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We have not yet had the opportunity to properly review the NordicTrack AudioStrider 900 Elliptical Trainer, but hope to be able to very soon.
These include a powered incline ramp up to 30o usually found only in trainers costing over ?1,000. The MP3 station and speakers is a nice touch so you don’t catch the headphone wires with your hands whilst training.
The speakers are also used by the iFit programmes – a sort of virtual personal trainer.
The AudioStrides comes with 20 personal trainer programmes including two heart rate controlled programmes that help you stay in the fat-burning zone by matching the machine’s resistance to your pulse, if it slows down it increases the resistance, if it gets too high it will lower it. The 9kg flywheel gives a very smooth ride and the longer 18″ stride length delivers a true elliptical pattern to work your muscles whilst being kind to your joints. Nordic claim this is a light commercial grade trainer and we have to agree that although lightweight, the steel frame has a solid feel to it. The NordicTrack AudioStrider 900 is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK. This is a foldable trainer so if space is a little tight a folding machine can be useful as you can reduce its length and slide it away out of sight. Moving the machine around is pretty straight forward thanks to the built-in transport wheels fitted at the front and the lightweight structure, it can be moved either folded or fully extended. And finally, the AudioStrider 900's extensive warranty covers the frame for life and everything else, parts and labour, for two years. The console (see left) has a backlit high resolution LCD display and was clear and easy to read.
From our experience of working with many clients knowing this information can help when you're getting tired. The one-touch buttons to select the resistance level (there are 15), incline, or select a programme make for an easier workout as you don't have to scroll through the options as on some trainers. Lately we've heard of a fault with some machines but our users have yet to report anything, discontinued model.
Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification.
Programming – Fifteen built-in programs are made easily available through “quick touch” buttons. Upper body workout – Adjustable upper-body workout arms help tone the arms, shoulders, back, and torso. Oversized pedals – The roomy pedals are intended to provide foot comfort over long workouts.
Simple stride – While the 1300’s fixed 20” stride is good enough for healthy exercise, it’s a notch below the adjustable strides available on other NordicTracks.

Sound system – A number of NordicTracks are offered with iPod compatibility, but the Elite 1300 isn’t among them. The ASR 700’s standout feature is its motivational video game technology: the harder a person exercises, the easier the games become to play. Simple stride – The ASR 700’s fixed 18” stride is long enough for some users, but it’s too short for others.
Sound system – iPods and most other MP3 players can be used with the elliptical’s built-in speaker, but users have written that the sound system doesn’t play iFit cards clearly.
The ASR 700 Elliptical packs a lot of programming into one machine: traditional preset programs, iFit technology, and the Fat Blocker and Calorie Counter video games. Looking for an affordable ACT elliptical model – with a few more bells and whistles than the Classic ACT? Such a beauty this machine, so smooth, with loads of programmes, especially if you purchase the ifit module. Now I jump on the machine, and it automatically downloads the workouts that I choose on the ifit site.
Decided on this model as it suited our budget and had lots of positive reviews on the internet.
So you can literally work your butt off – plus your calves and legs by just pressing a button on the console.
Music is for many an important part of a workout and the sound from the built-in speakers is good.
They control the machine to take you through a series of levels of difficulty, it will also talk to you giving you step-by-step instructions via the built-in speakers on the console. The combination of 15 different resistance levels and the incline function provide plenty of variation to work either on your aerobic fitness, building strength, lose weight and burn fat. Ease of portability can be a major factor in choosing a trainer because if you're not feeling too motivated to train, the thought of struggling to get your trainer into place may be enough to put you off! You can see all the usual data relating to your session such as your speed, time per session, distance travelled, calories burnt, a carb gram counter and your pulse rate. To see how many calories you've burnt and how far you've gone can inspire you to keep going to the end of your programme. The console also has a built-in fan with four settings to keep you cool and is one of the few fans we've come across that is effective. Commercial Pro, the FreeStrider 35S, and other elliptical trainers developed over the past few years. That’s fine when the machine is discounted, but otherwise it’s too risky for a machine with sub-par durability.
Still, its overall quality pales against the NordicTrack 990 and other brands’ budget models.

Get professional training with 20 preloaded workout programs designed by a Certified personal trainer. The clear, user-friendly console offers feedback on speed, time, distance and calories burned, whereas the 24 challenging programmes include 12 Calorie and 12 Performance. My husband uses an iFit workouts preparing for half-marathon, while I just use the built-in options with calorie goal set-up. We were looking for a quality piece of equipment with a good range of workouts and this cross trainer met our requirements. The E9.5 is fitted with a 5” LCD backlit RaceTrack™ display providing feedback on the most important workout statistics, has a great selection of 26 personal trainer workouts and offers countless interactive workouts powered by Google Maps™ due to the iFit® Live compatibility. Still, don’t be tempted by the “commercial” claim; this machine has just a one-year parts warranty.
Look to these models for long adjustable strides, power training ramps, and iFit Live workouts. By spending just a bit more, customers can get elliptical cross trainers with better ergonomics and fewer mechanical issues.
Heart rate with the E8.2 can be measured with the Dual-Grip EKG™ hand pulse sensors or a compatible Polar wireless receiver with an optional chest strap. Strong and durable construction of the machine makes it look a bit commercial and the console is amazing – so many options and a great workout feedback. Added comfort is guaranteed by the adjustable oversized cushioned pedals and soft touch upper body grips. The Elite 1300 has some attractive features but isn’t one of NordicTrack’s best ellipticals. The optional iFit Live service allows for training with the America’s toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels, as well as for enjoying over 1000 downloadable workouts powered by Google Maps and customising the fitness programme to make it best suited to the individual needs. The monitor is brill – great workout feedback, everything easy-to-read and it also guides us how to exercise. For sure this machine can make you really tired and offers good workout control within the console.
The cross trainer comes with wheels for easy transportation and features oversized cushioned pedals for added comfort. Very easy to install, we did have some problems with bearings at the beginning – now it is fine, but I keep an eye on it.

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