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As with all fitness equipment, exercise bikes come in a full spectrum of prices, from $100 to $1000 and beyond. Upright or recumbent: Upright exercise bikes give you a more traditional bicycle experience - sitting up on a seat, back unsupported, hands on the handlebars, legs vertical to the floor.
Quiet ride: A smooth, peaceful exercise bike that doesn't roar like a rocket is key if you want to watch television or read while you exercise (a great boredom buster).

Accessible controls and monitor: You want to be able to adjust mid-pedal and gauge your progress at a glance. The simple stationary bike staples of the 1960's rec room have evolved into ergonomic, lumbar supporting, recumbent models with computerized modules that simulate the Tour de France. Recumbent exercise bikes put the user in a reclined position - the back is supported by the seat and the legs pedal horizontally out in front.

Both offer a good cardio, calorie-burning experience, so it's really a matter of comfort and preference.

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