angle adjustments on their footpedals to further customize your workout.
This can also help to reduce the toe numbness you sometimes get with long workouts on cheaper machines. All Sole models also include power ramp or incline - where you can change the incline at the touch of a button. As you go up, the models tend to be tougher and heavier with longer warranties, larger console windows and higher inclines. So if you're planning on heavy use of the elliptical (or will be having multiple users) you may want a higher end model that can take more of a beating. If you're looking for an elliptical that gives you an ultra-smooth ride, heavy duty construction and proper ergonomic design, you may want to consider a Sole. Highlights:Earning 'Best Buy' awards for the last 3 years, the Sole E95 is the premium home elliptical in the Sole lineup. Highlights:The Sole E35 elliptical is a customer-favorite due to its heavy 25 lb flywheel, making the ride extra smooth.
Highlights:The Sole E25 elliptical is the most affordable Sole model and includes a 19 lb flywheel which helps give you a smoother ride. Sole E25 EllipticalReview the Sole E25 to see how it works, what it gives you and where you can save!
Sole E35 EllipticalReview the Sole E35 to see how it works, what it gives you and where you can save!
Sole E95 EllipticalReview the Sole elliptical E95 to see how it works, what it gives you and where you can save! At just shy of 4 figures, the E25 is sitting at a price point where one should rightly expect good quality and longevity from their investment. Visually, the E25 has the impressive characteristics typical of a Sole elliptical –it’s got that ‘Health Club-style’ looks that convey Sole’s attempts to create a commercial-type machine for home use. Although we didn’t really want a complete overhaul of the previous model, we had seen from testing the new E35 that Sole have been busy making necessary improvements over the last 2 years in preparation of their new Elliptical range.
Perhaps due to Sole’s keenness to keep the E25 RRP at under 4 figures in the face of increasing material and labour costs when manufacturing,there has been a knock on compromise since the 2011 version. Speaking of range of motion, this machine has a longer stride length as standard compared to the cheaper E20 so at 20” it should be ideal for users over 5’3” tall. To extend the stride length and vary the elliptical pattern can be done with the power incline feature.
For a total body workout, we highly recommend holding onto the dynamic handles and getting the upper body muscles working!
With regards to the various programs available, the console is much the same as the more expensive E35 (but with a smaller screen). If you want the ‘quick start’ method you can simply skip the set-up process and use the machine’s default settings, however, we recommend spending the few extra seconds to input your personal details of age, weight etc so that the computer can calculate the calorie consumption figures more accurately based upon your statistics.

Another wonderful addition to the console are the two vertical strips of quick keys at either side of the screen. With the continuing surge in popularity of all things technological, it should be made clear that this machine does not offer standard or upgradeable features such as software downloads or  internet compatibility.
In terms of competition at just under a thousand pounds, Sole is up there with the best of them! Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification.
It reduces stress on your hips, knees and back and gives you a more natural feeling workout. You can select from 3 different toe-heel angle adjustments to find one that feels best for you.
You don't get the jerky start-stop motion or 'bump' that sometimes happens on other machines. They start at a 19 lb flywheel for the E25 all the way up to a massive 29 lb flywheel for the E95. Some models even include the incline controls on the moving armbars so you don't have to reach up to the console.
The impressive 29 lb flywheel and high gear ratio (not commonly found at this price point) gives you a super-smooth ride that doesna€™t jerk or jump even when you pick up the pace.The power incline ramp ranges from 0 a€“ 40 degrees, great for lower body crosstraining.
Specially designed footpedals have a 2 degree inward slope which helps keep your body in neutral alignment. You also get footpedals that have a special 2 degree inward slope a€“ which helps reduce stress on your knees and ankles.
This has been beefed up by an extra 6lb in weight, which delivers an extra smooth elliptical motion. This model has suffered a slight downgrade in that the rear guide rails are now single unlike its predecessor which had double rails for extra stability. Incline training is a great function when cross training as the pedal action becomes deeper (Rather like an oval stepper motion) and even greater emphasis is put on the lower body musculature. There are 10 programs in all, and to those uninitiated with Sole machines, the number of programs can first appear a little mean! Now the user can make one-touch adjustments to jump between incline levels or to change the resistance with a single press.
That fact certainly won’t appeal to fans of gadgets and gizmos, but for those that want a bulletproof machine with less to go wrong, it’s perhaps a good thing!
As we’ve established, if you’re looking for lots of entertainment features, we must urge you to keep looking!
We're very pleased with the increase in the flywheel weight and the larger display on the console, the loss of the twin guide rails is a disappointment.
There are also iPod docks with speakers and a headphone outlet should you want to play your music but keep it quiet in your home. And the specially-designed footpedals keep your body in neutral alignment to reduce to stress on the joints.
They are renowned for manufacturing solidly built machines with great attention placed upon functionality. The E25 certainly has the substance and quality of components to ensure the user of a nice fluid movement whether going forwards or backwards.

With the press of a button a separate elevation motor sends the guide rails pivoting at the rear of the machine.
At the top of the left handle are up and down buttons to adjust the angle of incline and on the right, are controls to alter the resistance levels. We always encourage the use of a wireless chest transmitter to achieve more accurate readings from the inbuilt receiver. However, once you begin to make the selection, the instructions that scroll across the message window tell you how easily the time and intensity settings can be adjusted. This isn’t huge but due to a new design of the display screen, it now makes it even clearer to view the training feedback which has been set out around the ? mile track dot matrix, it. The E25 does have a cooling fan, an input jack to accept an iPod or MP3 and the set of inbuilt speakers deliver a decent sound or there’s a headphone port for disturbance-free workouts.
However, across the Sole ranges, the two most outstanding selling points are undoubtedly ‘Quality’ and ‘Dependability’. If you're considering the E25 and have the room, we'd recommend checking out the Sole E35 with its double guard rails for not much more money with the current offers or take a look at the Xterra 5.6 with power ramp and save some of that holiday money! Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. They have a ‘if it’s not broken, don’t try and fix it approach to style…and as we said earlier, Sole machines are seldom ‘broken’ so why try and re-invent when the design was good in the outset? This process happens quietly but slowly, taking about 30 seconds to power up to top incline – but it’s worth the wait! This means that every program can be tailored to the users individual preferences – that’s a lot of variety! The arrangement of buttons has undergone a new formation, which proved to be exceptionally well organised.
They have a proven and consistent track record for superb build quality (with a warranty to back it up!) Plus they have the expertise to design and engineer Ellipticals with a thorough understanding of safe and effective training… the E25 is yet another very good example of this and well the money. Sole’s customer service is generally regarded as very good – mainly due to the fact that their products don’t generally cause many issues! This model may not have the provision to adjust the angle of the foot plates as with the E35, but being as the designers have got the angles of the pedals right as standard, this really isn’t an issue for most users! There is also an upside to the single guide rail design, and that is that the pedals are positioned slightly closer together during the pedal motion, therefore offering a slightly more natural gait, (Better Q factor) which may be appreciated by shorter users.
But beware, as with the incline, it does seem to take a few seconds for the computer to register commands and for the resistance to kick in on this machine – so don’t let your thumbs get ahead of yourself!
Sole are now including a complimentary compatible chest strap so the pulse grips are rather redundant. Plus, by having 2 user programs as part of the menu, it allows you to create and store your own programs. They are set out in two horizontal strips beneath the screen and each are clearly labelled.
All good to know, but that’s a general historic overview of the brand – we are here to test whether the new E25 model represents a good deal when faced with the tough competition of similarly priced machines.

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