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Woollahra Council has 3 parks which offer fitness equipment, providing an opportunity to exercise and get fit outdoors. The exercise equipment is different in each park, ranging from simple static equipment ideal for chin-ups, sit-ups and step-ups, to new interactive and movable equipment featuring cardio and resistance features (similar to indoor gym equipment) such as rowing and stepping machines.
Located at the north western corner of the park near the pathway leading to Reg Bartley Oval this equipment is highly utilised by the community. Located in the middle section of Yarranabbe Park adjacent to the harbourside pathway this fitness station is characterised by a series of static equipment with a variety of exercise elements. Located along the northern boundary of Christison Park there are 5 separate fitness stations which offers a unique exercise trail and a new interactive exercise station incorporating cardio and movable equipment.
The Fitness Trail offers 4 differing stations which offer the users a unique circuit style training opportunity. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just interested in exercising socially, residents of all ages can enjoy the fitness equipment installed in 3 parks throughout the Woollahra Municipality.
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Park Fitness Equipment, Metal Park Fitness Equipment and Wooden Park Fitness Equipment for almost every age group, with open spaces and outdoor spaces to build sports parks offer opportunities for physical activity. I would like to see the community consulted with all proposed uses and options for this park, not only [this] project.
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I think however, the fitness equipment might be better suited on the Riverain Park side of the Adawe bridge so as to preserve the historic feel of Strathcona, but either way, I think it’s a great idea. It is an eyesore and is not used on a regular basis by anyone with the exception of small children who use it as a play structure. This encourages movement between the structures – something very popular in Switzerland. Disabled Parking Fitness Equipment tailor-made and suitable for children Indoor Children's Fitness Equipment Outdoor fitness equipment fitness equipment for open space, parking facilities free gym exercise equipment provides a healthy environment in the open air.
It seems inconsistent to spend money on installing equipment when you don’t have money to install reasonable garbage receptacles.

I think it would be a shame to impinge further on the natural beauty of this location by installing equipment. This project appeals to a very narrow demographic and is not a responsible use of the existing green space.
I ask that the funds that might be allocated to the purchase, installation and maintenance of equipment be allocated instead to trained instructors to conduct classes in Strathcona Park but the without the use of equipment or loud amplified music.
This project is not in keeping with the historical and current community use of Strathcona Park. Or you are a Outdoor Advertising Equipment South Africa manufacturer, click here to publish your product information now.
Strathcona Park functions as a green venue for social interaction, for some physical activity, and much needed nature contact. Research shows that different kinds of parks provide different health benefits for residents.
Dutchie’s Hole Park, given its size, could provide the additional function of adult fitness equipment, as people from different age, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups may have different traditions in physical activity. For people who are economically disadvantaged, Dutchie’s Hole Park would be an accessible and affordable means to healthy activities. Lastly, and most importantly, if Strathcona Park is to be re-imagined, then proper consultation with long time residents should occur.

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