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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Through the combination of our workforce of skilled technicians and their innovative machinery, we are able to refurbish used gym equipment better than almost anyone on the planet. However, if you do your homework, what you will really discover, is that Precor, arguably the most respected fitness equipment manufacturer in the world, has not changed their primordial core design for their Crosstrainers in quite some time. With its heavy-duty, precision balanced flywheel, the Precor EFX 556 does a phenomenal job conforming to the natural walking, jogging and running motions of its users. Creative fat burning and weight-loss programming functions, allows one to push himself or herself, harder than he or she would, without fun and interactive, comprehensive exercise & fitness training programs.
It is hard enough to exercise on a daily basis, the last thing we want to have to worry about is the equipment itself. We have a 40,000 square foot warehouse for remanufacturing Precor elliptical machines in Los Angeles, California. As our end goal is to get you a like new product, we begin our reconditioning process by disassembling and inspecting the machine to confirm its structural integrity is intact. Then, we continue the remanufacturing process by sandblasting off cosmetic blemishes and re-powdercoating the frame, for a like-new finish; an appearance with minimal imperfections. This process is followed by bench testing the electronics through testing the display, keypad and control board. We eliminate the middlemen and in return, we are able to provide our customers with the best home gym equipment for rock bottom prices. Our single-button QuickStart? feature gets you moving quickly, while our easy-to-read displays and graphics simplify tracking your progress.
If items are not removed by this time, Walker Auctions reserves the right to resell the items and retain all sales proceeds as payment for accumulated, unpaid storage and handling.
A BUYERS PREMIUM OF TEN PER CENT (10%) of the high bid will be added to the high bid to determine the final selling price for the auction lot. Merchandise becomes the full responsibility of the buyer at time of payment and the buyer assumes all risk of loss and damage to property at that time. If you request, Walker Auctions will ship items that will fit into a box or tube of reasonable size.
Items requiring special care or very large items must be shipped by a professional shipping company and may result in higher shipping costs. BIDDING ENDS SUNDAY DECEMBER 06, 2009 at 9 PM (central) If a bid is placed in the last TEN (10) minutes remaining for that auction lot, bidding for that lot will remain open for an additional TEN (10) minutes. The buyer agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and other costs incurred by Walker Auctions in its efforts to collect unpaid funds from the buyer. All registration information the bidder provides to Walker Auctions shall be current, complete, and accurate. Achieve a fantastic workout every time, with the help of GymCompany and our huge array of cardio machines and equipment. Also known as elliptical trainer, it is a stationary exercise machine that can simulate running, walking and cycling.
It is better than a treadmill because it doesn’t stress your legs as much as a treadmill does. However, it is recommended that you use moving handles as it gives a more thorough work out. The electronic hardware that comes with the machine should have functional features like the heart rate monitor, timer, speed, and how many miles or kilometers are covered. The moment you start hearing weird squeaks or rubs when moving the handles, it’s time to give the machine a quick check up. If you know what each of these types are for and how they differ, then you will be able to decide which one you can get.

The best types of elliptical trainers that you can own are the ones that are compact and portable. The best space saving elliptical model that can be found in the market, this can also save you a lot of bucks. This tiny machine is a perfect to start for beginners as it offers fewer features to get used to.
If you’re looking for something that’s affordable and comes with as many features as possible, then this one is for you.
Not only is this one of the quietest machines in the market, it also comes with a diverse range of workout programs that will help you in increasing your lung capacity.
This is a more modern version of an elliptical trainer that comes with a stationary bicycle. It can support heavier weights and can provide a wide range of intense workouts to burn more calories.
One of the cheapest models that maintained quality in the market, this dual trainer comes with high momentum fans that produce a gentle breeze to cool you off as you exercise. Much like a bicycle, the seat can also be adjusted to optimize use for different body heights. Of course, it comes with all the electronic monitors you need along with some smaller, miscellaneous features. Another cheaper model found in the market, it is a more compact version compared to the other 2 reviewed earlier.
The dual trainer may seem small and not very sturdy at first, but it can support 250 pound of body weight.
Throw in built-in heart rate sensors on the EFX 546, and you will have an even more advanced machine to stride on. Our professionally remanufactured cross trainers set the industry standard, which competitors can only try to emulate. We are the only remanufacturing facility in the World of Fitness with our own In-House Silica Sandblasting and Powder Coating Facility.
As a buyer, you are going to need to understand the difference between buying a used product from a legitimate store like the Kings of Cardio and buying it from someone driven purely by a thirst for cash. Mom and pop stores, Joe Smith on Craigslist, and your neighbor does not have the ability to fully recondition used machines and make them look and operate like new. While the fitness equipment industry evolves, its new technological producing habits have added programs and HD touch screens to virtually every elliptical in sight.
Since we refurbish your elliptical ourselves and we don't pay a third party, we save money and as a result, we can charge you less! Walker Auctions and the seller do not give or make any type of guarantee or warranty regarding the lots to be sold, implied or otherwise. The buyer agrees that a fee of 2% of the outstanding balance per month be added to any unpaid balance due Walker Auctions. Degrees items places, and resistancethe precor condition, rarely used.such as well as scores. The main concept is that your weight is centered on the middle of the center drive elliptical.
It comes with multi-position handgrips for your convenience and it can bear weights up to 325 pounds.
At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide if all of those features are worth the $3000. It works particularly for days when you don’t feel like getting up from the couch and burn more of those extra calories. Priced at around $400, this hybrid trainer comes with a comfortable recumbent seat and massive pedals.

Customers seem to find it hard to assemble due to the difficult instructions in the manual. Of course, the sturdiness cannot be compared with the more expensive ones, but the forward leaning position seemed to be uncomfortable to most customers. On the EFX 546 HR you have all the trend-setting features of the original 546 – but also the ability to monitor your heart rate closely, so you stay in your desired training zone and reap the rewards of improved cardio training and weight loss results. This process is done to the manufacturer’s specifications and is conducted exclusively in-house, allowing for complete control over quality. All of our machines frames and metal parts are run through this process and can therefore be considered truly remanufactured.
To provide an exceptional product, this product must be rebuilt (or replaced) to ensure perfect functionality and performance. This machine is durable enough to withstand all day wear and tear in health clubs and gyms and is rated to last a lifetime in a home setting.
Buyer's credit card will be charged immediately after the auction ends unless different arrangements have been made with Walker Auctions. Walker Auctions will attempt to consolidate multiple items purchased by a single buyer, but this may not always be possible. Vision Fitness has 20 levels of magnetic resistance for you to choose from for light to intense work out. So if you’re looking for intense work out gear, then this is not the correct place to look. This set up allows a wider variety of work out options that you can try, ranging from light work out to heavy work out. These sensors are easily reachable right on the handles, and your HR appears prominently on the electronic display in front of you. Bidders must notify Walker Auctions if they believe that their bidder number and password have been compromised. You will find yourself getting used to the coordination and balance needed to continuously work out on this trainer. The stride length is as long as 15 inches and the machine can hold over 300 pounds of body weight. In fact, the 546HR works with just the graze of a finger instead of a push button (Soft Touch Display). Walker Auctions has attempted to provide accurate descriptions of all items, however, it is the bidder's responsibility to determine the condition and suitability of each lot. Printed statements or descriptions by Walker Auctions staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion.
This practice is used by some bidders to discourage others from bidding in hopes of acquiring an item at a lower price. There are many theories on the effectiveness of this practice and a bidder who wishes to apply it does so at their own discretion.
The auction company will not lower the price of an item that has been won by a "jumped" bid with no other competing bids.
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