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Incorporate your whole body for a vigorous aerobic workout and a silky-smooth motion on the Octane Fitness Q37c Elliptical.
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The LateralX offers the option to move in multiple directions on one machine so you can get the most out of your home exercise equipment purchase. The new LateralX elliptical is a complete reinvention of cross training and now it's available for you to purchase for your home.
Add a new dimension and excitement to your cardio exercise with the LateralX elliptical that delivers functional challenges, more muscle demands and greater caloric burn.
Loaded with Octane’s signature, breakthrough boosters and features, this unique elliptical is designed to truly satisfy every user. Plus, it's self-powered so you have the ability to put anywhere in your home without the need to worry about plugging it in!
Lateral Motion - active side-to-side motion that increases caloric expenditure by 27% and engages more lower body muscles.
Stepping Motion - an additional movement option that simulates a stepping movement for greater variety and recovery period.
Converging Path - The only elliptical on the market with patented, one-of-the-kind converging handlebars to maximize comfort and results.

Please provide us with the following information and we'll have someone contact you to answer any questions and to find you the lowest price. The Octane XR6000 has been shown to burn more calories and tone isolated muscle groups more effectively than bikes, rowers and other seated fitness units.
The Octane XR6000 includes so many program options and customizable workouts that your inner fitness guru is sure to cry out with joy. Enjoy a large LED display with the XR6000, and a 15” wide, full-color touch screen with the XR6000 Touch. Split screen feedback that shows both stats and entertainment simultaneously (XR6000 Touch only). This model in particular is quite comfortable with multiple adjustments and customizations, along with numerous programs to keep you motivated and challenged.
The XR6000 is well known to outperform any other seated unit, burning more calories and meeting individual goals set by your various family members. They are safe for those with back injuries, lead the pack in advanced ergonomics and provide a challenging, effective workout for all. It’s superb for home use and fitness enthusiasts love it – but you need to have generous space. It includes many program options and interval programs that are to die for, including a 30:30 performance program and various workout boosters.

The robust, space-efficient Q37c offers 20 levels of smooth, magnetic resistance and the well-synchronized handlebars provide multiple gripping positions and a natural, converging motion to assure your upper body shares in this fun, effective exercise.
This machine is another positive example of “you get what you pay for,” – but you need to be able to afford it first!
This machine includes an active seat position that promotes proper posture and positioning to make your workouts more effective and comfortable. The Octane XR6000 in particular is great because it features a leg press for lower body focus, as well as a chest press for upper body strength-building and toning. Plus, a useful LED console offers varied programs (including intervals and goal-based choices) and on-the-fly Workout Boosters to challenge you, and the digital heart-rate sensors on the stationary handles help you maintain the proper workout intensity. It also comes with multi-grip handlebars that change position to focus on different target muscle groups. You can also count on the XR6000 to be incredibly reliable – its heavy duty frame and advanced technology means you can rely upon this machine keeping up for years to come.

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