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Adult content contains sexual images so if you are too young or offended by this, please click "No" or navigate away from these pages. Perfect if you want band-resistance training as opposed to weights, the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE provides over 70 exercises to help get you in shape. Providing the ideal workout machine for both your upper and lower body, the Weider Total Body Works 5000 also features a compact design that helps you save space. While a large overall footprint, the Yukon Wolverine Multi-station offers multiple workout stations, allowing several individuals to use the machine at once. Featuring over 85 exercise options, the Total Gym FIT uses the weight of your own body to provide resistance.
Using weight resistance, you can perform up to 40 exercises when working out on the Powerline BSG10X multi-gym.
Built with durable heavy-gauge steel tubing, the Bodycraft Galena Pro uses weights to provide resistance. The Hoist H4400 includes pillow block bearings, vulcanized handles, double wrapped upholstery, nylon seat and back adjustment glides, 11 gauge powder coated steel.
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The Paramount FIT 5000 for sale is one of the most popular exercise machines with the smoothest and most advanced rotary technology. This refurbished Paramount FIT 5000 for sale is a functional and strength training piece of machine every gym owner furnishes his center.
A reconditioned Paramount FIT 5000 for sale is made with heavy-duty components to keep up with pressure in any facility, and a few to mention are its angled row handle, pulldown bar, curl bar, revolving sleeve handle, adjustable pressing bench and rubber feet. Exercisers looking to experience the comfort of using only one system for training varied muscle groups, including the chest and the shoulders, can depend on this refurbished Paramount FIT 5000 for sale.
Designed for a total body workout, the new and improved Body Works 5000 is perfect for both upper and lower body training. The gym also features a compact design, allowing you to work out in a smaller area than other home multi-gyms.

The bench of the machine adjusts to add even more resistance to the 50 exercises you can perform using the weight of your own body as resistance.
Using weights to provide resistance, the gym also offers safety handles, wide foot plates, and hand grips to help with a safer workout.
Offered at a great price, the machine allows up to 30 different exercises with up to 210 lbs of resistance. The gym offers up to five stations for working out various areas of your body, including your upper body, midsection, and lower body. The ability of the gym to fold also lets you easily store it out of the way when you are not using it, making it perfect for homes with limited space.
It also features an Adjustable Cable Arms system, allowing you to perform many different exercises, including dumbbell, core, and training specific to certain sports. Using weight plates, the machine has a 500-lb maximum capacity for squats and arm presses but less for other exercises. With the ability to perform up to 25 exercises, the machine gives up to 200 lbs of resistance.
This unit offers a multitude of training options that is why it is chosen by Cross Fit camps, Olympic centers and rehabs. One offers a fluid performance to all users with its Advanced Rotary Technology and loaded value.
For added workout stability, one is made with solid structural steel frame and oval, bent-steel tubes. It allows them to engage and recruit varied muscles of the body and provide them with smooth movements to prevent injury, improve balance, coordination and strength, correct posture and restore normal function.
Den gor det mojligt att pa ett effektivt och smidigt satt styrketrana hemma pa en liten yta. For dig som vill komma igang med traningen redan nu kan vi dock leverera ett Multigym 2000 redan nu, och skicka sidostationerna nar de inkommit i lager pa nytt (beraknas inkomma i mitten av maj 2016). Catering to more casual workouts, the gym is an ideal system if you need to perform resistance and cardio training.

The 160-lb weight stack features an advanced alloy construction and state-of-the-art precision for smooth and quiet operation. Additionally, the gym has a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs, about 100 lbs more than most home multi-gyms. The machine even comes with a Double-Up feature, allowing you to bench press 400 lbs of resistance. With the gym 90 percent already assembled right out of the box, all you need to do is install the necessary cables. You can add an optional leg press that allows you up to 300 lbs of resistance, but at an additional cost. It features several training options, including arm curl, row and lat pulldown, among others. With this used Paramount FIT 5000 for sale, users can look forward natural movements due to the correct biomechanical paths it offers and its nine-position, adjustable resistance cam and handgrips. Kontakta oss for mer information!Multigym 5000 ar ett stort och rejalt gym som ger mojlighet for fler personer att trana samtidigt.
The cable and pulley system allows for greater versatility and a greater range of motion for varying exercises, so you can increase your strength and flexibility. Multigym 5000 erbjuder ett stort antal traningsovningar och ar dessutom utrustad med en tvarstalld stallbar situpsbank samt dip-stallning. Before making a purchase keep in mind the types of exercises you want to perform, and then look for gyms that allow those specific exercises. It can also allow performing multiple workouts, including incline, chest and shoulder press, among others.

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