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Supplement your workout with great strength training equipment and take your performance to the next level. We desire to help you get healthier and stronger so you can help others get healthier and stronger. Push-up Station is cushioned and mounted a full 12" off the floor for the deepest pec building push-ups possible.
You won’t find a better single piece of fitness equipment to work your entire body, economical, have a small physical foot print, and last you for years to come. Since this machine has many result oriented exercise capabilities I am going to break the exercises and results into segments. Since the vertical knee raise I am most familiar with is the Body-Solid Vertical knee raise chin dip combo, this is the one I am going to discuss.
We all know well the challenge of strength training and as important toning, and reducing, the core area. The first exercise I enjoy on the Body-Solid VKR is the hanging knee raise, this exercise is performed from the vertical position with your back against the upright back pad and your forearms to elbows set on the elbow pads located just below shoulder level in the center of the VKR.
After you have gotten set up to perform the exercise position your legs so that they are not hanging directly under you but angled away from the center of the machine a bit.
In the beginning you want to perform as many repetitions as you can properly, write down this amount including the time it took you to complete the exercises. Your target sets of vertical knee raises should be comfortable for you but yet challenging. There are many other exercises I do on the Body-Solid vertical knee raise and I will share these another time. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Vision Commercial Elliptical Trainers We configured our home and commercial elliptical trainer frames so that they will work with any of our consoles.
Perfect for PTs and corporate gyms, the Smith machine functional trainer half rack combo offer just about everything you could want all in one machine! With the Body-Solid VKR you have the versatility to not only work the mid section of your stomach but also the obliiques or love handles in a fashion no other machine can perform. When I want to diversify the Body-Solid VKR I also free hang from the wide chin up bar and perform hanging knee raise to add to my abdominal training on the Body-Solid VKR. No matter which is your current desired result the Body-Solid vertical knee raise when utilized properly and consistently will increase your benefits. Fortunately on the Body-Solid VKR there are push up bars near the floor for people of my height to step up on to get set in the elbow pads before doing the bent knee raise exercise.
This leg position will insure your back is pressed against the back of the VKR and not only feel more comfortable but allow correct posturing for enhanced breathing during movement. For starters perhaps the second week of doing the vertical knee raise, you should strive for a total of 50 per workout. Because of a diversified core workout which is an essential part of every one of my training sessions I do a minimum of one hundred reps each workout.

Simply choose the console that fits your needs and match it with the frame that offers what you want.
By hanging on the comfortable arm cushions you can twist your legs and hit the obliques and get immediate response.
The push up bars are a benefit at the end of the bent knee raise exercise because often you are fatigued and don’t want to just drop from this height. Once legs are positioned away from body a bit begin movement by slowly lifting your knees toward your chest.
Better can be attained one of two ways, either do more vertical knee raises in the same amount of time, or do more repetitions with longer duration. This could be attained by doing a warm up set of 10 reps, then second set of 15 reps, third set of 15 reps and final set of 10 reps. Rest, proper nutrition, and balance of your entire walk are all components which need care, and will assist in helping you achieve success.
The included functional trainer features dual swivel pulleys, which can be pivoted side to side as required.
Your stomach will be the envy of friends and family after only a few workouts on the Body-Solid VKR.
Once you have raised your knees as high as you can without allowing your back to curl away from pad you stop, then slowly allow your knees to return to starting position which is legs straight below you but slightly away from midline of body to insure constant resistance to core area.
Each time you return to the VKR utilize the results that you have gained and be stronger, perform better results than before.
You could hold this total of fifty reps for one set then next time increase by a minimum of one rep. This constant resistance will help you achieve the results you want which is slimmer, stronger, and tighter, core area. Always track your progress and smile knowing these wonderful results are the work of yours alone and therefore so are the benefits. By the second month you should be doing a total of fifty eight reps for the fifth week workout which is doing the vertical knee raise exercise a minimum of twice a week. Ironically the VKR is the portion of this Body-Solid machine we are going to focus on for the Core results we all want and need.
Others will tell you they want what you have, and that you are so lucky to have been born with good genetics. You of course will achieve quicker benefits if performed three times a week but I wouldn’t recommend much more than that to allow for proper recovery and strength. Choose a preset program or make changes on the fly using the remote control handlebar grips.
Yes need, so that we won’t strain our backs and legs, and pretty much every other portion of our body. No need to tell them you earned the great core you have, and they can with effort have the same benefits. Because the Core is essentially the hub of the rest of our body we need to be more aware of the importance of doing what we can to insure the Core stays strong, and in turn the rest of our body will be stronger.

The unique suspension design provides an exceptionally smooth feel, utmost comfort, and unmatched accessibility. We offer a lifetime frame guarantee with this machine, plus a 2 year warranty on cables, pulleys and pop pins.
A multitude of programs on the user-friendly console keep users motivated to reach their fitness goals.
I can tell you from experience the converts will be few, seems many want the fruits but not many want to plow. Facility managers will appreciate the self-powered generator system, which allows freedom of placement anywhere in the room. Vision S60 Suspension Elliptical trainer offers an exceptionally smooth, stable and comfortable workout due to the unique suspension design and heavy gauge steel frames.
Fortunately you will have some that want you to show them what you do and then you will be able to reflect on what you experienced and help another.
The Vision S60 Suspension Elliptical is virtually silent and maintenance-free, thanks to the absence of friction created by the lower wheel tracks found on other elliptical designs. Designed by a Certified Personal Trainer, each app has a preset time, distance and resistance so all you have to do is press start!
Two hand-grip heart rate sensors are conveniently built-in to the elliptical's handlebars so you stay in the right training zone for maximum results. Featuring workouts Powered by Google Maps™, training with Jillian Michaels and personalized, goal-specific programs, this wireless technology delivers incredible results!
Incline, decline and resistance controls automatically adjust to match terrain and maximize results.
These controls make it simple to change the incline so you can reduce impact on your joints, burn fat calories and add variety to your workout. + Soft-Touch Upper-Body Workout ArmsAccelerate your weight loss with this total-body, low-impact workout. Upper-body workout arms engage your arms and core as well as your lower body for greater calorie burn, increased muscle tone and unmatched results. + Oversized PedalsQuickly adjust your toe-to-heel angle to target different muscle groups! Each adjustment tones and sculpts your lower body for more defined results! + CoolAire™ Workout FanKeep cool during your workout with a sophisticated fan built right into the console.
Target your glutes, quads and calves and enjoy more balanced training. + Set-a-Goal Workout CenterPersonalize your workout with the built-in set-a-goal workout center. A wide viewing angle and dynamic contrast and color saturation combine for a beautiful picture as individual product TVs deliver a more personalized entertaining workout for every user. Our expertly trained staff can assist you in selecting the elliptical trainer that will custom fit your needs as well as your budget!

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