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The Escalera Motorized Stair Climber (Removable) - MLA-EW with battery operated winch for raising and lowering the forks which side frames made from tough tempered aluminum alloy and alos have steel lift frames, with 28 inch long forks, for raising loads up to 54 inches - high enough to load or unload a semi truck! Non-marking lifting feet and 6 inch wheels with sealed ball bearings protect all step and floor surfaces for years of trouble-free use. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Click the button below to add the Escalera MLA-EW Motorized Stair Climber With Winch Lift (Non-Removable & Electric) to your wish list. Motorized stair climbing hand trucks are used by individuals whose loads require a different type of transport. Disclaimer: This article is not a subsitute for the proper training needed to operate powered trucks. Handtrucks2go bringing you the best selection of electric battery power stair climber hand trucks! The PowerMate POGO  P-2 is a  small profile electric stair climber - ideal for the HME market, the perfect solution for moving home oxygen cylinders.
The Pogo P-2 by Powermate is available in 2 options, the Cradle Assembly-which is designed to hold cylinder shaped objects, and the Lite Weight Frame Assembly, which has a straight backed frame more suited for boxes such as cases of soda or anything similar. The POGO P-2 motorized hand truck is a light duty stair climber and is ideal for lifting jobs up to 220 lbs.
If you have to move heavier items make sure to check out our electric heavy duty stair climber here. The PowerMate POGO P-2 comes equipped with Battery Pack, Battery Charger and Wheel Brakes.
If you work in the home health care business, make sure to look at our oxygen cylinder powered stair climbers here or browse our complete Powered StairClimbers here. Innovative edge-of-step braking system – automatically applies brake when wheels are at edge of step. Two operating modes: single step (ascend or descend button must be pressed after each step – ideal for maximum control), or continuous climb. Foam filled puncture proof tires – ideal for use on smooth or rough surfaces such as gravel or cobblestones. This Escalera model features an electric powered stairclimber (1200 lb capacity) with a winch lift.
Side frames are made from tough tempered aluminum alloy, and the lift frame is made of steel. The Escalera can be used to easily load a safe, barrel, and woodstove, into a pickup truck or semi-trailer.

We also have 2 more videos on the Escalera Home Page which will help you decide which model and accessories is right for you, and another video showing customer testimonials. A great way to move, appliances, vending machines, boilers, wood stoves, bathtubs, soda machines, mainframe computers, industrial batteries, fireplace inserts, fireproof safes, steel shelves, gun safes, hot water tanks, elevator equipment, all hvac machinery and more! If you are interested in ordering the Coppycaddy Phoptocopier Dolly make sure to order it together with your Escalera for extra savings (To take advantage of this please call us at 888 - 811-5941). Awesome stair climber unit pick up a 650 lb boiler with no problems,unit well made ,wished I had one years ago, what a back saver!!!!!!
Climbs stairs well but if you are taking an appliance up stairs and need to turn the corner at the top of the stairs although the unit, does swivel in its place, there is no where to put your foot to maneuver the unit to swivel or turn the unit.
Although I have only had the stair climber for a few days it is rapidly becoming a go-to tool in my business. We just received this product and our customers are very happy we have one to move gun safes and aquariums. Ideal for moving loads with legs,such as furniture and snack vending machines that have protruding legs on them. Aluminum Portable Steps - Avoid the need of buying a liftgate, also an alternative to the hitch lift. Click the button below to add the Escalera Motorized Stair Climber With Winch Lift (Removable & Electric) - RLA-EW to your wish list.
A nominal charge will be made for repair of units which are not operable for reasons other than defects in workmanship or material. Electric hand trucks are mostly used for moving cargoes up and down instead of forward and back ward. Used extensively in the home medical equipment (HME) market, the POGO helps prevent injuries due to lifting strain. Powermate not only provides stair climbers and LiftGates but also complete moving solutions including superior customer service and training.
In addition this feature enables you to reduce stowage height of unit by completely folding the handlebar unit downwards.
At Handtrucks2go, we have the widest assortment of stairclimbers available anywhere, and we are proud to say that this model is one of our most popular best sellers!
The forks are  28 inches long  and have a lifting height of up to up to 54 inches - high enough to load or unload a semi truck!
If you are trying to move copy machine consoles we advise to buy it together with the Copycaddy. Find products that you previously did not even know existed ,educate yourself while enjoying our videos that accompany each of these products!

Today, it is one of the most innovative products available for the safe movement of heavy loads.
Check also the entire body of the electric truck to determine any damages that could affect work. If there is a necessity to get the loads on a pick-up truck or similarly high places, position the truck with its back facing the flat surface of the area where the load should be placed. The POGO's also have a full length bottom rubber guard to protect clients property - just like the big machines!
The POGO is easy to use and has a 32" lifting height and can load itself - and your load - into vehicles. The adjustable angle position on the Fold model allows the user to stand upright when using the truck at a very low angle. Click here if you are looking for a Escalera stair climber without the lift, or browse all of our electric stair climbers.
Generally speaking, it will last for 100-150 steps with the standard battery, and 200-300 with the upgraded battery.
And then there is an option of a hand cranked lift or an electric winch lift.The ESCALERA STAIRCAT is proudly made in the United States of America. This tool is easier to manipulate with exceedingly heavy loads, particularly with regard to tight spaces and stairways. The hand truck will be very beneficial for moving my pinball machines and jukeboxes up and down the steps in buildings where there are no service elevators.
Used around the world by many different types of businesses, warehouses and private companies, the ESCLAERA STAIRCAT is an exceptional piece of modern day equipment. Electronic hand trucks are also equipped with straps and other safety features to help reduce the risks of injuries to the person and to the load. Whether there is product that needs to be moved across a flat surface or up several flights of stairs, this hand truck can do the job.
Put one foot behind, farther back for support, and use the other to push the truck forward while your hands are pulling the truck backwards. If you are going to transport pressured products such as gas tanks, secure them with strap.

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