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Established in 1998, Axis Insurance Agency has operated as an open and transparent insurance brokerage intermediary serving employers, professional associations, families and individuals.
Dedicated Logic: Dedicated Logic was created to give you the ultimate in ease of use and total Programming flexibility for programming your console.
GluteKicker: An aggressive subset of X-Mode that is focused on your glutes, hips and thighs. I am offering my Vision Physical fitness X6100 Elliptical Fitness instructor 300$ Or Best Offer !!
360 Fitness is Windsor’s leading elliptical machine store and we want to help you find the elliptical trainer that best fits your requirements.
Elliptical machines provide a reduced effect, high quality cardio workout that you could get from the comfort of your Windsor home or at the fitness center. Since you are looking for an elliptical equipment in Windsor you are no question seeing that there are whole lot of choices out there. As the Bay Location’s leading elliptical equipment and elliptical cross fitness instructor shop, we can say with the utmost certainty that we provide the best value for money to our consumers.
If you are interested in purchasing any fitness equipment, here is where you can find all the information you need before you buy. Octane Fitness Q47xi Elliptical: The top-of-the-line Q47 elliptical machine delivers health club quality form, function and results to your home gym. This original Octane Fitness innovation automatically changes the stride length to simulate walking, jogging and running. Octane designers have spent countless hours studying human biomechanics, and have constructed their elliptical machines to move as close as possible to the way we run. For all its incredible features, the Q47 is actually shorter in length than other premium elliptical machines or treadmills. The unique SmartLink app is the next best thing to having a fitness trainer providing instruction and encouragement right next to you.
Enter your fitness goals — such as weight loss, strength training, athletic performance and-or simply feeling better — and how long you want to exercise.
CROSS CiRCUIT with SmartLink greatly increases the workout options for users with more than 225 exercises and 35 workout plans. SmartLink makes it simple to view and share your results, automatically storing your workout data and preferences in one convenient app.
Octane’s exclusive Workout Boosters, including X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster, are a great way to intensify your workouts with interval training and cross training. Every Octane Fitness elliptical base has connection points to attach the resistance CROSS CiRCUIT Powerbands at the front, along the sides and at the back of the machine. The new LateralX elliptical is a complete reinvention of cross training and now it’s available for you to purchase for your home. Lateral Motion – active side-to-side motion that increases caloric expenditure by 27% and engages more lower body muscles.
Stepping Motion – an additional movement option that simulates a stepping movement for greater variety and recovery period.
Spring Special Save 10% + Free 3-Yr Extended Labor Warranty on select treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes.
The Octane Q35x elliptical machine from Octane Fitness offers the same high-end performance features and exceptional quality at an unbeatable value for home exercisers. Plus, Octane's workout boosters – X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster – inspire the ultimate in cross training, for greater challenges and better results. The Q35 features close pedal spacing (only 1.8"), so your body is properly aligned from head to toe, thereby minimizing pressure on the lower back. Designed based on precise human biomechanics, Octane elliptical machines deliver supremely comfortable natural movement and flow, both forward and backward, without stress on the joints, which is ideal for all levels of exercisers. Octane elliptical machines use a low pivot point on the handlebars for greater use of the upper body and a longer range of motion that increases caloric burn. Plus, Octane's thoughtfully designed handlebars equip you to really use your upper body – and not just let the arms go along for the ride – so that you get better results. The Octane Q35 features attachment points at the base of the elliptical where you can anchor Octane's exclusive Powerbands for a variety of strength exercises.
The MultiGrip handlebars allow users to work different arm, chest and back muscles just by changing where they grip them. For all its incredible features, the Q37 is actually shorter in length than other premium elliptical machines or treadmills.

Octane Fitness builds top-of-the-line, incredibly durable ellipticals that are engineered to deliver superior performance for many, many years.
After downloadoing the app, all of your information is stored on the device for future workouts. The SmartLink app features five workout programs and more than 225 pre-designed routines, allowing users to keep their workouts challenging, exciting and new.
SmartLink will take it from there, customizing routines that allow you to simply get on the Q37 and get after your goals. Each time you log in, SmartLink will deliver a personalized workout plan designed to help reach your specific goals. Workouts never get old because the regimen can be changed frequently simply by updating the SmartLink app to choose from a multitude of new options for your video collection. Instead of going along at the same speed, or a few slight variations, energize your exercise with prompts such as squat, lean back, pedal fast and more to blast the entire body.
SmartLink makes these Boosters easier to perform with video demonstrations, tips and coaching.
Every Octane Fitness Q37xi Elliptical has connection points to attach the resistance CROSS CiRCUIT Powerbands at the front, along the sides and at the back of the machine. For added versatility, a CROSS CiRCUIT Kit includes two side steps that allow users to take their legs out of the action and isolate the upper body, along with three additional sets of Powerbands to vary resistance for different exercises or to add challenges as you progress.
Split routines will have you perform cardio only on some days, cardio and upper-body strength on others, cardio and lower-body strength on other days, etc. Use other accessories, such as a stability ball or kettlebells, for even more strength training options. Since that time, the agency has achieved a reputation for protecting clients’ best interests at all times. With elliptical machines, people in Windsor, like you, could get all the advantages of a high intensity exercise without any of the disadvantages. Picking the right elliptical machine store in Windsor, like 360 Fitness Superstore could make this task much easier. We carry top of the line elliptical machines from every significant brand name and we offer them to Windsor at a fair cost. Give us a call today and we will help you find an elliptical equipment that is the very best suitable for your physical fitness requirements and for your spending plan.
These premium ellipticals are the most ergonomically advanced and technologically superior elliptical machines available.
It replicates what you do outside without even thinking about it: When walking the stride is shorter and it automatically lengthens when you start running. With ingenuity and comfort at the heart of its design, the Q47 enables people to move in the most natural way possible while on an exercise machine. The ellipticals provide incredibly comfortable natural movement and flow, whether you’re going forward or backward. These handles are comfortable for a wide variety of people to use and follow the natural path of the arms when walking or running.
The Q47 can fit comfortably almost anywhere in a home and with a low step-up height and rear access is easy and safe for just about anyone to get on and off.
SmartLink links your exercise goals to real results, using customized workouts and tracking to keep pushing and motivating you. SmartLink will take it from there, customizing routines that allow you to simply get on the Q47 and get after your goals.
Select the muscle groups that you want to target and the tools you want to use, and the app delivers an ideal regimen. Users can record information such as calories burned, time, distance, speed, heart rate and more for today’s workout, the past month or even since you started using SmartLink. Countless research studies show that it leads to better overall results in a shorter amount of time. Included are the natural, smooth motion that Octane is known for, digital contact heart rate sensors and four goal programs that let you take on a 10K or half-marathon, or blast 350 or 750 calories. And for safety, MOM mode disables the console buttons and restricts pedal movement so that young children cannot engage moving parts.
Because the body feels so good during workouts, you are more likely to stay on longer and keep coming back. The smooth motion of the upper body integrates with the lower body for fluid, natural movement that replicates walking, jogging and running – for maximum comfort and total-body motion.

CROSS CiRCUIT alternates on-machine cardio intervals with off-machine strength sets so you get the most out of your workout and maximize your time.
Significantly shorter than other premium elliptical machines or treadmills, the Q35 fits virtually anywhere at home. Octane Fitness delivers premium, ultra-durable ellipticals that are built to deliver long-lasting, superior performance. The MultiGrip handlebars also have contact heart rate sensors and fingertip controls to change the speed and resistance with ease during a workout.
The Q37 can fit comfortably almost anywhere in a home and with a low step-up height and rear access is easy and safe for just about anyone to get on and off. Octane stands behind its products with a five-year warranty on parts and one-year warranty on labor. If you want to change up your workouts, goals or coaching, simply update the app and embark on a new fitness quest. The best way to continue progressing and seeing results is to constantly vary workouts and stimulate muscle confusion. A virtual personal trainer pushes you to perform and adds variety and guidance to keep you progressing.
Octane elliptical machines and CROSS CiRCUIT together are infinitely more than just cardio equipment – they are a total-home gym with virtually endless variety. Axis Insurance Agency is a full-service firm with license to market dental, disability, health, life, property & casualty, retirement, vision and voluntary insurance products. I did a lot of research before purchasing this machine and the Octane Fitness had the best natural feel. A great elliptical machine store like 360 Physical fitness holds all the significant brand names of ellipticals.
We will then provide and install it at your home or gym in Windsor, making sure that you are absolutely satisfied with your investment. Designed to help you commit to and maintain a fitter lifestyle, they are built to last and perform exceptionally. This stride progression not only feels natural, but it increases the range, challenge and fun of workouts. The smooth movements allow you to get a great simulated run without putting stress on the joints, something that people at all fitness levels can benefit from.
With a ceiling height clearance of just 8″ higher than the tallest user, it can easily be used in places with low ceilings. If you want to share workout information with others, there are social media links available directly through SmartLink. The CROSS CiRCUIT program is fun, effective and challenges the body in new ways with every workout so that you see and feel results faster. With its low step-up height and rear access, it's simple for everyone to get on and off safely. Home elliptical machines are subject to the same rigorous testing and uncompromising standards that Octane is known for in order to produce high-quality equipment that offers reliable operation and ease of ownership.
The Q37xi console accommodates your iPad with three placement options – Watch, Read and Surf.
Among the workout choices are programs designed for golf strength, cycle strong, yoga stretch, shoulder and back strength and more. Ceiling height clearance is only 8" higher than the tallest user, so it can easily be placed in areas with low ceilings. The large display screen simultaneously displays all your workout data, and only Octane offers SmartLight capability.
All the great features of the Q37 mean you’ll exercise longer and more consistently because you feel good using the elliptical.
All the great features of the Q47 mean you’ll exercise longer and more consistently because you feel good using the elliptical. By periodically adjusting your routines, you stop your body from entering a maintenance phase where it gets used to the same demands day after day.

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