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When it comes to marathon training workouts, doing cross training other than just running, is a healthy way to strengthen core body muscles, and add some diversity to the cardio workout plan.
Most marathon running guides recommend to add one day a week for cross training: cycling, swimming or runners med ball workouts.
You should prepare to be on an elliptical trainer for long hours so that it would be a sufficient cardio practice for your marathon training.
How The Best Cardio Workout Works After a brief warm-up, adjust the incline and level every few minutes. A short length stride mean the runner can not enjoy the elliptical running exercise, and the elliptical machine will be like a flat annoying stair climber. Generally speaking, shorter people (5’3” or smaller) can comfortably use elliptical machines that have an 16” to 18” stride length, and if you are 5’7” to 6’7” your best choice will be a 20” or 21” stride length. The 20 inch foot stride is what differentiate this EX-69 Elliptical Trainer from regular elliptical machines which are designed for fat burning workouts.
This entry was posted in First Marathon Training, Half Marathon Training, Marathon Running Gear, Marathon Running Side Effects, Marathon Training For Beginners, Marathon Training Program, Triathlon News, Ultra Marathons News, US Marathons News and tagged elliptical trainer marathon training, marathon training on an elliptical machine, Marathon Training Workout With Elliptical Trainer, running on an elliptical machine by Dekel. Saturday was supposed to be 9 miles, but I got 2 miles in and my foot had been hurting with every step. On Thanksgiving morning my group ran their long run so we wouldn’t have to over the weekend. Since early 2010, Dean has been cross-training on the ElliptiGO, the world's first outdoor elliptical bicycle.
Dean also thinks riding the ElliptiGO is exhilarating and fun, and he loves setting new endurance records on his ElliptiGO. I typically incorporated 2-3 days of cross training into my plan…doing 2-a-days for one half marathon! Here is an explanation by All Ellipticals site to help you choose the best elliptical trainer for your needs. Any time you come across a stride length of an elliptical trainer with less than 18”, it’s going to feel less comfortable to most people, resulting in short choppy strides.

This type of balance, lower leg elliptical workout and free hands workout, can strengthen the inner abdominal core muscles. If you have questions concerning your health, seek the advise from your health care professional. I’ve used it exclusively this training season to see if it that alone will keep my dehydration headaches away.
I do mix up my Nuun the night before, it helps get the fizzies out and gets it good and cold for the next morning.
On the ElliptiGO, he gets a high-intensity, low-impact workout -- perfect for training or recovery days when he wants to give his joints a rest, but still improve his cardio-vascular fitness. In March, he rode his ElliptiGO from his house in the San Francisco Bay Area to the starting line of the LA Marathon in Los Angeles -- 500 miles in 5 days -- and then ran the LA Marathon! I’ve decided that I am going to share weekly recaps of my training for my first half marathon.
It felt kind of strange going from running 3x a week for a total of 15 miles down to just 6 miles.
I want to make sure I keep up my strength while training and don’t lose it because of all the added cardio.
I also chose it because it only involves 3 days of running, and 3 or 4 runs a week seems to be my body’s limit. These machines have a lot of advantages because they have a smooth gliding motion which is exactly what a marathon runner might need to take some of the load off their joints and feet.
Marathoners often use the elliptical machine as an aerobic exercise while nursing injuries. But if you’re craving more action, repeat it for a hard-to-beat calorie-blasting workout. One of the most overlooked specs of an elliptical trainer for runners, is the length of stride. I will keep the posts short and sweet, but I feel like this would be a great way for me to document my progress.

I’m concerned about losing my strength (weightlifting ability) and want to maintain a regular strength training program through training as well. I just finished my 3rd half in May, and the one thing that I really did differently this time around was incorporate more cardio cross-training (i.e. I think it’s so important to do for the sake of your muscles and all-around strength, too. My miles for my marathon training are lower right now than I’m used to, which is both nice and odd haha.
I used different training schedules for those, but always incorporated SOME cross training (usually spin classes.) This mileage seems a bit low for a training guide (esp if you’re used to running more) but if it works for you then GO WITH IT! Everything after week 3 will be pretty intense lol so I guess I should just be happy and enjoy the lower mileage because it won’t be lasting too long. And if there is anyone out there thinking about running your first half, maybe seeing someone else going through the training will encourage you to take the final step and sign up!
But it’s good to get used to running in all sorts of weather conditions, I just have to make an extra effort to constantly hydrate.
Instead of running 10 miles before race day I’ll probably run a warm up of 3 and then rest until the actual half. I added one of these classes in a week and I noticed that it made a HUGE difference in my endurance and speed.
I managed to shave off nearly 13 minutes from my previous half time (on a much hillier course too) and I truly think it had a lot to do with more cardio cross-training!
Where did you get it or did you make it up on your own and if so, how did you decide to do it that way?

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