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Once you are comfortable climbing and sitting, moving onto more advanced moves including inverts, poses, holds and combinations. Sitting, climbing and inverting are a prerequisite.
Improve your strength, flexibility, fitness level as well as your stamina and confidence in a work out that burns between 250 – 450 calories in 60 minutes! Madame Peaches has been offering friendly, professional and fun Pole Fitness classes in Central Edinburgh since 2011. Each class starts with a full warm up and is completed with stretches and a relaxing cool down.
Learn the basics of Exotic Dance, from simply how to walk around the pole to basic dance steps and floorwork.
Now that you have learned the basics, we will start to put the moves into sequences and routines.
Once you have learned the foundations of Exotic Dance, you will work on more elaborate moves.
Now that you have learned to invert and have gained confidence having your feet above your head, we focus on learning some fun shapes and poses while upside-down! Is there a specific move that you want to learn that isn't in the Tantra Pole 101 - 505 Curriculum?
Now that you have completed a minimum of 4 Exotic Foundation classes you are ready to kick it up a notch. You must be able to invert and climb comfortably to attend this class.   With slightly longer routines, you might find yourself dancing around like the exotic goddess you have always wanted to be. Lyra (also known as Aerial Hoop) is a circular steel apparatus resembling a hula hoop suspended from the ceiling on which circus artists may perform aerial acrobatics. In this class beginners will start off learning the basics of spinning, mounts, dismounts, proper placements, and balance with a few basic tricks. Sweat and Stilettos offers a wide variety of Richardson fitness classes that can help you attain your goals. Our facility was chosen with women in mind, offering a place for women to work out and feel comfortable using some of the latest fitness methodologies and dance classes. We are proud to offer n exciting combination of classes, including Pilates Classes, Bollywood Classes and Pole Dance Classes.
Sweat & Stilettos LocationWe are located in Dallas Texas and serve the greater Dallas area, including Dallas, Addison, Carrollton, North Dallas and more.
After you’ve been greeted by your instructor, you and your dance-mates will engage in a warmup. Our instructors have personally choreographed routines for class, however they can adapt their moves to adjust to your flow. After choreography, pole tricks, spins and some practice, your instructor guides you into an energy of relaxation. Once you’ve liberated yourself from anxious thoughts, you become free to immerse yourself in the experience.
It can take a minute to really own your energy as a dancer, but we promise, the minute you learn to enter class with confidence, anticipation becomes a delicious precursor to class. Pole dancing classes for beginners include components to build your strength, coordination, and choreography. Start your pole dance lessons today with Tantra Tutorials: The Sexiest Online Fitness Studio! Our classes focus on a range of beautiful and fun spins, floorwork, strength and flexibility conditioning and inverted moves.
While continuing to condition your body you will also learn some transitional moves so you can start to dance and this is when you start to burn more calories.
Feeling confident and strong with the spins learned in the beginner levels, it is now time to invert and see the world from a different perspective! Lyrical dance is an elegant and expressive form of dance that conveys emotion and musicality through movement.

You will also continue to learn more skills on the spin pole including pretty spins and inversions! These classes will focus on static pole moves as well as transitions in and out of those moves allowing you to link together some interesting combinations.
This series consist of 4 classes where you will learn everything from walking in heels to crawling. Start to add your favorite moves with a freestyle component as you are still guided through routines that focus on fluid movement.
Everything we do is on the pole, so if you’re a pole dance enthusiast, this class will get you in shape for gravity-defying pole moves!
This is a moderate intensity Pole conditioning class aimed at practicing your freestyle skills! Aerial Hoop classes include a warm up, strength training, focusing on core and lower abs, conditioning tips, and stretching. Whether you are looking to become fit, maintain your current fitness level or simply want to have a great time, our classes are just the thing! Our instructors arrive early to set up the classroom and create an ambience of creative collaboration and playful sensuality. She always has a great feel for the stretches and movements that will best suit movements you’ll learn in your class.
You’ll cool down as a group, share any parting thoughts or ask questions, and depart back to your regularly scheduled program.
You’ll look forward to pole classes because they shift your spirit and leave you fully-activated, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world by storm. Im from Mexico, i love your tutorial, can you share a spin tutorial called THE PRETZEL i love it!!! Please wear indoor runners or go barefoot and longer pants that cover the back of the knee. This level will also help to build your strength with emphasis being placed on the upper body and core giving you the confidence to move to the next level. In addition to going upside-down, prepare to get dizzy as you are introduced to the foundations of spin pole.
This class will focus on bringing together the grace of lyrical dance and the strength of pole to create powerful, emotionally captivating routines, while increasing your fluidity of movements and transitions on and off the pole. This is a big jump from the earlier levels requiring more strength and it is completely normal to have to re-take this level a few times in order to master all the skills taught. Again, there is a big jump in difficulty as you enter this level and more focus is placed on higher level conditioning to help you succeed. You can make requests or just show up and see what the instructor has prepared for the day. This class will teach you the basics of spin: how technique differs from static, what muscles to engage, and how to control your momentum. Get a full breakdown of the basic movement and then put it all together into a fun routine.
This level is not a series; you can register for any class though you should be in 303 or above to attend. If you like to spend your workout time off the pole, this class is still amazing for core and upper body strength training.
We sweat, condition and dance for the first 40 minutes, targeting specific "pole" muscles (ie.
This class is a high intensity pole conditioning workout in which dance, conditioning exercises and pole moves learned in class, are combined for increased cardio output and pole-specific strength training! Leggings or yoga pants are best; you may want to wear a shirt with sleeves if you have very sensitive skin. All Richardson fitness classes are geared for women and can be attended by  just about any fitness level.

Not all classes are held at each location, to be sure to check out our schedule to find the Richardson fitness classes that are best and most convenient for you.
Our energetic style and amazing instructors will have you forgetting you are working out because you are simply have a great time. When you walk in, your stresses should melt away as curiosity takes over. Are these poles really going to hold my weight?
The energy formed in the warmup is softly focused to propel the positive energy you’ll hold throughout class.
Your pole experience will be enhanced by the joyful laughter and smiles shared between you and your class partners, because you’ll all have a collective realization of how fun pole is, even when you fumble and make quirky mistakes. Yes, trying something new for the first time is always tricky, and things can go wrong, but you’ve got to trust yourself in the moment. Each week there will be different moves and a different instructor to keep you challenged and to ensure a variety of styles are taught!
We will begin by incorporating some of the same moves you have learned on the static pole but also teach some fun spin pole specific moves. Raise your confidence, get comfortable in your own skin and get a workout all at the same time, what more could you ask for! This class will also help you find your own ‘style’ as the last 20 minutes are dedicated to freestyle dancing while incorporating specific combos and spins.
Convenient located in Richardson Texas, Sweat & Stilettos offers fitness classes that have been designed to be an effective mix of strength training, cardio training and packed full of fun.
As your instructors, we’re simply here to show you how to pole in a fun, safe environment, co-creating a sacred space for personal transformation and interaction. You will feel stronger, your body will begin to tone and tighten, and you will feel muscles you never knew you had. You may start with any series and you may do more than 1 series at a time, but must complete a series in the correct order of classes. You may start with any series and do more than one series at a time, but must start with class 1 of that series completing each series in the correct order.
You must have a solid shoulder mount, aerial inversion, handstand, aisha, and caterpillar climb to attend. You must take all 4 classes in this series before you can move on to Level 1 and you must have taken at least 2 Pole 101 classes to register.   Please wear a capri pant or longer to protect your knees. This level is not a series; you can register for any class though you should be in Pole 202 or higher to attend. The variety of hangs, wraps, twists, mounts and transitions are absolutely endless, and will leave you feeling like you have done a full workout at the gym in a fun way.
You must be completely comfortable with controlled inversions prior to starting this level. You must be in Pole 303 or above and be comfortable with pole climbs and going upside-down.
This class is designed for people who are comfortable inverting and climbing the pole (303+).
Students will progress on to harder and more advanced moves as your strength and confidence increase.
From Pilates to Bollywood, our classes build muscles, increase flexibility, increase your heart rateand help you to get and stay fit. There’s joy and playfulness twirling through the atmosphere, which leads us to our next point.

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