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From the rudimentary ‘shake test’ we can report that the build quality felt fairly average. On the flip side, we were surprised that the spec sheet didn’t claim a heavier weight for the flywheel!
Some consideration has been given to user comfort in that there is the choice of 3 hole positions to affix the foot-plates, giving a small amount of adjustability to the stride length. There are 16 levels of resistance but unfortunately, the magnetic braking system offered little in the way of challenges even at the top level. Things get a bit brighter as we move up to the console (literally!) with a vibrant 3 colour LCD display screen.
Although the display clearly shows basic feedback, it does little to keep the mind engaged and offers no guidance at any point; in fact, there were occasions during and after programs when we were left scratching our heads in confusion!
We were pleased to discover that the XT3 functions as an ergometer with a WATTS programme that enables you to exercise at a pre-set level of effort with the resistance changing automatically based on the striding speed. The pulse sensors can also be used to monitor body fat levels and tell you your Basal Metabolic Rate (the number of calories you burn at rest) and your Body Mass Index (a measure of body fat based upon height and weight).
Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification.
Renowned for innovation, Nordic Track fitness equipment always has much to offer on the features front, and the E4.2 elliptical is no different. I found the machine offered a really smooth action too, making this very comfortable indeed.
For the space conscious, this elliptical comes in at a very reasonable 133cm length and although not foldable, can be moved pretty easily with the transport wheels. This entry was posted in Cross Trainers of the Month, NordicTrack Cross Trainer Reviews by Alex. The reviews listed here are based on their views plus what we think when we get to try them out – in exchange for a free session of course. We’re not paid to include specific models here, we base the decision on what people are searching for and new models appearing on the market – plus when we can get our hands on them! We’re constantly adding more models and updating existing reviews and opinions as machines age and users need to use the warranties offered at time of purchase. Where applicable users’ experience of retailers and manufacturers customer service departments are also included. We keep track of special offers and discounts and to our knowledge provide you with the best deals available. We do earn a small commission on some of the sales but this does not influence the scores we award each trainer.
In recent years DKN have built a very solid reputation on a foundation of innovation and quality engineering.
Normally we would start off by describing how much effort it was to assemble and install the machine, but with the XC-230i it really doesn’t matter as it’s not your problem! So once your new machine has been professionally built and installed by trained specialist, you can truly appreciate the XC-230i in the flesh! It is in use, that all this clever engineering and impressive construction pays HUGE dividends.
Oh and while we are talking comfort, another smaller detail we liked are the covering of raised rubber grip pads that are inlaid into the pedals to keep your feet secure as well as cushioned. In addition to the superb lower body workout offered, there are some fantastically angled dynamic arms to target the upper body muscles too. As well as the pre-set profiles, there are the options of a manual workout as well as sessions whereby the machine will automatically adjust the resistance to keep you within a pre-set Watts output or within a target heart rate zone.
The machine is compatible with the DKN Motion and the DKN iWorld applications to give you countless possibilities of interactive workouts. Even if you don’t possess a tablet device, the XC-230i should keep the most discerning home user happy for many years with its superb build quality, great ergonomics and selection of program options. The XC-230i elliptical from DKN is a very innovative machine that's easy to fall in love with! The NordicTrack E11.0 elliptical combines health club style size and feel with the benefit of having a clever folding design to make it practical for the home setting. For starters it’s not just the size and design that reminded us of a commercial gym machine, the E11 has the build quality to match!
When you climb aboard and experience the smooth action of the machine, you instantly start to appreciate that build quality, as well as the design expertise that Nordic have acquired since building their first ski machine over 2 decades ago! The E11 has a motorized power incline ramp which can be elevated from its standard position at 10% right up to 30%. Your leg muscles can also get plenty more stimulation from the 20 resistance levels available. We also liked the way the resistance levels can be adjusted so quickly and conveniently with the one-step keys on the console.
When it comes to even more training variety the E11.0 is fully-loaded with inbuilt programs!
These programs all vary from ‘beginner’ sessions lasting 20 minutes up to hour long ‘challenges’. Unfortunately due to the absence of any ‘user -defined’ programs, there is no provision to add your personal details such as gender, height, weight etc. For more accurate feedback, the machine can be used with a compatible chest belt transmitter so you can be assured of ‘spot on’ pulse readings from the inbuilt receiver rather than the vague results you can expect from the pulse grip sensors on the static handles. What more than makes up for any programs that are lacking, is the abundance of downloadable workouts awaiting you if you subscribe to iFit Live! Thinking up new and exciting destinations and terrains should certainly get your imagination wandering, but let’s turn our attention back to the home now! The NordicTrack E11.0 is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK. We were keen to review Viavito’s first elliptical trainer to see if this new brand is going to live up to the hype! In terms of look, the Sina has a contemporary design and looks rather sleek in black with highlights of red. The Sina cross trainer is mains powered and offers a computer controlled resistance mechanism with an impressive 32 levels available.
So: it’s a nice looking machine that’s got a decent stride length, nice smooth motion and a spread of resistance levels on offer that’d satisfy both the unfit beginner as well as challenge a trained athlete! Apart from looking stylish, the console is what really differentiates the Sina elliptical from pretty much all the other machines on the market at under ?500. Like many other machines, there are 12 pre-set programmes and the profiles are usefully printed on the console to assist selection. The machine itself weighs a hefty 47kg and this means that the Sina shares a characteristic of many of the higher priced elliptical trainers in that despite the transport wheels, it’s not that easy to move around.
The build quality and the attention to detail paid in so many aspects of this machine indicate that skimping on the components hasn’t taken place and should there be any problems a 2 years warranty is available (machine does need to be registered post purchase on the Viavito website to get the 2nd year).
We believe that with their very first elliptical, Viavito has delivered an absolute cracker of a machine. We had high expectations of the Sina from the newly launched Viavito brand and we were impressed with the machine we reviewed.
All Reebok elliptical trainers come with a full 2 years on site manufacturers parts and labour warranty cover. The Reebok ZR8 elliptical trainer is part of the very latest Reebok ‘ZR’ series of fitness equipment.
The Reebok ZR7 elliptical trainer is an updated version of the highly popular Reebok Z7 elliptical trainer.
The Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical is offered by Body Solid, an American company that’s received numerous “Best Buy” awards from consumer advocates.
Upper body exercise – This machine’s movable handlebars help provide a full-body elliptical workout. Exercise data – Users get feedback about time, distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate.

Heart rate monitor – Contact grips provide convenient heart rate monitoring to help people make the most of their cardiovascular workouts. Short stride – This machine has a very short stride, which makes it impossible for taller people to actually make elliptical movements. Few resistance levels – This machine has 8 levels of resistance, which is typical for a budget elliptical. Poor labor warranty – The Cross Trainer Elliptical is sold with the following coverage: 5 years frame, 1 year electronics, 1 year parts, 3 months wear parts, and 90 days of labor. The Body Solid Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical probably isn’t the best home workout option, even for new exercisers on a budget. The spec sheet states (perhaps a little optimistically) that the maximum user capacity is 21 stone.
The console itself can be tilted, which is useful to ensure a clear view away from overhead reflections. In the Manual option, you can set targets for time, distance, calories burnt or target heart rate. We really liked the option for up to 4  Users to store their personal data, particularly as it allows the computer to provide more accurate calorie consumption figures.
Plus, setting the values for each of the 20 columns is made quick and easy by revolving the scroll dial.
One is set at 55% of your maximum heart rate (ideal for weight loss), there’s one at 75% for improving fitness and one at 90% for sports performance. By holding onto the pulse sensors on the handlebars the computer works out an estimated fitness rating by measuring the rate at which your heart rate returns to its resting level over a 60 second period.
At the advertised price point, there are a fair number of machines on the market with better features. With a total of 20 challenging resistance levels and iFit SD card compatibility, it’s great for those who want some variety in their workout.
In total, there are 23 workouts – not many offer that much variety – and they all have their benefits, depending on your goals.
You can buy different iFit SD cards for under ?20, all offering different workouts, such as weight loss, wellness, etc. Although many advise that a 20 inch stride is preferable, this elliptical offers 17 inches, which I found very comfortable.
Compared to others in this price range, it was definitely superior, so I think you’d be hard pushed to find smoother.
Even though it helps to save space, I think it’s best to make an exception with ellipticals, otherwise you do lose out on comfort. We also keep an eye on the web, check bloggs and other review sites for up to date information on machine reliability and quality of customer service. Please note that all reviewers comments are their own subjective views and may differ from your own personal likes and dislikes. Where two retailers offer the same price we list the retailer who has the best reputation for provision and after sales service. We give you unbiased views and opinions of the models we review so you can find the best one that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Beauty OR beast, we’ll let you be the judge of the machine visually, but one thing is unanimous – the build quality of the XC-230i is magnificent.
The extra width combined with the frame being supported at 5 points on levelling rubber feet, make the machine remarkably stable in use. The fixed handles are parallel to each other and only 3″ apart so it does perhaps feel slightly too close for comfort, however this does ensure that your elbows are well clear of the path of the swinging dynamic handles. You have the choice of 4 Beginner programs (a nice variety to suit all levels), 4 Advanced sessions (which are similar but slightly tougher to the Beginner ones) or there are 4 Performance sessions which are based around intervals. These are all good features to see but certainly nothing you wouldn’t expect from a machine of this calibre. This is their latest (and perhaps greatest!) technological advancement to date and we love it!
For those that seek a little more entertainment to keep the mind engaged, we are sure the DKN Motion and iWorld apps will keep you captivated and consistent with your workouts! The stride motion and feel on the machine is among the best we've tested and it's certainly a cut above the majority of home ellipticals. In essence, it’s rather like the best of both worlds and in the ‘world’ of Elliptical Cross Trainers, that’s a feature that makes this machine outstanding. Here is a machine capable of coping with users over 23 stone and NordicTrack back that up with a reassuring warranty – giving you a Lifetime guarantee on the frame and 2 years on parts and labour! The time it takes to make that adjustment is painfully slow (it takes nearly an entire minute to get to full incline!) BUT the wait was well worth it! We found the maximum resistance level to be very tough, so whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trainer, there are gradual increments to keep progress manageable and offer plenty of challenges.
Although it’s not possible to alter the duration of the workouts, you do of course have the control to adjust speed, resistance and incline at any stage. Aside from the fact that subconsciously you’d probably be concentrating more on the ‘calorie’ data during the calorie goal workouts doesn’t really make it any more suited to that particular goal than trying to burn up calories during an Incline workout!
On the top of the console is a dock to house an iFit Module (sold separately) and it can link wirelessly to the iFit website giving you access to over 1000 workouts plus the option of creating your own routes from anywhere on the globe! The E11.0 is designed with some considerate features that should make it a welcome addition to most living spaces.
You’re looking at a machine that wouldn't look out of place in a commercial setting yet has the clever folding design to fit in the home as conveniently as possible.
So, we once we took delivery of our test unit of the ‘Sina’ elliptical cross trainer we jumped straight into assembling it.
Certainly, it makes a nice change from the plethora of cream and grey coloured cross trainers flooding the market. It is well worth noting that the top level of resistance on this Viavito is pretty hard and a just short workout at top resistance left your reviewer out of breath!
The first detail that we noticed at the back of the console (spotted when we were assembling it) was that there was a little switch for “KM or ML”!
The display is a backlit, colour LCD of a good size which makes getting workout feedback a doddle.
Unlike the majority of other machines, each of these programmes can be used at 16 different difficulty levels and for a user-defined duration.
Whilst this is typically only used by users that are recovering from an injury, it’s presence indicates that the machine has been calibrated as an ergometer which is a reassurance on the quality of manufacturing process. On the other hand, having a heavy machine under your feet to support a user’s body weight is critical to a stable striding experience! The arrival of the Sina is raising the bar for performance, features and quality in the sub-?400 price bracket!
It looks great, has a lovely smooth stride and a more features that you can shake a stick at!
Remember to always check the delivery cost! What can appear cheaper initially doesn’t always turn out to be a bargain once you add on the postage. However, with its online price range of about $430-$450, this machine costs much less than Best Fitness’s Center Drive Elliptical – and the difference shows. The overall warranty isn’t bad considering the elliptical’s low price, but the short labor section is a cause for concern. At around the 18 stone mark, our Reviewer (Charlie Rawes) demonstrated that the XT3 may ‘cope’ with heavier users, but the noticeable flexing of parts on the frame and around the dynamic handles, suggest that this is a machine better suited to lighter users! Sadly, the elliptical motion, though smooth, is guilty of transgressions typical of smaller, cheaper rear driven models.
There’s a handy course profile menu under the screen displaying the 12 pre-set programs on offer . The focus on innovation doesn’t compromise the overall quality though as it’s a solid elliptical offering a very smooth workout. There are 12 personal trainer programmes, which are great if you need that extra pressure in your ear to get you moving!

At just under 6 feet tall, I’ve always found this stride length to be more than adequate so would only advise you to perhaps look for longer if you’re of exceptional height. Many of our clients either use or are considering buying an elliptical trainer for home us and often ask us for advice. The engineering as well as the quality of components used in it’s entire construction are high quality bordering on over-kill! Combine that with alternating a forwards and backwards stride pattern and you’ve truly got a TOTAL body workout! As is typical of most machines, the fixed handles have the usual pulse grip sensors mounted in them. The menu printed on the dashboard showing the course profiles of the 12 pre-sets available also help make setting up quick and easy. As well as being able to pre-set the load level, users can also set the duration of the program from 1 minute right up to 99!
Basically, it’s an app powered by Google earth, which allows you to pick any destination on the globe (so long as there is a satellite near it!) and plot a course. While we keep a look out in the industry for any other manufacturer with an answer, we suggest that meantime you enjoy the XC-230i –  we are confident you certainly will!
If that wasn't enough, the space needed is actually rather small, taking into account it's 21" long stride length. Better yet, NordicTrack have a reputation for packing a lot of features into their machines so we were eager to discover what else the E11.0 has to offer…. At 30% the elliptical movement takes on a noticeably different feel, giving a deeper tread (by about 2”) which feels rather more like the effect you’d expect if you crossed a stepper with an elliptical! From making a familiar lap round your own block to mapping out a more adventurous course abroad, you literally have the whole world at your fingertips! For starters, when it comes to moving it, this machine may well be a large heavy unit but the chunky D-shaped handle welded to the rear stabiliser makes lifting it up fairly manageable.
Speaking of variety, you are spoilt for choice in terms of programs and when you want more, iFit live can give you hundreds to choose from! From what we know about this brand, it’s got some serious industry heavyweights behind it and the industry whisper is that the intention of the brand is to tear up the rule book and inject some fresh thinking into the sporting good market.
The process is very similar to many machines we’ve put together in the past and took around 45 minutes.
With its relatively compact footprint, we’re pleased to see that Viavito hasn’t gone for a short 13 or 14-inch stride on the Sina and have stuck to the 15-inch stride length. Finally, a low-priced elliptical on the market that can be switched between metric and imperial! We’re a big fan of user profiles that allow the age, gender, weight and height of a user to be entered for a console to produce personalised feedback such as more accurate estimations of calorie consumption and the Sina offers 4 user profiles. This is a pretty neat feature, as it means that the machine can provide relevant exercise difficulty to users of different fitness levels. This is very much a machine that's been designed with real people in mind and addresses many of the 'niggling' shortcomings of the existing brands in the market. The compact Cross Trainer Elliptical is best for lightweight individuals seeking an entry-level elliptical workout.
A better option from this brand is the BFE1 or Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical, which falls into the $1000-$1500 price range. John Lewis clearly have more faith in its durability than we do and offer a generous 5 year parts and labour warranty, so there’s some peace of mind!
The movement is ‘bouncy’ rather than a shallow elliptical stride and due to the cranks being positioned around the flywheel assembly, the space between pedals results in an unnaturally wide gait.
To make adjustments and setting up, quick and effortless, is a large scroll dial positioned in the middle of 4 clearly laid out buttons, each illuminated by an attractive blue glow! Whatever the program, the computer will automatically adjust the resistance to keep you within the pre-set heart rate zone. I have tried out smaller, but noticed the difference as the stride length just wasn’t long enough. Well here lies one of it’s unique selling points – it’s got a compact length of under 60″ making it about the same size or less as the average rear driven elliptical! Being a substantial investment, it gives great peace of mind to think that this is a machine that will last the test of time.
Being as this is a far less accurate and flexible way of pulse monitoring compared to wireless transmitters, we’d highly recommend investing in a compatible chest strap which can link with the machines inbuilt receiver allowing you to go hands-free! This means you can utilize Google’s street views and do some sightseeing while you workout! This is a fantastic way to target the leg muscles from a whole different angle and the great news is that it still felt safe and comfortable on the joints. Once angled upwards it can be maneuvered on the large 3.5” diameter roller wheels at the front. It’s fair to say that setting up the programs does take some mastering – the E11.0 is not the most user-friendly or intuitive machine we have ever tested, but it is certainly one of the most rewarding when you take the time to familiarize yourself with it. This, coupled with a hefty 9kg flywheel weight makes this a rather pleasant rear-drive elliptical to use. Surprisingly for a machine at this price point, there is a Polar compatible heart rate receiver built into the console (which works with any uncoded chest strap) to provide accurate heart-rate information and there are heart rate programmes on offer as well. In both specifications and attention to detail usability, the Sina is setting a new standard at its current sub-?300 offer price! Only by reading the manual did we discover that if you wish to carry on you have to press the scroll dial and things will resume until you reach another set target. Heart rate control is a standard feature on most Ellipticals, but here it’s nice to have the choice of 4 programs to suite a variety of goals. You may also be interested to know that it also includes 24 treadmill and exercise bike workouts too, so you could use on the NordicTrack GX3.2 Upright Cycle, for example.
At a glance, you’d be forgiven in thinking it is some sort of stepper or perhaps a hybrid! The warranty is 2 years, but in theory, this machine is so solid and well-constructed that it feels like it could survive an air raid, let alone the 22 stone weight limit! Your favourite destinations as well as your workout stats can all be saved for future reference. Obviously the substantial size of this model may make it impractical if space is an issue, however thanks to the ingenious space saving folding design, the overall footprint can be reduced by over 2 feet when not in use.
Interestingly, the stride feels more natural and with a higher momentum that quite a number of machines we’ve tested with higher advertised specs such as flywheel weight. It also has a relatively short stride, but it has a greater weight capacity and better workout variety than the Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical. Lack of variety is not the issue though – no wireless heart rate monitoring most certainly IS!
What I really liked was all the feedback for your workout clearly displayed on the console. Listening to the certified personal trainer, I was talked through my workout from start to end.
The E4.2 was the largest I could find that fits nicely in my home gym – not taking up too much space but also not compromising on user experience. But the engineering that has gone into angling and pivoting the crank arms, makes this 100% elliptical, the motion of which is bio-mechanical genius! Pulse grip sensors are a given on most machines, but due to being notoriously unreliable in terms of accuracy, they really only serve the purpose of basic (and vague) monitoring. This is why Heart Rate Controlled Programs best suit machines that have an inbuilt receiver to ensure highly accurate feedback via a compatible chest belt. The XT3 has no such features, therefore although the HRC programs are useable, the feedback is unreliable.

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