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I have been a NYC personal trainer for over 14 years and I can tell you that there aren’t many personal trainers who are able to train curvy women in the right way. My name is Diane Williams and before I created my Curvy Goddess brand and had a fan page of almost 70,000 strong I became a NYC personal trainer.
And before I was a NYC personal trainer I was a plus size fashion model for the famous Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York. I actually think I look cute with my chubby cheeks at the age of 9 but back then I didn’t feel cute. I even tried increasing my workouts until I was working out sometimes 3 – 4 hours a day. But I just was not able to be consistent and stick with it and eventually I would fail and all of those failed experiences made me feel like a failure. Even another personal trainer in New York asked me out on a date and I felt completely awkward and pressured. So after not just one NYC personal trainer, but after 24 of them I wondered what the heck was wrong with me. There were 3 things that I finally figured out I needed to do that is the foundation of The Curvy Goddess 30 Day Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge.
I started to love myself NOW rather than wait to enjoy and love myself after the weight loss. I was around fitness experts and professionals who were emotionally supportive and positive who didn’t judge me.
It feels great to know that I have stumbled and struggled through knowing that it was not in vain but to make myself not only a better person but to make myself a better and more empathetic professional and NYC personal trainer.
Instead of being satisfied with what is out there and choosing from the slim pickings of weight loss and fitness experts let’s create a community of women who want to get healthy and fit while appreciating the beauty of their curves. The Curvy Goddess way is all about accepting yourself, your size, and your body while improving your health and fitness levels and it seems that may be a paradox but it really is the only way, the compassionate way. The Curvy Goddess 30 Day Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge has been an extremely popular online event for many Curvy Goddesses who desire to focus on getting healthy and lose some weight while being in a positive and supportive group for 30 days. Some may think that 30 days is really not long enough but it truly can be a powerful launch and kick-off to lifetime health and fitness.
I want to thank everyone for their support – those who were in this challenge with me and those who (to my surprise!) supported me through Facebook, texts, and discussions. I am so happy that I started this journey for myself with the help of this NYC Personal Trainer Curvy Goddess Challenge program and the community.
You need the support and encouragement from a community of like-minded and spirited curvy women. You need to wipe out and destroy the procrastination disease once and for all and grab today by the jewels. We all start on Thursday, January 1, 2015 and I am so very excited to be able to guide you along with with the other Curvy Goddesses.
You can actually feel the energy through the interwebs supporting each other with great enthusiasm and love. We are going to ELEVATE ourselves in the NYC Personal Trainer Curvy Goddess 30 Day Challenge. So make sure that you sign-up below if you want to participate in the NYC Personal Trainer Curvy Goddess 30 Day Challenge in January. We are also the only coaches you will find with a unique mix of real world credibility and academic background. When it comes to training, your body is a remarkable adaptive machine, which is a good and a bad thing at the same time.
It seems that every couple years, our society finds a new food, which is then blamed for all ailments and natural disasters alike. Nearly everyone has heard horror stories of why fad diets aren’t the best way to lose weight – so why does it seem as though as soon as a new diet pops up, people flock to it? About NickNick is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Master's Degree in Nutrition from the University of Central Oklahoma.
Do you deal with feeling weak when walking a few blocks or being winded walking up the subway stairs? Do you lie in bed at night struggling with exhaustion and fatigue but not being able to sleep? If so, you’re really going to get a lot out of what I have to share with you about the Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program.
I know this might be hard for you to believe about the Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program… and trust me, if I were you I would be skeptical too. It is possible to shed fat while creating a firm body in a matter of weeks with the assistance of a personal trainer NYC. It all sounds wild… but the Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program truly does work. As my personal trainer NYC, Diane provided the knowledge, training, and support that I needed to kick start my weight loss. When I first entered Diane’s Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC, I was nervous.
As you know, the way everyone else tells you to fix your unhealthy, weak, and flabby body simply DOES NOT WORK because you’ve tried it. Accountability and Consistency – In Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program you learn to change your mind about exercise making it a habit like brushing your teeth. Understanding – A personal trainer NYC who is knowledgeable, experienced, and professional is a must but it’s also a plus to have someone who understands where you are and where you want to head to give you special inspiration. Hiring your own Personal Trainer NYC to guide you through Curvy Goddess Workout in a fully equipped fitness studio won’t blow your budget. I know this might sound like a big decision to make to commit to a personal trainer NYC program.
I know you want to blast that fat and create firm curves to your body… and so I wanted to do my best to help. I created the Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Kick-Butt Starter Package when I saw how many people were dealing with weight loss and fat loss issues.
But truth be told, it’s important to me to make sure you try me out and see if we are a match before committing further. I HAVE A FEW SPOTS LEFT in my Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program Schedule So It’s Wise To Act Now! I promise that this process is simple and I look forward to meeting you and joining you on your weight loss and fitness goals using the Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program.
In just a few months, you can have this all cleared up with the Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program. Take advantage while the opportunity with Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program is in front of you because I may not have any more time slots when you come back to my site. Since we only hire highly qualified trainers, there is no Tier or Level system so you will never have to worry about getting an inexperienced trainer or having your rates go up when your trainer is promoted.   All of our trainers have been hand picked for their knowledge, experience, creativity and drive to deliver an effective and challenging yet fun work out that is custom tailored to your specific needs and goals. Marco is a Corrective Exercise and Injury Rehabilitation specialist who uses his knowledge of the body and its movements to help post-Physical Therapy patients get back on top of their game after completing their road to recovery.

For all you crossfitters out there, Marco is a USAW Sport Performance Coach specializing Olympic Weightlifting to help you perfect your form and prevent any injuries when trying to crush your WOD. Looking to get into Kettlebell training or to strengthen your form and technique?  Marco holds both the RKC II and WKC Kettlebell certifications and has several years under his belt both using and teaching how to use these amazing fitness tools.
Denzel has been around the fitness industry for 8 years and was first exposed to personal training while training for collegiate football at the University of Rhode Island and the University of Connecticut. Drawing from her various certifications,Ashleigh develops a tough and functional manner to push you to your limits without feeling overly defeated by her work outs. Grace doesn’t believe there is a one size fits all approach to fitness, but instead believes that in order to find success with your fitness goals there needs to be an overall unified mind-body connection involved in the commitment.Stress management and practicing awareness during her training sessions is a constant theme that is emphasized so her clients get an effective workout and leave stress-free and feeling confident!Grace customizes her routines for all her clients using the philosophy and poses of Yoga, combined with the discipline of her HKC Kettlebell strength training and the creative, fun aspect of Progressive Calisthenics (PCC). With her strong knowledge of FMS Corrective Exercises as well as her TRX and Kettlebell Athletics Certifications, Evelina can build a custom work out designed to build strength and power while also improving your endurance and mobility. As a healthy adult the only thing you should drink is water, seltzer, unsweetened tea, coffee and the occasional glass of wine.
Sugary drinks are the top source of calories in a teen’s daily diet, beating out pizza and ice cream.
In the 1970′s sugary drinks made up 4% of the US daily caloric intake, today it is almost 10%! People who consume 1-2 sugary drinks per day are at a 25% higher risk of developing diabetes and 20% more likely to have a heart attack. Tons of studies show that drinking 1 sugared beverage or diet soda daily (or more) is linked to an increased risk for many types of cancer, high blood pressure, kidney damage and obesity. Diet Sodas contain the same bad chemicals and dyes as in regular soda plus artificial sweeteners that have been recently linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cognitive decline. Sports & Energy Drinks are chock full of sugar, HFCS, caffeine, various other stimulants, empty calories and dyes banned in other countries.
Juices spike your insulin levels very quickly and have high amounts of fructose, the most advantageous sugar for expedited fat storage.  Juices contain little to no fiber. Note: Most sodas and sugary beverages (and many water bottles) come in cans or plastic bottles containing BPA which has been shown to cause hormone disruptions and birth defects. This entry was posted in calories and beverages, diet soda is bad for you, liquid candy, soda and health, sugary drinks, what beverages are good to drink, why soda is bad and tagged calories and beverages, diet soda is bad for you, liquid candy, soda and health, sugary drinks, what beverages are good to drink, why soda is bad on July 22, 2013 by Doug. From today’s print and online New York Daily News, my tips to getting trim & slim in 2013!
NEW YORK (WABC) — As people try to stay trim this holiday season, fitness expert Jeff Halevy joined us to show how to stay lean with luggage. It was the first gym in Manhattan to offer up free showers and cell phone charging to those who lost power and hot water. Jeff and his team are continuing to support Sandy Relief, by donating 100% of sales of the $89 SP personal training starter package (6 sessions) to Sandy Relief. While many in NYC don’t have power, fortunately, Halevy Life has both power and water. Delavier adds that anti-cellulite creams, plastic surgery, and massage are also common methods of treating cellulite, but they aren’t sustainable solutions.
While I’d rather have whole foods, my hectic schedule as a personal trainer in NYC makes supplementation a necessary factor to sustain train at a high level and to recover quickly. My typical morning used to be, wake up and blend up my complete smoothie while getting ready (I have a timed blender = bad ass) or take a shaker protein drink and sip it on my way to work. For some reason I  just I randomly thought, “why not do a shot?” This way I can quickly drink the protein down all at once, it takes about 5 seconds, and I’m good to go.
Take for example “spiru-tein protein powder”, they offer some really great flavors that actually taste pretty good BUT the powder doesn’t mix well at all. Thanks to the “shots” method, I’ve been fully utilizing the various protein powders and amino blends that’s been sitting in the closet. Post workout: Take in a shot of amino acids with extra glutamine and creatine and about 20-30minutes later eat a full meal. While this may not be the most ideal method, it works for my lifestyle of working out and being a personal trainer in Manhattan. About the AuthorChris Matsui is a highly sought after Performance Training Coach in NYC who has worked with high-level athletes and general fitness clients of all ages and at every fitness level. Personal trainers who have never been in your shoes and you think there aren’t any other personal trainers out there who get you? Before being a NYC personal trainer I really struggled with my weight and self image issue. I wished that it was just a nightmare because I could wake up from a nightmare but it was my reality.
Focusing on creating a healthy and fit lifestyle the Curvy Goddess way with the Curvy Goddess 30 Day Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge.
Not only did I lose a couple of pounds and some inches, but it helped me put my change process into perspective.
30 days can be powerfully effective to kick-start a lifetime of health and fitness and create a NEW YOU!
You’ll receive your confirmation email and YOU MUST CONFIRM THE LINK that is in that email. Where else would you find instructors that have created pro athletes, competed at World Cups, are Hall of Fame members, have written numerous books and magazine articles and teach undergrad classes at NYU?
In times of distress my hand goes to a dumbbell or a TV remote where I can escape to some good quality Sci-fi. Unfortunately, what many of us are really asking for is a short-term, quick path to weight loss, better known as a fad diet.
Nick has over 10 years experience and has worked with people of all ages to help with weight loss and building muscle mass. I was previously very successful at weight loss, losing over 80 lbs and maintaining for over 3 years. Osteoporosis runs in my family and I already had the beginning stages, so I wanted to nip it in the bud, before it became a serious problem. Not only did the personal training in NYC almost totally reverse my bone loss, but I also lost my all the flab around my belly and chest and and firmed up my muscles. I’m certified by the nationally recognized National Academy of Sports Medicine; Kickboxing certified by the International Sports Conditioning Association and a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant by the American Council of Exercise. I am a personal trainer NYC in the business for over 11 years who really cares and listens to my clients. You’ll get a great Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Session for fraction of that price. Call now before all of my time slots for Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program run out.
Remember you are eligible for the Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Kick-Butt Starter Package which is a fraction of the cost of most personal trainer NYC programs.
Coupled with his vast knowledge of body movement and alignment, he utilizes his Level 2 Functional Movement (FMS II) certification and to identify functional limitations and asymmetries in the body which can reduce the effectiveness of functional training, physical conditioning, and distort body awareness. Denzel kept a great relationship with my trainer who ended up becoming his mentor and was a huge inspiration for him to become a personal trainer after graduating from college.

Unfortunately, like most people, I really don’t like the taste of protein or amino acid powders. But that’s the life of a NYC personal trainer, we work when people are not in work = early mornings and late nights. The problem I’ve found with this method is that I don’t drink the smoothie, I usually drink about a quarter of it by the time I get to the train, then answer some emails until I get to the gym.
The other bright side is that it allows me actually use the supplements I spent so much money on = win–win! He has a unique background that consists of personal training in the private setting and sports performance training at the professional and collegiate level. I had always been afraid to tell people of my attempts to become healthier due to a lifetime exposure to fat-shaming and being afraid to admit to others there were things that I wanted to change, but every bit of feedback that I have gotten has been so heartwarming. I have been notorious in making big gestures at weight loss – overhauling (or planning to) my diet, changing everything about my lifestyle, etc. Taking care of me is like putting on the oxygen mask first in an airplane emergency – it allows me to take care of those around me better.
Three books and counting, 100s of articles published anywhere from Forbes magazine, LA Times, Muscle and Fitness etc. We take you, the human element, into consideration and guide you through the program.We are invested into your success, because we are not a huge nameless gym chain or supplement company, but dedicated  individuals who are fitness addicts and want to see you fulfill your potential. I told her where I was at – and she inspired the confidence that she could help me get back to where I needed to be. I found a love for exercise that I never felt before, it has truly become a part of my life.
I also dropped around 18 pounds and went from a size 8-10 to a 4-6, without dieting or trying to lose weight. Somehow she always remembers what we did from week to week, and manages to make it a bit harder periodically.
By stabilizing, strengthening and improving the functionality of movement, Jason will then draw upon his background in athletics, as well as SFG Kettlebell and ViPR certifications to design a unique strength and conditioning programs customized to your specific needs. Denzel enjoys building relationships with all of his clients and loves seeing people transform through their hard work and dedication. Susanne is a Certified Kettlebell Trainer – Level 2 through Kettlebell Athletics (KBA-L2) and is currently training for the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Instructor Certification in June, 2016. When water carrying waste and residue accumulates and stagnates in porous pockets under the skin, it is called water retention.
The appearance and development of cellulite are linked to important hormonal stages in women’s lives, such as puberty and pregnancy. Cellulite can occur during a period of intense prolonged stress and be linked to gynecological, circulatory, and digestive problems. Heredity is an important factor in the development of cellulite, just as it is for obesity.
If I do find something I’m fond of, I usually get sick of it pretty quickly.  This is probably why my cabinet is full of barely used protein and amino acid powders = wasted money.
By the time I get back to the complete smoothie or protein drink, it’s warm and clumpy = thrown out. In either case, you should be drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, around 2-3 liters a day.
It is really inspiring to be part of something that showed just how strong we really are and how much we care about ourselves.
I have also been able to increase my endurance tremendously, I am able to take 90 minute Spinning classes without issue. In our personal trainer NYC program, our routine is primarily strength training, which has gotten harder and harder through the years. She’s also easy to talk to and sympathetic when I’ve had an ache or a problem and couldn’t do the whole routine. You obviously don’t want to continue living with an overweight and flabby body for another year. He will help you stay strong and healthy in order to facilitate the process as well as help you bounce back quicker afterwards; all while helping to maximize efficiency, stability, comfort, and safety throughout every single step of your pregnancy. Denzel’s training philosophy integrates strength and endurance training of his SFG Kettlebell and SFL Barbell certifications with the corrective elements of his FMS certification to get you moving and feeling great.
This last became a huge motivational tool on becoming a Personal Trainer and Muay Thai instructor. Susanne’s experience with the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) corrective exercise protocol ensures a safe and effective workout. Black coffee can be very healthy but once you start adding a bunch of other stuff to it, all bets are off. It happens during periods of stress or before menstruation and then goes away after a few days without any special treatment, except when following a strict diet of no sugar and little salt. Women who have varicose veins and circulation problems often pass them on to their daughters.
He suggests flexion movements including forward lunges that will help activate blood circulation and will work the thigh muscles and the knees. I have been continually impressed by our willingness to be imperfect learners and our ability to continue to push forward despite setbacks.
The small changes that I have made over the past 30 days helped me to build a foundation for future positive changes and helped me to curb the pursuit of instant gratification. Diane truly understands the unique challenges of a plus-sized client, and tailors the personal trainer NYC workout accordingly to move your fitness level forward.
I could barely hold five pound weights when I started and now work regularly with 12 pound weights. I would happily recommend her to anyone who is serious about hiring a personal trainer NYC.
Hernan has participated of official Muay Thai Competitions organized by the United States Muay Thai Association USMTA. She has also been a student of the Martial Arts since 1986 and a life-long competitive athlete in a variety of both individual and team sports.
The cellulite looks different depending on whether you are standing (it diminishes) or lying down (it spreads). Cellulite occurs when this water becomes gelatinous, hardens, and creates pressure under the skin.
She always says that people are successful if they are consistent about their training, and I totally agree with her. He has also worked for a well-known prestigious chain of luxurious fitness establishments, as well as on site private training. Hernan is certified by the National Council On Strength And Fitness (NCSF) and is constantly implementing self-strength training strategies while empowering others to do the same.

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