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When you need insurance for your health and fitness business, you can depend on our experience and reputation to find the policy that best fits your situation. At Henry Seymour & Co, we have the experience to make sure you have the right insurance for your gym – whatever type of gym you have. Whether you have a traditional gym, a retro gym or a gym boasting state of the art fitness equipment, we have the right insurance solution for you. In addition to the above, our mission is also to offer you the best deal on price, so contact us now for a quotation. We can also arrange insurance for you if your business is a health club, fitness club or centre, spa or other type of leisure facility.
What People Say About UsOver the years, Salon Gold has always offered excellent levels of insurance cover and very competitive prices for our growing salon group. Salon Gold, Holistic Gold, Counselling Gold and Fitness Gold are products of Henry Seymour & Co (Barkdene Ltd) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Personal Training professional from one of the leaders in online skill testing and certification.With the ever increasing awareness about fitness, more and more people are looking towards certified fitness trainers to get in shape.
When you choose one of the ExpertRating fitness certifications you can be sure that you are buying a premium International certification that is recognized by hundreds of employers and Government bodies in the US and other countries.
The personal trainer sample exam questions shown on this page are simply an indication of the nature of questions in the personal trainer exam. Personal Trainer Certificate can be used to prove your certified status and does not mention the words "online".
An online transcript that can be used to prove your certified credentials on the internet at any time. To know more about ExpertRating and other fitness certifications, please visit the General FAQ page. But, as part of my campaign to end the food fight, it was time to make peace with grocery shopping. I always thought “organic” was a marketing gimmick—just another label thought up to make us spend more money for the same thing. So what’s the value of food that has been produced and processed organically, or that has been made with at least 70% organic ingredients? In Food Rules, Michael Pollan says food manufacturers get a kick out of turning attacks into “new ways to sell slightly different versions of the same processed foods.” If you can recall an ad for the product— even if it was touting a healthy new attribute (Low Fat!
Having a cheat sheet will also help you recognize friendly names for unfriendly ingredients.
I shop at Harmon’s, a local grocery store chain in Utah, and to their credit, they are trying to make healthy shopping easier: their frozen food section is a senseless maze at the far corner of the store, while the produce section is filled with employees offering helpful advice and, more importantly, tons of healthy samples. While some grocery stores make it easy to set up camp among the fruits and veggies, which is right where we should be, not all stores do. Some people, like those who “lunch” at Costco on Saturday afternoons, enjoy the flurry of processed food samples— and then get suckered into buying them. The foods Costco offers as samples are almost always the unhealthiest foods in the store. While I’m a strong advocate of picking up a square inch of frozen pot sticker, ravioli, sausage, or cream puff, I suggest you think twice about buying.

Remember when Eric Schlosser told us in Fast Food Nation that everything we taste and smell in fast food is manufactured in a chemical plant? When Eggo tries to sell you mixed-berry granola pizza as a convenient, healthy alternative to its nutrition-less waffles, rebel. When you buy from local growers and producers, you can ask them directly about how they produce the food.
Chelsea Bush is a writer on the Ask Fitness Coach team and has covered fitness, health and wellness topics for several magazines.
Your Blog on the TOP of GOOGLE, YAHOO and BINGSEO for Fitness and Coaching Business Owners: How to Rank Your Blog on Google - How much more money will you earn each month with an increase of 25% in your blog’s traffic? Personal Trainer Magazine100% FREE - Personal Trainer magazine is a FREE digital publication dedicated to helping personal trainers, sports coaches, boot camp operators, fitness experts and gyms owners learn new training techniques, business models, marketing plans, sales systems and entrepreneurship for overall success. Training & Coaching Lifestyle PodcastThe Training and Coaching Lifestyle Podcast hosted by John Spencer Ellis. Marketing to MillionairesFrustrated with Clients who “Can’t Afford Your Services” (Even though they obviously really need them)? FitNews Fitness MarketingEmail Marketing, Text Message Marketing, Articles, Recipes, Newsletters, Social Media ALL-IN-ONE Fitness email Marketing System – Totally mobile! Become a Team Beachbody CoachYou now have the opportunity to work with the world-renowned Beachbody company.
Nutrition Business BlueprintImagine making an extra $300 - $500 each week by offering your clients top quality nutrition, weight loss and detox programs. How To Progressively Test Your Clients FitnessHere’s an awesome way of testing your training clients, progressively ranking them by fitness levels and rewarding them for their improvements. Personal Trainer and Fitness JobsNESTA’s exclusive resource for job seekers and employers looking to find personal trainers, group fitness experts and other fitness professionals.
Life & Wellness CoachingOur sister school, The Spencer Institute, offers several professional coach training courses including Wellness Coaching, Stress Management, Sports Psychology Corporate Wellness & more.
Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional InsurancePhiladelphia Fitness and Wellness Insurance is pleased to provide a highly competitive insurance program for NESTA members and associates. NESTA PFT Grad Search ToolUse our search tool to validate a NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer graduate.
Your Fitness Business ManagerYour all-in-one solution to manage your business, increase profits, run transformation contests, improve customer service, grow your community, and make your life easier! Unfortunately, with insurance, the test often only comes when you need to make a claim, so it’s important to be confident that the people arranging your insurance understand your industry. If you offer additional services such as hairdressing, sunbeds, beauty or holistic treatments, some brokers may fail to include the specific protection you need for these.
This is your best chance to get yourself certified as a personal trainer from one of the leaders in online skill testing and certification. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced health enthusiasts seeking advancement, this course is sure to benefit one and all. The personal trainer courseware includes the complete study material required for answering all the questions in the personal trainer exam.

This award has been instituted by Google to honor IT companies that have excelled in their domain and have leveraged the internet to grow and expand their businesses in innovative ways. So I’ve put together a guide to help me— and anyone else who hates food shopping— come out with the good stuff. But according to Rachel Cromidas, food manufacturers do go through a rigorous process to get certified. Yeah, it might be kind of healthy (doubt it), but in the time it would take you to nuke this strange oat-topped sponge, you could make a fresh one. And chances are you’ll get even greater health benefits because your fruits, veggies and meats haven’t lost nutrients traveling halfway across the country. Her favorite ways to get fit: cycling, resistance training and keeping up with her boxer, Greta. Topics include business, marketing, personal branding, PR, publicity, SEO short cuts, social media, lifestyle design, wealth creation, program design, education, certification and success for fitness, coaching, wellness, nutrition, personal training and personal development experts.
What If Making CONSISTENT Money With Your Business In ANY Economy Was Suddenly As Easy As Following A Proven System to Find, Attract, Sell, Service and Transform Affluent Clients Into Raving Fans? They are looking for people like you to help consumers learn about the Beachbody workouts, nutritional products and skincare programs. Why would you send your client to the corner nutrition store when you can keep their loyalty and earn extra money each week while providing a more complete service. Now, in order for an individual to progress from one level to the next, they must participate in a fitness test that uses specific exercises to determine strength within the exercises’ respective muscle groups. It is geared to personal trainers, sports coaches, wellness coaches, strength coaches, dietitians, and nutritionists. Perfect for personal trainers, martial arts instructors, group fitness programs, boot camps, CrossFit, transformation coaches and small gyms! The sample questions displayed here are not part of the personal trainer certification final exam. You can still train and coach in a traditional setting while you ALSO make money selling your information online at the same time. Learn how to work less, earn more, and have more fun while you help your clients reach their goals. Your new affluent clients may be the ones who give you the big break you need to reach the big time! This is an excellent way for you to supplement your income and earn money when you are not directly training clients. This is perfect for client retention, social proof, word of mouth advertising and making your fitness program a true stand out. Learn everything you need to know about starting, growing and succeeding with your ideal business plan.

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