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HIS TRAINING: Rey graduated in 1987 with a degree in physical education from Syracuse University, where he was a college wrestler.
Search for arrests by Syracuse and Central New York law enforcement agencies and New York State Police. Cornell McClellan, personal trainer to President Barack Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama at his gym in Chicago. Cornell McClellan, personal trainer to President Barack Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama at his gym in Chicago, Feb. BS Exercise and Sports Science, MAEd Exercise and Sports Science-East Carolina University. SCOTTY MATHEWS SERVED 9 YEARS IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY INFANTRY AS A TEAM LEADER SQUAD LEADER AND PLATOON SERGEANT. With 13 years experience as a personal trainer, Rachel specializes in competition training, weight loss and toning, strength training and overall health.
Like everyone, I’ve had highs and lows throughout my journey, but I’ve made sure to learn each step of the way! I am passionate and committed to every single one of my brides and make sure to create a plan customized to their timeline. Three years ago, on the pages of Sports Illustrated, he read about the TRX Suspension Training system, a special nylon strap designed by a Navy SEAL to give total-body workouts in limited space and limited time anywhere in the world. He began training clients on TRX in December and says now, six months later, "never have I gotten results, and likability, so quickly." Once people get the hang of it, they appreciate the whole-body workout TRX provides. By pulling only your own body weight, you get more accurate feedback from your body than you do by lifting weights.
Your stability and balance improve, since those muscles are being worked, compared with sitting at a weight machine.
The strap is adjustable for hundreds of exercise moves; just changing the way you grip the strap changes the workout. Workouts can be customized to focus on the motions of specific sports or to work around injuries or trouble spots. Syracuse University's strength and conditioning coach for the men's and women's basketball teams recently added TRX as a workout option. Cabiles isn't sure someone who is out of shape will be able to work out effectively with the TRX. Three women arrive for their midmorning workout one recent morning at Fitness Forum, grabbing individual straps with their hands and going through a series of moves that involve moving their bodies toward and away from the straps. Five minutes later, Stephanie Gorgoni, 45, of Fayetteville, has beads of sweat on her brow and is breathing hard.
He puts the women through the paces, explaining that while the strap looks simple, it is durable. Martha Wilson, 44, and Jean Gilroy, 49, both of Manlius, go through what look like butterfly presses using their arms before Janiak instructs them to "do the Brees." This move, named for the quarterback and TRX investor, involves holding one strap and turning your body to touch the ground with your other hand.
Our exercise methodology is based on our personal experience as well as the systems popularized by the brightest minds in the fields of Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition and Injury Prevention.  CFS provides professional grade coaching because our team is passionate about what we do - helping our clients reach their fitness goals. Like many others in this country, I have struggled with weight issues.  In January 2011, I tipped the scales at 235lbs. I was first introduced to CrossFit in 2007 when I was stationed in Iraq with the State Department. I have always been interested in personal training and helping others realize the joy of physical fitness. But soon after participating in my first CrossFit WOD ever (“Chase”), the “plot twist” to my life story emerged. I see numerous individuals walk through the doors of our box for their first time and I watch them as they grow and evolve into new and better people, both inside and out.

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The role of Kenya Moore is played by Phaedra Parks tonight on RHOA. LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Is Kim Fields’ husband gay, is Christopher Morgan gay, and is Kenya Moore a hypocrite? Rey has a variety of workouts for his clients that include weights, boxing, kicking, and resistance traning.
Rey worked at New Process Gear for 14 years, and did personal training on a part-time basis. Some people come in and have had no experience in the gym as far as lifting weights or technique. As a certified fitness trainer, I’m deeply trained in everything from muscle mechanics to flexibility and cardiovascular dynamics.
In the magazine, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was using the device to rehabilitate a shoulder injury.
All of it is core-based, so that any exercise that you do, you're also strengthening your core, which increases your general athletic ability," says Reem Jishi, who offers TRX at Gazella Performance and Wellness Studio in Skaneateles.
The "pro pack" is $189.95 and includes the strap, carrying case, instruction manual and video, and a door attachment. Many of my military counterparts attempted to convince me to try a CrossFit WOD, but I was always skeptical and stubbornly adhered to the typical bodybuilding regime. I believe that my own professional aspiration to become a university professor and my passion for teaching has also helped me become a better CrossFit coach. Ever since my days as a tom boy, I was kicking around a soccer ball, shooting hoops, or even just playing outdoors in the dirt with my brother as a kid. It was a nice change up from simply running and trying to stay “fit” at the local Planet Fitness. I take a step back and realize that that has happened for me since my first time walking into the “orange box of pain”. He guides clients, ranging in age from their 20s through their 70s, through exercise routines based on scheduled appointments throughout the week. McClellan who has overseen both Obamas' exercise programs for more than a decade, has become the unlikely man at the center of a group of top staff members who work out with him, gossip with him, talk about him, and even rat one another out to him. So if you want to live a stronger and more confident life, I’ve got the training and the expertise to help you every step of the way. When he observed a trainer in Las Vegas lead a class of senior citizens through moves using the TRX strap, he decided to bring it to the Syracuse area. I now weigh around 190lbs.  I am not only lighter on the scale, but I have more energy, my mood is better, and my head is clearer. My involvement in these activities enlightened me to a broad array of strength training modalities. It wasn’t until I returned to the United States when another military friend finally succeeded in getting me try CrossFit. Without a doubt, my favorite part of coaching is when I see athletes smiling and having a good time while working out. Not only did I love the improvements of my performance, but I also loved the improvements on my quality of life.
Taking the next step forward and helping members meet their goals has helped me with my own personal missions as well. And like Moore who just moved to ATL for season five, the new boyfriend ironically just moved to the ATL as well.
And ironically, the Instagram account reveals that the guy just started posting from Atlanta around that time, having been in the Florida weeks earlier.
Unlike circuits of weight machines that target various muscle groups, he says of TRX, "this is all of them, all the time." It is cross-training, working multiple body parts with every move.

She tucks and kicks her legs, then works oblique muscles along her sides by adding a twist. I am currently training under world-renowned coach James Fitzgerald in hopes of finishing in the top ten at the 2015 Northeast Regional.  Outside of the gym I use my fitness to more completely enjoy my life and I love knowing that I am physically capable of whatever life has in store of me.
Stalnaker has been CrossFitting for over five years and independently coaching CrossFit for the past year outside his physical therapy career. I subsequently began my CrossFit experience on my own by picking and modifying WODs from the CrossFit website.
Fitness shouldn’t be a chore but instead considered a fun hobby that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Extreme sports- like snowboarding, rock climbing, zip lining- have always been a huge love of mine as well. It’s truly a rewarding experience to know that I have the tools to help someone get to where they would need to be, whether that’s simply improving their health and wellness, or competing in the CrossFit Games one day. Moore, ironically, visited Florida around the same time that LiveFastFitness last was living in Florida. But having been shocked by surprises from Walter Jackson, Millionaire Matchmaker James Freeman, and RHOA 8’s Eugene Casciaro, will Kenya’s nemesis on RHOA reveal another boyfriend surprise in the season finale?
I love CFS and I’m very blessed to be able to share my passion for fitness and the experience I’ve gathered in my own pursuit.
With his professional background as a PT, educating, resolving and preventing movement dysfunction and injury is a standard component to Dr.
CrossFit made an immediate impression on me, and further proved that my other previous training programs were inadequate.  After moving to the Syracuse area and becoming acquainted with the CrossFit community, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to become a part of this movement. Like most novices, I had no idea what I was doing and lacked the intensity that is so integral to CrossFit. I love working with both new and experienced athletes at CrossFit Syracuse and helping them realize their full potential. As a community, we all benefit from the joys that come with better fitness and an amazing group of people surrounding us.
Pictures taken around the cast’s hotel revealed that Kenya and her new guy were holding hands and then twirling in the water together. My experience with CrossFit has been nothing short of a positive, motivating, self-improving program to assist individuals in achieving their physical, emotional and mental goals. It wasn’t until 2011 when I did my first workout at an actual CrossFit affiliate and I was immediately hooked as it offered a refreshing change to the stale bodybuilding routine. I played competitive sports all throughout my childhood and became a three sport varsity athlete in high school as well- basketball, track and field, and soccer. Not only does the constantly varied and functional movements help me become as fit as I am today, but the community that has evolved at CFS has been a true eye-opener to my views on humanity and the hearts of individuals that surround me.
My decision to become Level 1 certified was greatly influenced by the positive impact it was making for me, as well as the other members of our gym. Moreover, I can safely say that my athletic career and general lifestyle has been forever altered by the positive influences of CrossFit. Images released to LALATE exclusively reveal that Moore’s boyfriend used to look quick different back in New York. Even after high school, I became an avid runner and still play competitive sports on the side to this day whenever the chance arises.

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