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The Rent Fitness Equipment Company has moved in to serve the Greater Seattle Washington area. Seattle can now rent Health Club quality fitness equipment with only a month-to-month contract that will include the regular fitness equipment maintenance. If your business is located in or around Seattle then you now have access to the rental service of the future. Renting your equipment is the right choice because it makes it easy to get started with our off-balance-sheet-transaction. We handle all the details and stops your employees from wasting their time managing your onsite fitness center. You can provide a professional commercial fitness center in your business without having to purchase the fitness machines. How often do you get the option to provide a professional service without taking all the risk and making a long term contract you cannot get out of if it does not work as expected?
So give us a call and get a free fitness center assessment to see the best options for your business. The E-Fit Pro upright exercise bikeĀ is suitable for a wide audience who want to start making fitness a priority. Canada's most trusted source forĀ fitness equipment rental, Easyfitness puts you in charge of your fitness commitment.

Rent, try, or buy from a large selection of treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, rowers, vibration plates, steppers and stair climbers, delivered directly to your door.
The FitBit Treadmill Desk are a winning combination to help improve Corporate Wellness for your employees in the busy office workspace. Walking and working on a Treadmill Desk is the best wellness tool you can add to your Company.
You need to provide a Treadmill Desk Workstation and give all the participating employees a Fitbit. The first thing you need to do is decide that wellness for your employees is important to your Company.
Renting The Treadmill Desk Workstation option is the best choice for your Company because it includes a commercial quality heavy duty treadmill that can be used all day by all of your employees.
And the monthly rental cost of only $6 dollars per day includes all the regular preventive maintenance of the treadmill.
The heavy duty commercial quality Treadmill Desk Workstation used in an open office environment so all your employees can benefit from one Treadmill Desk. Now Seattle Washington has the advantage of Renting commercial quality fitness equipment to keep the people living a fitness lifestyle where they work, live and travel. The Rent Fitness Equipment Company can now service many cities located close to Seattle Washington.

Here is a list of Washington Companies that can now RENT Fitness equipment for their on-site commercial fitness centers in and around Seattle Washington. Sixteen levels of resistance and 10 computer-assisted training programs give you endless options to change up your exercise routine while achieving your fitness goals. From beginners to experienced athletes, to those engaging in an exercise rehab program, our equipment caters to all levels of physical activity. To confirm employees are on track to achieve the Wellness goals and to measure the results to get your wellness tax credits from Obamacare.
Then you need to provide Treadmill Desk Workstations throughout the office and in the conference room so that your employees have easy access to a heavy duty commercial grade Treadmill Desk Workstation. And all repairs of the treadmill desk and the treadmill are included with the monthly Rental agreement.

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