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The Proform Perspective 1000 Elliptical features a built-in, cable-ready TV that gives you the convenience of watching uninterrupted TV while working out which only health clubs used to offer. The Oversized GelStride Pedals of the Proform Perspective 1000 Elliptical provides your foot with various foot positions that provide stability to your workouts as well as comfort for you.
The Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor of the Proform Perspective 1000 Elliptical carefully tracks your heart beat and with the Target Pacer helps you to sensibly pace your workout intensity that suits your present health standing. The ProForm 600 ZNE Elliptical has the amazing iFit Live Compatible feature that gives you an entirely new dimension in fitness programs. Also with the iFit Live Compatible, you can avail of preprogrammed routes and races around the world ranging from 5K races to full marathons.

The ProForm 600 ZNE Elliptical has a unique 8 Timed Workouts feature that permits you to choose the amount of time you want to work out and the elliptical automatically adjusts your resistance to meet your goal.
The ultra convenient Quick Target Toning feature of the ProForm Epic 1200 Pro Elliptical allows you with just the touch of a button to zoom in to specific muscle groups that need work.
The Power Incline Ramp of the ProForm Epic 1200 Pro Elliptical practically helps you tone and work every muscle group in your body. The 18 Workout Programs integrated into the ProForm Epic 1200 Pro Elliptical give you the best physical fitness routines that you need. Another highlight of the iFit Live Compatible included in the ProForm 600 ZNE Elliptical is its 8 weeks training program coached by the interactive voice of Jillian Michaels on workout cards that automatically adjust the resistance of the elliptical and designed by Certified Personal Trainers guaranteeing you proven and optimal results every time.

Its Oversized GelStride Pedals provide you with various foot positions to adjust to your comfort level besides providing stability to your exercises.

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