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The Marcy MWB1282 Home Gym Smith Machine is perfect if you are looking for a smith machine that allows you to perform all the major exercises to develop all the major muscle groups. Being supplied with a cambered bar for doing pulldowns means you can effectively work all areas of your back as well as the triceps and abdominal muscles. Behind the neck pulldowns are also possible which will help to mainly develop your traps and rear deltoid muscles, but also adds further development to your entire upper back. By standing up you can also use the bar as a tricep extension exercise to help strengthen and grow your triceps, either as an overhead extension or as an extension with keeping your elbows by your sides depending on which part of the tricep you want to target. Although there are only 2 Olympic weight plate storage pegs on each side of the Marcy MWB1282 compared to the 3 each side on some of the other Marcy smith machine models, this is still more than enough storage for a wide range of weight plates. As well as the overhead pulley for pulldowns and extensions, there is also the main bar which can be locked in place either by twisting the bar and locking the hooks over the pegs, or by letting it come to rest on the supports that can be locked in place at specific heights to ensure complete safety while lifting and prevent the bar from pinning you under the weight when bench pressing or squatting.
This can also help when you are looking to perform exercises with a limited range of motion, such as the upper portion of close grip bench presses to overload just the triceps, front and rear barbell shrugs or seated and standing calf raises. The bench that comes with the Marcy MWB1282 can also be fully adjusted to cater for decline, incline and flat barbell presses.
The Marcy MWB1282 Home Gym Smith Machine & Weight Bench is a great choice for those looking to buy a smith machine that also has the pulley cable and bench to let you work all the major muscle groups.
The build quality and quality of materials is very high and price wise it comes in around the middle of the range. The Marcy Deluxe Smith Machine and Weight Bench features a heavy duty tubular steel construction with a durable charcoal powder coat finish. Are you finding that you are missing your workouts, because you just haven’t got the time to get down to your local gym.
This exercise machine operates off its 150 pound vinyl coated weight stack and from this you are able to complete lots of different full body workout exercises.

Also located on the machine is low and high pulley stations,  that will allow you to do a variety of different exercises. More fantastic features of this home gym is the adjustable preacher curling pad, which you can use to perform the Bicep preacher curl exercise.  When you buy this gym you will allow receive a lat bar and other gym accessories to quickly get you started.
How much does it cost and where can I buy the Marcy MWM980 fitness gym at the best low price? Because of the shape and length of the bar you can position your hands wider to focus the weight on your lat muscles when doing pulldowns to the front of you, or keep your hands closer together to focus more in the inner back muscles. Often if you are completely exhausting the muscle it is difficult to be able to rotate the bar back to the locked position so it can be easier and safer to let it rest on the locking blocks.
It offers a pec deck, 6 Olympic storage pegs, a lat bar, triceps rope, shivers bar, ankle strap with both single handle and chromed v-bars. The cost of the machine is usually a good place to start, work out your budget then buy a machine accordingly.
The machine has got a dual function press arm station that allows you to do pectoral flies and chest presses.
Because I have found this gym listed for sale for just $544 and that include free shipping as well.
One which will give you a great workout then it might be worth taking a closer look at the Marcy MWM980 150 pound weight stack home gym to see if it the right machine for you and your home.
You can also hit the upper or middle of your back depending on whether you use an overhand or underhand grip.
This also makes it a great bench for performing decline crunches and other abdominal exercises. This robust machine is perfect for the serious home gym and has an ergonomic design to complement the body's natural movements.

Not only will this machine saves you lots of time, but it will also save you lots of cash over the long term. One model of home gym that is popular with buyers at the moment is the Marcy MWM980 home gym. With it heavy duty 14 gauge steel tube frame which has been covered in a powder coated finish to ensure long life out of the machine. To find out more, read online reviews and buy it at a low bargain price, click the link now. The cables on the Marcy MWM980 exercise gym are also heavy duty and are rated up to 2,000 pounds of tensile strength.
So use these dimensions to ensure that you can house the machine into your allocated home gym space. So you know you are buying something, that will do what it says it does.  Lets find out more about this model of home gym machine.
Cables are usually the first thing to break on home gyms, so with these cables you are guaranteed a long shelf life out of them.
But the only initial cost is buying the machine, it is then free for as long as you own it.
One reviewer says that it is a good, sturdy and affordable gym, whilst the other says that they are very happy with their purchase.

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