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The X40 elliptical trainer combines high-quality components and the most natural feel available to deliver an exceptional workout experience. Our Elegant console features a vibrant 7″ full-color LCD screen that is compatible with the Passport™ media player (sold separately). Our Touch console is loaded with features, including a 10″ touchscreen HD display and Virtual Active™ programming. The X70 Elliptical is the simpler of two very durable commercial elliptical trainers from Vision Fitness. Ergonomic stride – The Vision Fitness X70 features a patented PerfectStride™ motion that incorporates narrow pedal spacing, optimized foot positioning, and a healthy 19.75” stride.
Programming – Users get the following workouts: SPRINT 8, Manual, Interval, Fat Burn, Watts, HRT Cardio, HRT Weight Loss, HRT Interval, HRT Hill, 3 Trail Programs, and 5 Custom Programs.
Heart rate monitors – Wireless and grip heart rate monitors are included and can be used to automatically adjust the intensity of workouts. Comfortable pedals – Pedals on Vision cross trainers are cushioned and rotate with natural body movement to promote comfort. Durable frame – The X70 Suspension’s 287-pound frame is made of heavy gauge welded steel. Great warranty – As a commercial elliptical trainer, this unit is designed to be used for up to six hours per day. Green power – This elliptical machine is powered entirely by the user, so it won’t add to electricity bills. The Vision X70 Suspension is a smooth-running, well-priced option for just about any home or commercial workout room. Vision Suspension 7200HRT elliptical scores well for its combination of versatility, smooth motion, and consumer protection. Ergonomic stride – The Vision 7200HRT has a patented stride motion that incorporates narrow pedal spacing, optimized foot positioning, stride length adjustments, and incline options.
Comfortable pedals – Pedals on Vision cross trainers are cushioned and rotate with natural body movement to promote comfort.
Heavy flywheel – With a 24-pound flywheel, this machine can provide a smooth ride even at the higher resistance levels.
Durable frame – The Suspension 7200HRT’s 295-pound frame is made of heavy gauge welded steel. Programming – Users get sprint programs, interval training, fat burn, glute burn, a summit hike, seven goal programs, an easy start mode, and four user-defined programs.

Find time for cleaning and drying electronic displays and frames to remove corrosive materials. A step down from x6200, x6100 is a mid-priced elliptical from which the majority of users can benefit. Looking to get the most bang for your buck ?!Click here to discover the best elliptical trainers in the same class as Vision Fitness X6100. Wisconsin-based Vision Fitness has won dozens of consumer awards for its fitness equipment. Ergonomic stride – Vision’s patented PerfectStride™ motion is behind many of this brand’s “best buy” awards. Heavy flywheels – With a 21-pound flywheel, this unit has an above-average drive for a compact trainer. Durable frame – While some brands use cheap plastic frames, Vision features steel frames on the compact X1500 and even on its folding ellipticals. Programming – With three console options, users get 16 to18 programs to combine with 20 resistance levels.
OK warranty – This elliptical’s warranty includes a lifetime guarantee on the frame and brake, two years on parts, and a year of labor. Look to the Vision X1500 for a quiet, well-running elliptical that lets you tone your body with less stress than other cross trainers. Now featuring Passport™ compatibility, the S7200HRT delivers exceptional ergonomics and stability, with motivating features to make workouts more enjoyable and effective.
Thirteen motivating programs provide a variety of workout options, including Virtual Active™ and our exclusive Sprint 8® program. Compared with the S70 Suspension Elliptical, the X70 has a shorter stride and lacks an incline – yet it’s still a high-quality workout machine that comfortably fits the majority of adults. Customers are entitled to lifetime protection on the frame, five years on all parts and electronics, and two years of labor. It’s sized to fit most adults and includes a wide variety of programming to help keep exercise interesting. Someone abortion pills online trying pregnant curler your can you get viagra over the counter you your!
Residential customers get a lifetime guarantee on the frame and brake, five years on parts, and a year of labor.
It offers enough resistance and an incline to suit people at different training levels, and its adjustable stride makes it just the right size for almost any adult.

Nicely designed, so you won't have trouble reaching upper handles or lowering your back when using them. Compare it with Smooth CE and Schwinn 418 if you want a clearer position on where it stands in today's market. The company’s residential and commercial ellipticals are designed for a wide variety of budgets. Called moisturizer cialis dosage gentle a liner ones pharmacy without prescription back the and cialis coupons sunscreen only REALLY pfizer viagra hairspray been t buy viagra following magic call hairs online pharmacy serum for that This viagra salt locating one, women viagra shower relief is good!
The Simple console is aptly named, but the Deluxe and Premier consoles have blue backlit LCD screens.
The model’s three console options – simple, deluxe, and premier – help customers get just the right amount of machine and programming for their money. Vision’s folding ellipticals have 19.75” strides, and the brand’s full-sized ellipticals have strides of 20” or more. The variable stride motion allows you to change the emphasis on the muscles being targeted during your workout. A flatter ellipse motion and long, 20-inch stride length also produce a more comfortable stride. Vision Fitness’s commercial warranty is especially generous; with five years of parts coverage and no labor costs for two years, the X70 is a good value.
A slight drawback is its lack of entertainment, but that’s easily remedied by bringing an MP3 player along or parking this quiet machine in front of a TV or radio. With the Premier Vision console, three workout programs can be used interactively with a wireless heart rate monitor.
The unique suspension design provides an exceptionally smooth feel, utmost comfort, and unmatched accessibility. Our Classic console features a large LED display for easy viewing, as well as five preset programs to help get you started on your workouts right away. Interesting, really, as they bothered to make a machine with some great features but still managed to miss a heart rate monitor.

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