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Lower back exercises of all forms can benefit anyone with back pain, you just need to choose the ones that are right for you.
Exercises for back pain can be divided into two categories, strengthening exercises and stretching exercises.
Gym equipment requires no further explanation, essentially you have it all at your finger tips, every back exercise equipment you can dream of is packaged in 1 tonne of cold hard steel. You can opt to use back fitness equipment machines but remember it is your muscles that have to do the work.
Yoga deserves a special mention, it has a good amount of spinal stretching, teaching balance and comfort with the sensation of twisting as well.

Treadmills and bikes might seem like a distant memory but once you handle your back pain by using a back fitness equipment then the sky is the limit. A quick search on google will show you a myriad of exercises that you can do which can start strengthening your back today. As you develop more and more strength, you might want to introduce some weights especially on extension as it can help shorten the amount of time you need to perform those exercises. Home exercise equipment that target back pain like the inversion table is predominantly for stretching, while other types like the inversion bar is an active back muscle strengthening exercise machine. Back exercise equipment is optional, you putting in the 15 minutes a day to stretch and strengthen is mandatory.

People hunched up all day typing away at computers not giving the back a break and turning the beautiful s shape curve into a c.
Completely designed to inactivate the strong hip flexors, the supine groin stretch will deactivate even the toughest of the tough flexors and allow you to commence on your road to recovery. But like all exercise equipment it isn’t full proof and some people are just locked in flexion the whole day.

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