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It may seem counterintuitive that you need to spend less time personal training in order to build your personal training business. About Terrell HammelTerrell is a professional with years of experience in marketing, and management. Recent PostsWhy Using Door Hangers Is an Effective Marketing StrategyWhat’s one thing that gets your attention when you walk up to your front door?
Should You Use Brochures as Part of Your Business?When you think of a brochure, what image comes to mind? Preparing Your Artwork Files for Commercial PrintingYou want your printed products to look clean, bold and impressive, right out of the box.
Train in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or in one of South London’s many parks and green spaces, with one of London’s top personal trainers.
I have a proven track record in personal training, specialising in fat loss, mixed martial arts training (MMA training) and health and fitness for women. I can transform you – but don’t take my word for it – read testimonials by clients past and present.
I use fitness assessments to measure clients’ strengths and weaknesses, and to monitor improvements in physical fitness. I train clients all over London, at our gym in Shoreditch, or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Training videosWhat it's like to train with personal trainer BigT-Fitness - clients reveal all!
So back to the start – obvious how you two know each other, but how did you come to launch Revolution?
Rob: I rang John and told him me and Giuseppe were setting a personal training studio up and if he fancied joining us. Rob you were a professional footballer, John you still box, so have you always had a sporty family? John: Well one of the things we want to get across is the success of the 12 week transformation.
Rob: We brought in the before and afters in 2007, Marc Morris was our first – and he was in your magazine Angel!
It has always been a friendly place to work out – is that just as important to bear in mind as qualifications when you take on new trainers?
Rob: I think you are onto something, but the trainers we have here do come with impressive sporting backgrounds. John: That’s still from the small business mentality, it still runs through the veins of Revolution. Rob: We have just been approved by the British Franchise Association, so we can spread the word of what we do to a wider audience. Ladies, why am I so sure a Female In Home Dallas Personal Trainer from Fitness Trainers To Go is right for you? As the parent organization of Lady Trainers To Go, we understand the importance of having a Female Personal Trainer come into your home and we'll ensure your experience is incomparable.
Please Press Play And Listen To What Your Neighbors Have To Say About Our Dallas Personal Trainers! For more specific information on in home personal training for women please visit Lady Trainers To Go, otherwise please read on.
One of our primary goals when assigning a personal trainer to you is to establish a peer relationship. It's imperative you work with experts when it comes to food since diet is such an important part of you reaching your goals in a healthy way. If you're looking for a long term life style change, another advantage of working with our nutrition staff, is they'll eagerly help you with a complete diet make-over. Our exceptional female dallas personal training staff have helped people from all walks of life achieve levels of fitness they never thought possible.
If you don't see your city listed and you're in the DFW area we probably have Dallas fitness professional near you. If you have tried every diet there is and every exercise routine out there with no long-term success; don’t worry I can help.

If you hate the idea of going to the gym or running down the street trying to lose weight; don’t worry I can help.
If you want fast, effective, long-lasting fitness and weight loss results; don’t worry I can help. I became a Personal Trainer after having had my own personal battle with my weight for many years. My approach will set straight the fitness and nutritional weight loss myths that have been holding you back and stopping you losing weight all these years. I have developed and perfected my own unique training formula, specifically designed for weight loss, that sets my personal training sessions apart from the competition and will bring you fantastic results. This program will be designed specifically for you and will be realistic taking into account any lifestyle constraints that you may have limiting your free time, e.g. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, in fact there will be a lot of hard work involved, but you can sleep easily knowing that everything you are doing will be giving you maximal fat burning and the fastest possible results. My insistence on success is why I have a strict selection process and only work with clients who are willing to commit fully to the program.
But you do have to commit to a balanced, consistent program that if followed will give you all the results you ever dreamt of and more. If you can’t commit to this it will be a waste of my time that could be better spent helping someone who is serious about making a change, and a waste of your money which I’m sure you can think of better ways of spending. I will refund you 100% of your money and buy you 2 training sessions with any other personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells (or wherever you like). So you can try out my training style (at this discounted rate) before deciding if you want to commit to a larger package.
Working with Rob on the exercise and food program he set up for me I lost 4 ? stones in 9 months.
Within 8 weeks of training with Rob I fitted into a pair of jeans I hadn’t been able to wear since before having children. These are my 3 main and most popular packages, but other options are available and can be discussed over the phone or during your free consultation.
Between the popularity of CrossFit, boot camps, boxing gyms, marathoning, Iron Man training, Zumba, and martial arts, there is something for everyone out there and it seems like everyone knows it. Use sensory words like “touch,” “feel,” “taste,” and “see.” Tell the potential client that other people have this great thing but they don’t … yet.
Use your flyers, postcards, and EDDM marketing materials to direct people to your Facebook, blog, and website, and your marketing efforts will work in perfect synchronicity to gain you clients. Working out with a personal trainer help you to lose fat you’ve been trying to shift for years, by designing a diet and training programme to suit your needs. Personal trainers are fitness professionals who motivate clients by setting goals. I design training to improve strength and achieve higher workout intensities and higher perceived exertion.
Giuseppe [Di Credico, the third member of the founding team] and I were working together at the time.
He said he was quite happy in Australia, he had only been there for four and a half months, and he had his own apartment. When we started looking for a gym, he rang me up and said there’s some units available at the Business Design Centre. A lot of people today claim it, but we have been doing the 12 week goals from the first day we opened.
We don’t want to outsource that, so people ring up and I can talk to them about how they can achieve their goals. We Use Repeatable Advanced Techniques That Combine Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, Resistance, and Flexibility Training. The hiring process is rigorous and all of our staff have to complete additional training in a number of disciplines such as heart rate training, yoga, and pilates as part of their orientation.
This means we know our trainers are great because they've worked with us before they ever get to you.
Although some personal trainers may give nutrition advice, they are not trained professionals in the field. During your diet make-over they'll help you, one meal at a time, to make the lifestyle changes necessary to learn how to eat the right foods, in the right quantities, at the right times, to ensure your success for many years to come.

Once you have told me your goals, I will put together a detailed and precise exercise and nutritional program that will ensure you reach them.
You don’t have to be super fit (although you soon will be), you don’t have to spend endless hours exercising, and you don’t have to live like a saint and never have any of your favourite foods (I certainly don’t but I have lost weight and kept it off!). People are fighting back against the bulge in a big way and there is no shortage when it comes to ways to keep moving. We’re not here to tell you how to attract eyes to your personal training marketing materials, but you are in the business of skin, so to speak, and a little sex appeal never hurt any marketing campaign.
I just put the phone down on him and sat there and said, ‘That phone will ring in two minutes’.
It’s how Rob runs the business, his job is to get the right client with the right trainer to ensure they get the results.
This Unique Combination of Techniques is Fun and Has Been Proven Time and Time Again To Ensure Results.
You'll never have a trainer that hasn't proven themselves by excelling at our training program. We've found, though years of experience, that our clients get better results faster if their trainer is also someone they'd like to have as a friend.
Each member of our female nutrition staff is a Registered Dietitian with the American Dietetics Association and is licensed to practice as a medical professional in the field of dietetics in the state of Texas. This makes it far easier to fit in the exercise you have always wanted to do but just couldn’t find the time for. I leave no stone unturned and will be there to support you every step of the way as your success is my absolute priority. Even when people come to a trainer partially for healthy reasons, they also usually wouldn’t mind improving their appearance. This means building a Facebook site, getting those flyers printed, handing them out in person and delivering your personal charm along the way, crafting good deals, building a web page and making sure it’s SEO optimized, sending out Every Door Direct Marketing Campaign postcards, and more. It was all borne out of a frustration of what we saw – people were going to the gym and didn’t really know what they were doing.
The reality of football was key for me – I got into my 20s and I had to find what I could do for myself. You can have all the certifications in the world, but if you have the personality and passion to help others or you can't communicate well with people you are not going to make a great personal trainer. When we hire our trainers, in addition to all the other criteria, we look for trainers that are unique in their field. When the world is at the customer’s fingertips, how can you make sure that you stand out from the crowd? So one built-in attention grabbing device you can employ on your flyers, postcards, business cards, brochures, website, and other marketing materials is a hot body… or two, or three. If you do all this, at the end of the day you will have more clients than you can handle, yes. Here are some tested tips to make sure you beat out the competition – and get top-paying clients – every time.
Do you have a title (“Number one ranked personal training service by blah blah”), a certification, or a claim (“clients lose an average of 10 percent body fat in six months”) that sets you apart?
Additionally, by changing workout you continually challenge your body to get the results you want faster. That means you can start hiring trainers to train for you, which means you’ll take a cut of everything they make.
We have a large Dallas personal training staff so our goal is to match you with a trainer you'd like to have as a friend as well as an exercise instructor.

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