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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Reebok ZR8 Exercise Bike features a 9kg (20lbs) flywheel for a smooth action and 32 levels of computer-controlled magnetic resistance for varied and challenging workouts. At our secure and reliable store Weight Lifting Equipment Store we have a number of popular and bestselling items that will allow you to get the body you seek. We have not yet had the opportunity to properly review the Reebok I Bike S Exercise Bike, but hope to be able to very soon.
This is a new 2011 model from Reebok Fitness and as a budget bike, we expected to see a smaller bike, but were pleasantly surprised that the bike is a decent size taking up a floor space of 110cm by 55cm. The seat can be adjusted for height and it’s quite comfortable to sit on – a rather important factor! As with all manual reistance bikes, the programmes are limited as the resistance can’t be controlled by the computer. As with most exercise bikes, it comes with a integrated transport wheels making it easy to move out of the way when not in use. The Reebok I Bike S is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK.
Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification.
The Reebok Titanium TC3.0 exercise bike is equipped with an 11kg (24lbs) flywheel for silky-smooth operation and offers 75 levels of computer controlled magnetic resistance to let you adjust intensity of each workout. We have displayed some of the most up-to-date prices in the UK for reebok exercise bike in Weight Training and Cycling from our REEBOK suspects.To narrow your reebok exercise bike search you can use the list of Refined Categories on the right or further drill down by using PriceInspector's search bar at the top.
PhD Fitness OverviewReebok high performance floor mats protect floors and reduce impact noise even in intensive use.
The innovative ZR10 Exercise Bike uses a self-generating power system with rechargeable batteries to allow for a more flexible exercise programme. Work your legs and lower body hard with the Reebok One GB60 exercise bike and its great range of features.
The Reebok Titanium TC2.0 exercise bike combines smooth motion, great comfort and extensive functionality to make your indoor cycling a top experience.
The Reebok GB60 Exercise Bike is packed full of features for those who want a challenging workout. The Reebok GB50 Exercise Bike is the ideal piece of fitness equipment for those who want a challenging workout with all of the best features. The Reebok ZR7 Fitness Home Gym is a set of two excellent Reebok ZR7 fitness machines: the Reebok ZR7 treadmill and the Reebok ZR7 exercise bike. The Reebok Performance home gym is a set of three fitness machines that are suitable both for novice and experienced users that are more performance orientated.

The Reebok Performance Fitness Package consists of professional, feature-packed fitness equipment that provides varied, effective and enjoyable workouts.
The Reebok Z9 exercise bike features stylish design and is suitable for users of all ages and abilities. The Reebok B5.7e exercise bike is a superb high-spec machine making it a first-class model for a fantastic price.
The DKN Mag 410 Exercise Bike is a stylish and functional home use exercise bike designed to smooth and quiet, as well as feature packed and motivational. It also offers a variety of programmes including 12 pre-set programmes, a recovery test and a heart rate control programme.
This world famous brand is renowned globally for its top quality exercise and fitness equipment. Right here at our store we have everything including a number of different cardio workouts products like Reebok 410 Exercise Bike from the company Reebok. Made for a personalized fit, this bicycle is equipped with a easily padded oversized seat that adjusts each vertically and horizontally.
The resistance can be adjusted by turning a knob on the upright and the resistance range can has 8 levels. Target distance programme – enter the distance you wish to cover and begin your workout (after pressing the start key!). Target Calories – it should be noted that this is based on theoretical calorie burn of the average person! The warranty period of 2 years is also pretty decent for a bike of this sort of price point.
It ensures quick and easy selections thanks to the i-Drive console system and features 5 user profiles.
It has a 7kg (15lbs) flywheel and 8 levels of manual magnetic resistance that ensure challenging and motivating workouts. The ZR8 bike also includes a backlit LCD console which provides detailed feedback on time, speed, RPM, distance, calories, pulse and Watt to enable keeping track of each workout. Reebok creates products built upon a strong heritage and authenticity in sports, fitness and women’s categories. This is a fantastic cardio machine that will help you shed calories, slim down, and gain all of the right muscles. An superior show provides simple QuickStep resistance controls, adjusting via 20 levels of expertly engineered digital resistance with out the slightest bump or hitch.
You can measure your progress by seeing the distance travelled in differnent sessions of the same duration.
Track your progress by seeing the time taken to cover the same distance reduce as fitness levels improve.

It attempts to provide you with a heart rate controlled workout in a bike without a chest strap wireless receiver! The machine is fitted with a 7” LCD display and has a selection of 20 programmes that keep you challenged. The machine has adjustable handlebars and a height adjustable seat, which ensure comfortable workouts.
Its range of fitness products include something for everyone, for any fitness goal and for every fitness level. Choose a workout created by a Licensed Personal Coach to aid you attain your ambitions a€“ the Reebok 410 has 22 onboard exercises to decide on from. The TC3.0 enables you to connect the iPad via Bluetooth and is compatible with the Run on Earth application to let you choose a route anywhere on the globe. The back lit LCD monitor provides detailed feedback on time, speed, RPM, distance, calories, pulse and watt.
Reebok is committed to designing products that reflect creativity and the desire to constantly challenge the status quo. A huge, adjustable enthusiast with multiple speeds retains you awesome as you prepare.A  Stay on monitor with a created-in coronary heart rate keep an eye on.
We particularly like this aspect, as we’ve found many manual magnetic bikes to have little different in actual resistance at low levels and then the resistance jumps to a very difficult level towards the higher settings. Based on this information, the bike works out a target heart rate (based on 65% max heart rate) and when the 20 minute programme is started, the user keeps hold of the pulse sensors throughout so that pulse rate can be periodically measured. In addition, heart rate can be measured with the hand pulse sensors or a wireless receiver with an optional chest strap.
Based on the measured pulse rate, the console LCD provides a simple speed up or speed down display in order to keep the user within their target heart rate zone.
Heart rate measurement with the Z9 is easily achieved using the pulse sensors integrated in the handlebars; at any moment during the workout you can also take a recovery test. Once the programme has finished, the bike carries out a one minute heart rate recovery test.
An amazing sound system booms its support, so you get the determination with out the irritating ear bud wires.A  The console on the 410 Exercise Bike is iFitA® enabled, offering you the choice to hook up to thousands of exercises, content articles and suggestions, competitions and local community support.
Based on the speed of the recovery, the computer provides a fitness test score from 1 to 6 – the lower the number the better the level of fitness. Knock out workout boredom with Google Mapsa„? exercises that bring the trails of the world to your residing area.

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