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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Software PolarSW-ProTrainer5 slouzi k podrobnemu vyhodnocovani treninku, lze jej pouzivat pro individualni i kolektivni sporty at uz amaterske ci profesionalni urovne, ale je take vhodny pro vedecke sledovani a vyuziti v medicinske praxi. Diky neustale inovaci vsech klicovych funkci programy POLAR uspesne pokryvaji veskere moznosti novych modelu.
Software Polar ProTrainer 5 je vykonny nastroj, ktery Vam umoznuje nahrat z nej do sporttesteru az 21 planovanych zatezovych jednotek (pres infracerveny port), ridit se podle nich pri treninku a po nem stahnout dosazene vysledky zpet do pocitace k podrobnemu rozboru. Podrobny rozbor v programu Polar Pro Trainer 5 Vam ale prinasi spoustu prehlednejsich moznosti, kterak dosazene vysledky interpretovat.
Prenos dat probiha infracervenym ci kabelovym prenosem s vyssimi modely sporttesteru POLAR.
Software je kompatibilni pouze s vybranymi modely POLAR, pred koupi si prosim overte, zda vas sporttester POLAR s timto software komunikuje. Na tomto miste se muzete zeptat na cokoliv ohledne tohoto zbozi nebo sdelit svou zkusenost s vyrobkem. Dobry den, vyhodou softwaru ProTrainer5 je prave moznost prenosu dat, konkretnich souboru atd. Dobry den, bohuzel software Polar ProTrainer5 nema prime spojeni pro sdileni, data tedy nelze sdilet pres internetove aplikace. Dobry den, software Polar ProTrainer 5 neni vhodny pro sportestr POLAR V800, pro ukladani a zpraci s daty je vhodna aplikace Polar Flow. Dobry den, SW Polar ProTrainer5 podporuje sopucinnost a spojeni se sporttesterem Polar RCX5 . Dobry den,jako darek jsem dostal sporttester RC3 GPS, bude tento model komunikovat s POLAR Pro Trainer 5?dekuji za odpovei. Dobry den, program Polar ProTrainer 5 lze v kombinaci s RC3 GPS pouzivat, ale velmi omezene, poslouzi predevsim pro ukladani zaznamu. Dobry den nedavno jsem si zakoupil sportester POLAR RS 800CX vcetne POLAR Pro Trainer 5.
Dobry den, k softwaru POLAR ProTrainer5 zadna ani tistena ani elektronicka verze manualu neni.
Preji dobry den, mam cyklotester Polar S 725 ke kteremu byl pri koupi prilozen software pro spojeni s PC.
Dobry den, patrne vlastnite SW Polar Performance, predchudce soucasneho SW Polar ProTrainer5. Dobry den, mam dotaz.Nenasla jsem na vasich strankach jestli se software pro trainer 5 da pouzit uz i na pocitace Mac s originalnim softwarem?Dekuji za vasi odpoved. Tyto stranky vyuzivaji soubory cookie, pouzivanim tohoto webu souhlasite s jejich pouzitim. Proper planning before you train is essential, as it can help you estimate the intensity of your workout, set your goals, keep to them, and most importantly, see your fitness gradually improve over time.
For quick analysis, you can review recorded data on the wrist unit display immediately during and after training.
The great thing about Polar ProTrainer 5 is that you can follow your progress over time and use your training history as a tool for future goal setting and planning. The Polar RS400 + S1 Footpod and Polar RS800cx + S3 Stride Sensor allow you to plan up to 21 days worth of training sessions.
The ProTrainer 5 software allows you to plan almost any combination of exercise phases you wish. The duration of your phases can be determined by time, distance, increasing heart rate (when you reach a determined heart rate), decreasing heart rate (when you recover to a determined heart rate) or manual (end by pressing lap button). Here‚ a simple example of how Polar ProTrainer 5 can be used to plan and analyse an exercise session.
DescriptionThe Polar Protrainer NV is an advanced HRM for exercise enthusiasts and athletes. Jedes mal, wenn sich das Jahr dem Ende nahert taucht vermehrt die Frage nach den saisonalen Gesamtwerten auf. Zusatzlich hat man mit der Software die Moglichkeit die Gesamtwerte nicht nur zuruckzusetzen, sondern auch zu bearbeiten und das entsprechende Referenzdatum neu zu setzen. Selbstverstandlich kann man auch die in Kapitel 7 besprochene Berichtsfunktion fur das Anzeigen von saisonalen Gesamtwerten heranziehen. Zusammen mit Max probieren wir die neuesten Entwicklungen von von Gadgets und Sport-Equipment aus und berichten uber unserer Erfahrungen. Trainiert man als Sportler fur Wettkampfe, mochte man naturlich bei diesen Wettkampfen seine maximale Leistungsfahigkeit abrufen. Ahnlich einem modernen Sportwagen sind Athleten hochgezuchtete Rennmaschinen deren Ziel das Maximum aus sich herauszuholen ist. Als Sportler ist man auf standiges Training zur Steigerung der eigenen Leistungsfahigkeit angewiesen. Als aktiver Rennfahrer bin ich stets auf gutes Material und etwaige Vorteile, die man sich dadurch aneignen kann, bedacht. Fast 18 Jahre nach dem erscheinen der legendaren Polar Beat Pulsuhr tritt 2012 ein neues Produkt in die Fu?stapfen. Microsoft hat ein uberaus nutzliches Tool fur die Installation von Windows 7 bereitgestellt. Voor actieve duursporters Elk detail van de training is belangrijk om een optimaal trainingsresultaat te behalen, daarom is het handig als je elk aspect van de training kan controleren. What you’ve got in the RS800CX is a wrist unit that not only measures your heart rate, but can also calculate speed and distance, using a plethora of different sensors, as well as cadence – if you happen to be cycling. That’s not such a simple question this time, since the RS800CX comes with a variety of bundles.
Being a range topping device, it comes as no surprise that the RS800CX utilises Polar’s 2.4GHz WIND wireless technology. The kind of person who buys the RS800CX is most definitely going to want to analyse the data that this device captures, so Polar has bundled a USB IrDA adapter. Finally you get a paper quick start guide and a CD containing the full user manual, as well as the Polar ProTrainer 5 software for planning and analysing your training. Sticking with the G3 for now though, setup is as simple as inserting the supplied AA battery, switching it on and attaching it to your upper arm. So, you can be out the door and training in a matter of minutes, but it won’t hurt to spend a little time tailoring the RS800CX to you. Other bits and pieces that you’ll want to get sorted straight away are your own data – height, weight, age etc. If you’re planning on using the RS800CX when cycling, you can use the G3 to log your speed and distance, but if you’re a serious cyclist, you’ll want dedicated sensors on your bike. I don’t know how easy it is to setup and configure the s3 Stride Sensor, since I didn’t have one to hand.
Adding to its versatility, the RS800CX can store the data for up to three bikes and three sets of running shoes. The Polar design department has once again done a good job, and the RS800CX both looks good, and is easy to use, even while exercising. Talking of lapping, the RS800CX also has an auto-lap function, so that the watch will automatically start a new lap after a certain distance has been travelled. When you start your training you can switch through six different information screens – Heart Rate, Stopwatch, Lap Time, Speed, Distance and Altitude – and each screen has three lines of data displayed. It was also good to see that I was able to go for a ride using both the RS800CX and CS500 hooked up to the same HRM, speed and cadence sensors without any issues. As you’d expect from a high-end training computer, you can customise your workout as easily as you can the info screens. Of course you can configure the RS800CX to warn you if you stray out of the training zone that you’ve set for your session, or for that specific part of it. To be fair, the RS800CX isn’t really aimed at the gym goer, and Polar has a range of cross training computers aimed squarely at that type of user, with the FT80 sitting at the top of that range.

As already mentioned, the RS800CX comes bundled with a USB IrDA adapter, which can transfer data from the device to your computer over an infrared connection. Because infrared connections need clear line of sight, Polar also bundles a USB extension cable, which makes it easier to line up the RS800CX with the IrDA adapter. The Polar ProTrainer 5 software does the job pretty well, and gives you a good breakdown of all your data, allowing you to paw over it at your leisure. The ProTrainer 5 software will also map your routes for you when you’ve used the G3 GPS sensor as part of your training session. First you need to download the Polar WebLink application, which is not to be confused with the WebSync application that the CS500 and FT80 use. The data that you’re presented with on the Polar Personal Trainer site is pretty much the same that you’ll see for the CS500 or FT80, but the route mapping feature is conspicuous by its absence. If you’re serious about your training, there’s no doubt that the RS800CX will help you maximise your fitness. The fact that the RS800CX can be used with a plethora of accessories will only make it more attractive to fitness obsessed individuals.
You can limit the initial purchase cost of the RS800CX by opting for the basic package with just the HRM, or maybe the runner or bike specific bundles. It’s not all good news though, because the 2.4GHz WIND HRM sensor won’t be compatible with the machines in your gym, so if you do much of your training there, you’re better off looking at the FT80, which ships with a heart rate monitor that will work with treadmills, cross trainers etc. The benefits of proper planning before you train are essential, that way you can estimate the intensity of your workout, set your goals, keep to them, and most importantly, see your fitness gradually improve over time. During training there are six different display settings that can be viewed on your wrist unit – these will help you to follow your training plans and meet your training objectives. For quick analysis, you can review recorded data on the wrist unit display immediately after training.
Now it’s time to take what you’ve learnt from the results of your previous training sessions and improve on it. Krome zakladnich grafickych vystupu (krivka TF, rozlozeni TF v nastevenych zonach, vypis hodnot tf, diagram rozptylu) sleduji u pokrocilych modelu i prubeh krivek rychlosti, kadence ci nadmorske vysky.
Jedine radny treninkovy plan Vam pomuze uvedomit si sve cile a nastavit optimalni intenzitu, objem i cetnost treninku pro jejich dosazeni.
Pri trenovani se sporttestery Polar si na sesti displejich muzete prohlizet veskere dulezite udaje, jejichz kombinaci lze libovolne nastavit (pres PC ci primo ve sporttesteru). Pokud Vas pocitac nema zabudovany infracerveny port, Polar Vam nabizi univerzalni USB Interface. Krome zakladnich grafickych vystupu (krivka TF, rozlozeni TF v nastavenych zonach, vypis hodnot TF, diagram rozptylu) sleduje program u pokrocilych modelu i prubeh krivek rychlosti, kadence ci nadmorske vysky.
Polar ProTrainer 5 Vam poskytuje vykonny nastroj pro sledovani sveho pokroku v case a poucit se z pripadnych chyb v minulosti pro budouci stanoveni lepe odpovidajicich cilu a planu. Fitham.cz nenese zadnou zodpovednost za obsah prispevku v diskuzi, zaroven si vyhrazuje pravo nevhodne prispevky odstranit. Pokud nejaky uzivatel napriklad se starsim typem sportestru pouzival uvedeny SW ProTrainer5, je mozne celou historii zaznamu prenest prave do aplikace Polar Flow. Polar Beat je aplikace vhodna pro vybrane smartphony, zatimco SW Polar ProTrainer5 je software pripraveny pro spravu dat prenesenych z klasickych sporttesteru (vyssi rady) zn. V jeho instalaci problem nevidim,ale chybi me manual, ktery by me pomohl s lepsi a rychlejsi orientaci a vyuzitim vsech dostupnych funkci.
Program je vsak plne lokalizovany do cestiny, soucasti je i pomerne rozsahla napoveda samozrejme take v cestine.
Bohuzel tento jiz starsi software nelze instalovat na novych operacnich systemech jako Vista, Windows 7, apod. Pokud pouzivate externi port Polar IrDA starsiho data vyroby 32bit (stribrny), komplikace muze nastat u novych 64bit PC. Vyrobce sice tuto moznost oficialne nikde neuvadi, existuje vsak jisty pomocny software, ktery lze pro prevod pouzit. It enables you to transfer up to 21 pre-planned training sessions to the wrist unit (via IrDA infra-red link) and then, once you have trained, download the results back to your computer for analysis. However, once it has been transferred to the Polar ProTrainer 5 software, that's when you'll get a real understanding of every aspect of your training session in exact detail.
The units will guide you through each session ensuring you achieve exactly what you set out to achieve.
This is ideal when undertaking intervals as the unit will guide you through the planned session.
It provides an efficient and reliable method for building and controlling precise exercise intensity, as well as tracking the progress of any training program. Zum Einen mochte man Sie gerne Ablesen, zum Anderen auch fur die nachste Saison sinnvoll zurucksetzen. Dies geschieht am Einfachsten, wenn man seinen Laufschuhen oder Radern auch innerhalb einer Disziplin verschiedene Namen zuordnet. Wir befassen uns sowohl mit den Produkten ansich als auch deren Gebrauch im Training oder taglichen Leben.
De Polar RS400 Running Computers zijn uiterst geschikt voor het plannen, controleren en analyseren van elk trainingsonderdeel.
This is a serious piece of kit that can connect to just about any accessory that you might want. Oh, and for good measure, you can even get your exercise route laid out over a map once you’re done in a similar manner to the Garmin Edge 500. If you’re a cyclist you can buy the bike specific bundle, which ships with speed and cadence sensors for your bike. That said, it wraps around the wrist nicely, and even on my admittedly slim wrists, it doesn’t overwhelm. As such, there’s a WearLink WIND heart rate monitor in the box, along with a chest strap to keep it in place.
I’ve got to say that I’m somewhat disappointed that the RS800CX still uses infrared to transfer data, especially when the CS500 uses WIND technology to transfer its files.
The G3 comes with an elasticated Velcro strap so that it can be worn on your upper arm, and it’s fairly comfortable once in place.
Because the G3 GPS sensor comes in the box, it has already been paired to the RS800CX, so you’re all ready to go.
The device will flash green when it has made contact with enough satellites to get a reading, and once you press start on the RS800CX is will make a connection with both the G3 and the WearLink HRM, and you’re ready to go.
For a start you can perform the fitness test, which gives you an estimated VO2max reading, and helps you set your training zone. You’ll also want to set which type of units you want the RS800CX to display – metric or imperial. The sensors can be bought separately, so you don’t need to lay out the cash for every accessory off the bat. This is particularly useful if you want to monitor how your pace changes over the course of your run or ride, while also making it very easy to time yourself over a given distance. The design of the RS800CX makes it very easy to locate and press the side mounted buttons, even when you’re exercising.
The good news is that you can customise each and every line of data on each and every info screen, which means that you can have your data displayed exactly the way you want it.
Both devices returned the same speed, distance, cadence and heart rate data, although the calorie count on the RS800CX was consistently lower than that on the CS500, but only marginally. You can also lock a specific zone while you’re training, if you feel that you want to keep in that zone for a while. That’s not to say that you can’t use it as a heart rate monitor while you’re in the gym, because you can. I own an FT80 myself and can confirm that the WearLink Coded HRM that ships with it is picked up by gym machines without issue. In fact, if you happen to have a notebook that’s old enough to still sport an IrDA port, you won’t even need the USB dongle.

Once a connection is established the data is transferred quite quickly, especially considering that data can go both ways. Whereas the CS500 will automatically connect to your PC once you plug in the DataLink dongle, the RS800CX requires you to start the connection process on the computer and then on the device itself before the transfer will begin.
You can also build up your own training calendar, which will then transfer to the RS800CX in an attempt to get you out the door, even on those cold rainy days.
However, unlike the Garmin Connect portal which overlays your route onto Google maps, ProTrainer 5 insists that you install Google Earth before you can see exactly where you’ve been. Luckily, you can upload data from the RS800CX to the Polar Personal Trainer site, but again, it’s not quite as smoothly done as with the CS500. If you want to look at your route overlaid on Google Earth, you’re going to have to do that with the ProTrainer 5 software. There’s a wealth of functionality built into this watch, and you could use it for months and still find features that surprise you. If you split your time between cycling, running and hiking, the CS800CX will have you covered. You can then add the other sensors as and when you can afford them, making this a training partner that can grow with you.
That said, you can still upload your data to the Polar Personal Trainer cloud, albeit without the route mapping feature. If you want a single device for all your pursuits, the RS800CX makes a decent case for itself. Once you’re happy with your planned sessions, you can transfer them straight to your wrist unit. Each row is fully configurable so you can scroll through and select what information you want displayed whilst you’re training. It enables you to transfer up to 21 pre-planned training sessions to the wrist unit (via IrDA infra-red link) and then, once you’ve trained, download the results back to your computer for analysing.
However, once it has been transferred to the Polar Pro Trainer 5 software, that’s when you’ll get a real understanding of every aspect of your training session in exacting detail. Prubezna evidence techto udaju a setrvani v nastavenych zonach prehledne motivuje k plneni stanovenych cilu.
Dale poskytuji sirokou skalu testu a dalsich parametru k dlouhodobemu sledovani Vasich vysledku. Je novy software Polar SW Pro Trainer 5 adaptabilni na muj Polar tester, je mozne ho upgratovat na stary software? You can then select any point during the training and analyze and compare your data against previous sessions using easy-to-understand graphs. Beim RS800cx (rechts) kann man sowohl die Distanzen der Schuhe (im Bild links) als auch der Rader (im Bild rechts) bearbeiten oder zurucksetzen. Will man auch zum Beispiel zwischen speziellen Schuhen oder Radern unterscheiden, so sollte man Namen wie Running (Adidas) oder Rennrad (Scott CR1) fur die jeweilige Sportart wahlen. Unlike the Polar CS500 that I reviewed a few weeks ago, the RS800CX is a traditional wrist based device, making it a versatile training partner that can turn its hand to a number of disciplines.
If you’re a runner you can opt for the runner’s package, which comes with the s3 Stride Sensor, so you can measure every step you take. The silver screen surround and strap may be a little flashy for some, but the RS800CX somehow carries it off. I like the design of the WearLink HRM, since it’s just the fabric strap that’s touching your skin, making it far more comfortable than the plastic sensor straps that some devices ship with. To be fair, the RS800CX does predate the CS500 by a good while and the fact that you’re still getting the ability to transfer data in the box is nothing to be sniffed at. That said, pairing the device with new sensors is incredibly quick and easy, as I found out when I paired it with the speed and cadence sensors that are resident on my bike. In fact you can choose a training setting that is based solely on your OwnZone, which is the result of your fitness test. The speed sensor mounts to your front fork, with the corresponding magnet attached to a spoke, while the cadence sensor mounts to your non-drive side chainstay, with the magnet attached to the inside of the crank arm. Basically the casing protrudes slightly in each corner, with each button sitting at the peak of each protrusion. Not having the right data mix on screen is one of the most common complaints levelled at fitness computers, so it’s good to see that the RS800CX is fully customisable.
The speed and distance data recorded by the G3 GPS sensor was also very close to that recorded on the CS500 via its sensors. However, if you like to see your heart rate displayed on the machines you use in the gym, you’ll be disappointed, since the WearLink WIND sensor isn’t compatible. Unfortunately it’s not compatible with the speed and distance bike sensors though – life’s just full of compromises.
It’s still a great feature, but it’s a hassle having to install and run Google Earth every time I want to see where I’ve been.
While the CS500 will connect to your PC, transfer the data, automatically upload it to Polar Personal Trainer and even open your web browser at the site, the process is a little more, well, manual with the RS800CX. Then you can press the Start button in the WebLink window, and your data will be uploaded to Polar Personal Trainer. So, you’ll probably end up having to use a combination of the local software and the online portal to get the best out of the data captured by the RS800CX.
It’s also extremely comfortable to wear for long periods, no matter how hot and sweaty you get. Plus the ability to completely customise the info screens will be hugely attractive to many potential buyers. That said, I’d probably go for a CS500 for my bike and an FT80 for running and gym work, even if it is a slightly more expensive option. And if you want to adjust the duration of your session whilst you’re training you can do that manually on the wrist unit too.
If your computer doesn’t have an IrDA connection built in, you will need a Polar IrDA USB 2.0 Adapter.
Treninkovy plan nyni muzete vytvorit v PC a jednoduse prenest do sporttesteru Polar, kde jej pripadne muzete poupravit a prizpusobit treninkovym pokrokum.
Dle nasich informaci se v budoucnu zcela upusti od puvodniho programu, vsechny modely budou moci vyuzivat dokonalejsi verzi uvedene aplikace.
Bohuzel jedina moznost je volba aktualniho Polar ProTrainer5, pricemz typ sporttesteru (i starsiho S 725) by nemel byt prekazkou. Sprich, Gesamte Trainingsdauer, Gesamter Kalorienverbrauch, Gesamtzahl der Trainingseinheiten und Gesamter Aufstieg. Then there’s the Multi bundle, that ships with the G3 GPS sensor, and that’s the version that Polar sent me for review.
Like the WearLink HRM, the G3 GPS sensor utilises the WIND wireless interface to ensure that you get no interference from other devices while you’re using it. Alternatively you can choose to set your heart rate limits manually, or you can choose Free, which puts no zone limits on your training. Having side buttons that are easy to reach and press means that the RS800CX works very well on your wrist, even when you’re cycling – although you can buy a handlebar mount that fits all of Polar’s wrist units. If however, you’re trying a new route, you could set your intervals based on time and push up to your theoretical maximum heart rate for five minutes every 20 minutes, for example. V pripade jednoducheho modelu CS100 vsak bude fungovat pouze jednostrany presun dat z PC do sporttesteru.

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