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With the iFit Workout Card Technology built into the ProForm 890 E elliptical, you get 8 week's worth of ideal progressive workouts interactively coached by a personal trainer. The ProForm 890 E elliptical has an incredible 10-30 Degree Power Ramp feature which helps you achieve all your workout goals much faster and more efficiently. Stimulate and entertain yourself with the beat of your own music playing in the Compatible Music Port for iPod and Intermix Acoustics 2.0 of the ProForm 890 E elliptical as you work your way to a healthy and fit life with this very useful machine.
The Blue-Backlit LCD Display of the ProForm 490 LE Elliptical makes it very easy to track your workout progress.
The ProForm 490 LE Elliptical has 10 Quick Resistance Levels that allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout on the fly. Other features we really like include the 28 personal trainer workouts, allowing you to change-up your workout with a variety of challenges, and the very comfortable ProStride Impact-Reducing Cushioning, which results in less stress on ankles, knees and hips.
With an iFit Workout Card Technology with Jillian Michaels the ProForm 410 CE Elliptical gives you the best workout trainer in the country, Jillian Michaels, to help you interactively improve on your workout routines.

The ProForm 410 CE Elliptical has Oversized, Traction-Control Pedals with Angle Adjustment and Cushioning that besides providing comfort to your feet adds more efficiency to your workout routines enabling you to burn calories easier and much faster. The ProForm 410 CE Elliptical's Blue Backlit Display with 5x7 Workout Matrix, Transport Wheels, Compatible Music Port for iPod, built-in transport wheels and Water Bottle Holder all provide great convenience and comfort for the user that makes working out in this marvelous elliptical pleasant and enjoyable.
With the SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance feature of the ProForm 850 SpaceSaver elliptical, you are provided 10 levels of resistance which is easily adjustable allowing you to optimize your workout time and results. The Space Saver Design of the ProForm 850 SpaceSaver elliptical allows you to easily vertically fold this elliptical to reclaim more free space for you after use.
The ProFormPerspective ES Treadmill overcomes this problem by including a vivid 7" flat-screen television and a premium Intermix Acoustics sound system.
They are among the largest fitness equipment companies so you benefit from economy of scale.
You can rely on the 1 to 20 Digital Resistance levels provided by this elliptical to ensure a top to bottom workout for all muscle groups in your body.

These two features help overcome the monotony of exercising that can often lead to a piece of equipment collecting dust.
They may not produce the top of the line treadmills, but they are probably the best budget option. The Perspective ES Treadmill is the most advanced entertainment treadmill produced by ProForm.

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