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You don't need any equipment to do this workout, but if you want an extra challenge, feel free to grab dumbbells for the lunges and step ups. Certified personal trainer and fitness professional offering in-home training and weight management. Locate one machine that works the quadricep muscles and perform 12 repetitions of the exercise. Locate one machine that works the hamstring muscles and perform 12 repetitions of the exercise. Locate one machine that works the upper back muscles and perform 12 repetitions of the exercise.
Locate one machine that works the abdominal region and perform 12 repetitions of the exercise. Locate one machine that works the low back region and perform 12 repetitions of the exercise. I provided you with a simple plan for a total body workout using machine-based strength equipment.
This strength training format requires you to move from machine to machine with the idea that one muscle group can be working while another muscle groups rests.
Strive to complete a total body strength workout two times a week, ideally with a day of rest in between.
Navigating through a fitness center’s weight room can be intimidating, but doesn’t need to be.

It's called "The Perfect 10" since we are doing 10 reps of everything and you'll feel like a 10 when you're through! Use this simple, no-equipment-needed workout along with my Spotify playlist and you’ll be burning calories in no time!
Read the instructions, select the lightest weight and execute the movement one or two times. Moving from machine to machine, in a circuit, allows you to complete your workout in a shorter amount of time. Either find another machine that works the same muscle group and use it or return to it later when it is available. This is a great workout for your lower-body-strength-training day, or you can add some pushups, dips, and back rows to work the full body. I’ve come to the conclusion that despite their good intentions, they just don’t know what they are suppose to do or how to do it. Examples include ellipticals, treadmills, stair climbers, steppers, rowers, recumbent bikes, and upright bikes.
Again, this is a machine-based workout. No need to concern yourself with the barbells or dumbbells. Determine the appropriate weight to reach muscle fatigue in 12 repetitions and perform your set. Choose one of these machines and use it (ask for assistance if necessary) for 10-15 minutes.

Taking the time to read through the instructions will ensure that you execute the movement properly. Yes, you might look weird reading the instructions, but not as weird as you will look if you are performing the exercise incorrectly! You should be able reach muscle fatigue (the point where you cannot complete another rep) by the last repetition.  If not, know that you’ll have to increase your weight for the next set.
Wouldn’t you like to have the confidence to walk in to any fitness center and put together a workout? This warm up should get your blood flowing, help lubricate your joints and provide kinesthetic awareness. I hope this plan allows you to navigate your fitness center’s machines more confidently. Most people tend to skip this part of a workout, but know that it can possibly prevent injury.

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