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We are dealing in Exercise Equipments, Health aid Equipments and Gym accessories all across the Pakistan.
ABS Advance Body System The Gold’s Gym ABS Advanced Body System is the fastest, easiest way to jaw-dropping abs!
It?s Never Too Late? It?s never too late to develop those super six-pack abs or that eye catching bikini body midriff! With the exciting new Ab Rocket Twister, the dull sit-up routine that never worked becomes easy, fun and very effective in sculpting your new midsection!
Strengthen your core by rocking back and forth for easier crunches, reverse crunches, oblique exercises and more. The innovative seat design gives you an option to twist and turn your lower body to maximize your work-out.
Three levels of Resistance Springs offer you a perfect amount of resistance for any fitness level.
With customizable resistance up to 45 lbs., you can easily personalize your workout to fit your body and the results you want.

The Ab Rocket Twister eliminates the strain of doing sit-ups while giving your abdominal muscles a great workout. With customizable resistance up to 45 kg, you can easily adjust the intensity of your having such a customized solution specific to different parts of the body, achieving the desiredresults. After using the Ab Rocket Twister for just thirty days you will definitely notice: ? reduced belly fat ? your love handles beginning to disappear ? the appearance of ab muscle definition ? Ab Rocket Twister Body Sculpting Rockin? with the Rocket With the Ab Rocket Twister, just sit, lean on the back rest and rock back. The Ab Rocket twister system comes with a variety of ab exercise programs, along with the meal plan that will help you shed pounds and inches. Work out with Kristie Brooks, Pro Gold’s Gym Trainer in the three included DVDs: Ab Shaping, Total Body Solutions and Thigh Sculpting.
Your neck and back are supported while the contoured back rest provides resistance while you press backwards. Each workout DVD guides you through a series of exercises that range from beginner to advanced. Your abs are working against the resistance as you go back, then the Ab Rocket Twister provides gentle assistance as you complete the difficult forward movement.

No more struggling to get to an upright sitting position or pulling your head forward to help you get there! The cushioned rollers on the back rest glide back and forth, enhancing the benefits of your ab workout with a great back massage. Workout with the signature Ab Rocket Twister Crunch, Reverse Crunch and Oblique Crunch to obliterate your love handles and turn your spare tire into rocket hard abs! Why spend thousands on expensive abdominal exercise equipment or gym memberships when the Ab Rocket Twister is your answer in one unique exercise machine. It?s remarkable design allows it to be folded up for easy storage under a bed or in your closet.

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