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Phoenix 99608 is a magnetic recumbent exercise bike that provides you a reclining position while pedaling.
Unlike upright exercise bikes, recumbent style bikes give your back a full support and gives you comfort while cycling. Phoenix recumbent exercise machine offers all the aerobic benefits you get from the conventional outdoor morning biking exercise at the luxury of your home, any time that you want and in any weather condition of the day. Purchasing your very own home fitness equipment also lets you save a generous amount of money compared to enrolling in different exercise courses in gyms and fitness centers. Having your own exercise equipment also saves your time rather than going out of the house and allows you to do multiple work at the same time just like reading a newspaper or magazine while exercising.
This Magnetic Recumbent bike comes in a sturdy frame design that assures you won’t fall down while exercising and guarantees you that it would last for years. This product is equipped with various programs of different levels of difficulty allowing you to go from a low level of resistance just like getting your body warmed up before hitting a more serious cardiovascular work-out with a higher level of resistance. It is also engineered with modern electronic controls that are well-positioned and of amazing precision.
Phoenix Exercise Bike usually comes unassembled but don’t worry for it has a user manual with instructions that will help you put all the pieces together. This Phoenix trainer comes in a compact design that doesn’t consume too much space and has high-quality rolling wheels ideal for storage and transport. Phoenix 99608 trainer will make your morning work-out comfortable and convenient for keeping your body toned up and in shape never got this exciting and anticipating.
Reviewers have focused on its many difficult levels and constant challenges, which are helpful qualities in getting a user’s body back in tip-top shape. This magnetic exercise bike is a great method of curing joint pains as well, which makes it a prime choice in therapy uses.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The new LifeCycle Platinum Club Series Recumbent Exercise Bike with the Discover SE 16 inch touch screen console. The Platinum Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle Bike will provide you an experience that will take you to a new level of workout motivation. Interactive Courses: Take high-definition hikes, runs and bikesthrough famous locations around the world. The Heart Rate Monitoring Lifepulse™ digital heart-rate monitoring hand sensors are conveniently placed on the ergonomically-designed handlebars and bullhorns to provide precise heart rate monitoring.
The Sole R92 recumbent exercise bike enables you to measure heart rate with pulse grip sensors or a wireless receiver and an included chest strap.
The most important benefit of using a recumbent bike instead of the more conventional upright exercise bike, is that it places far less stress on the lower spine area.

Pedaling on the recumbent bike ensures that you activate multiple joints and work multiple muscles in the lower part of the body. Warm up lightly at first for another five minutes on the bike, gradually increasing the pace.
Intervals of light activity alternated with bursts of intense activity are known as interval training.
The DKN RB-3i recumbent exercise bike features 32 levels of digitally controlled resistance and a 11kg (24.2lbs) flywheel ensuring quiet and smooth operation. The V-fit BK Series RC is a single action recumbent magnetic exercise bike with fixed handlebars. The Sole LCR recumbent exercise bike comes with a 14kg (30.87lbs) flywheel for smooth operation and has a strong, durable frame making it both light and manageable. The trainer operates silently that you don’t have to worry about the irritating sound that most exercise bikes produce. It has Time, Speed and Distance read-outs and an accurate calorie counter that keeps track of your fitness performance after you are done with your exercise.
Also, the commands are simple and easy to understand so you can have your bike put up in no time. There are practically no limitations of this product, and it is a great addition to any respectable household. Even though there have been people saying that this is not built for shorter people, the model alone is a fantastic product. With a Step-through design, the most advanced technology, intuitive, user-centered design and an array of entertainment and training options the Platinum Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle bike revolutionizes the home fitness experience. The integrated machine controls speed as the exerciser runs faster and matches the incline to the varying terrains.
Easily choose your favorite websites through your LFconnect account, and they will be instantly available when you log in. Its user-friendly console provides feedback on time, speed, distance, resistance, calories, programme and pulse, while the 10 motivating programmes include manual, 5 pre-set: hill, fatburn, cardio, strength, interval, +2 user defined and 2 heart rate control. You may risk injury to your connective tissue and muscles if you do not properly warm up before riding this bike. After sitting you need to spin the cranks a few times while paying careful attention to your knee extension. By doing this you will gradually increase the body temperature of your core which will further loosen up your connective tissue and muscles. Sixty to ninety minutes of cardio for weight loss at least five days a week, is the recommendation of the American College of Sports Medicine, and 30 minutes of cardio for health benefits. With interval training added to your workout you not only keep it interesting, but also increase your caloric expenditure.

It is perfect for longer workouts with reduced chance of injury, which makes it suitable for users of different age.
Part of the V-fit BK-11 range, it features a smooth and reliable 8-stage magnetic resistance control and a 4.5kg cast iron, friction-free flywheel.
It features 40 levels of electronically controlled magnetic resistance and offers a 9” blue backlit LCD display, quick programme keys and silicone rubber easy touch buttons. The bike is supplied with a handy bottle holder and features 2 degree self-leveling pedals with adjustable foot straps.
To lose weight you will have to aim higher and stick with a lower time for health benefits.
You can decrease or increase the resistance or alternate your speed up and down, or combine both. While pedaling, you should push hard with your legs and continue to maintain straight posture with your back leaning against the backrest throughout your workout.
This durable machine with an easy step through design has a feature-packed console with LCD, backlit display and can also be used with compatible iPads and Android tablets, which is possible due to a revolutionary DKN Motion application that changes your tablet computer into the bike’s console with many workout-enriching features.
Key statistics of your workout, such as the calories burnt, distance covered, hand pulse, ODO, scan, speed and time are displayed on the 7 function LCD exercise monitor. The bike is great in regardsto it's price and status as a low end bike, but has a few 'very minor' problems: Difficult to change seating position, so if bike has multiple users this can be a bit annoying. The bike is self generating and supplied with oversized, cushioned self-levelling pedals with adjustable foot straps and has a durable, gel seat with vertical and horizontal adjustment. In addition, it offers a padded commercial grade gel seat with aluminium seat rail for 12 adjustable positions for maximum user comfort. When you practice these stretches you should focus on smooth movements that gradually increase in range.
Moreover, your exercise session does not interfere with standard functions of the tablet, so you can browse the web or watch movies while you are exercising and your workout will still be running in the background.
It enables you to measure heart rate with the pulse sensors or a wireless receiver with an optional chest strap and offers 10 motivating programmes. Trunk rotations, ankle bounces, leg swings, alternating toe touches, side bends, walking lunges and knee highs are some examples of these dynamic stretches. This will ensure that your leg muscles are strengthened and challenged, which in turn increases your training progress. The machine is also compatible with the DKN iWorld application which allows for moving the workout to any spot on the globe.

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