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Works the side and front deltoids.It's said, that the Arnold presses might be one of the best shoulder isolation exercises. February 3, 2012 by Ben Hepworth Leave a Comment I posted my lower body routine earlier this week.
Sometimes I do the machine triceps pulldown, but today I did overhead dumbbell extensions instead. Shoulder Press Gym machine equipment commercialShoulder Press Gym equipment commercial Ianre 62 Series Instructions Sit down on the Shoulder Press Machine and select the weight. Why is Shoulder Machine Press an effective exercise?Shoulder Machine Presses is an excellent exercise to build front and side deltoid muscles. So one day, I was on the seated barbell press (military press), which of course is a shoulder exercise. So there I am barbell pressing about 5 feet to the left of the Hammer Strength Shoulder Press machine when all of a sudden I spot an overweight man and a red-shirted woman.
They seemed to be going from machine to machine while I’m assuming the trainer told the overweight man what muscle the machine worked, and how to properly use it. It was then that I was close enough to hear the fantastic advice this poor overweight man was receiving from one of my gym’s genius personal trainers. Instead this personal trainer walked halfway around the machine trying to discern what in the hell it does. After she was finished explaining to this poor overweight man how the Hammer Strength Shoulder Press machine has magically transformed into the Extremely Awkward Hammer Strength Bicep machine, they went on their way to the other side of the gym to I’m sure show off some other great weight loss exercises. And right under that was a complete description of the proper way to perform this exercise along with a list of which muscle group(s) the exercise targets.
Stay tuned next time for more wonderful tales of my gym’s clueless personal trainers.
I call it The Ultimate Fat Loss Program, and in it I provide all of the answers, details and facts that make up the highly proven workout and diet system I've used to help countless men and women completely transform their bodies. The really troublesome thing is, trainers are conditioned to think that pushing gym equipment up and down or side to side is serving some purpose.
Working individual muscles in isolation is for bodybuilders whose only goal is grotesque muscular definition. The human body is the machine we should be learning how to use correctly – not the Hammer Strength Shoulder Press or any other big piece of steel and enamel. I see this one guy put like 5 plates on each side of one of those machines, and he has another guy stand behind him and basically lift it up for him. The best way to build muscle with these machines is by picking them up and carrying them around the gym.

I’ve had a trainer that told me eating cream cheese is good for weight lifting and it will help me achieving muscle cuts. When I was a trainee (nearly 18 years ago) I remember questioning my teachers about their methods and techniques. Anyone out there who is looking for a Personal Trainer should not be afraid to ask about their qualifications. What I don’t understand is that if you are a personal trainer, set examples for your clients. Variations: You can use free weights (barbells and dumbbells) to perform this exercise on a military bench. I use it to gain strength and want more controlled weight and movement on my shoulders, when I really want to my shoulders I go for the Arnold DB Press, which i suggest to have enough strength and no risk of injury to do it. This exercise seems to be a little more forgiving on my shoulder pain than some of the alternatives. Most machines offer two grip possibilities one palms forward and one palms in, The different variations apply different muscle groups so switching grips on alternate shoulder workouts works different muscle groups. With this holding grip it will work for the triceps more, not so intense for the mid Deltoid. You sit in it with your back against the pad and press those two black bars straight over head. I mention the red shirt because that is the official color the personal trainers in my gym wear. She was pushing things, and moving things, and sitting on things, and lifting things… all for the purpose of trying to figure out that the Hammer Strength Shoulder Press machine is a shoulder exercise. She had her chest leaning up against the back side of the back pad, and she was very awkwardly curling those 2 black bars that you’re supposed to be pressing over head. And I’m not doubting the fact that every trainer who works in my gym has that certification.
For the rest of us, trying to look good and feel good and be active and free of pain, gym machines are a waste of time or worse – a dangerous set of isoated movements that will promote injury in the long run. To an earlier point that someone made, anyone can be a called a personal trainer or even a certified one. Remember it works just like the free weight seated military barbell press, so never have butt off the pad, and keep your back against the pad. I’ve never looked closely enough, but there may even be a name tag of some sort on the front as well.
Someone joins (or is thinking of joining) and a personal trainer escorts them through the gym pointing stuff out and explaining things to them.

I took a 5 foot stroll over to the machine in question and walked around to the right side of it.
I don’t know it all by far, but please, don’t walk in front of my mirror space quite yet; I only have 3 reps left!! Although it still has a masculine image (the photo here does not help!) weight training is certainly something women should do to keep in shape. A regular weight training workout can give a women slender legs and a toned butt without leading to unwanted bulky muscles.Upper Body ExercisesBench PressThe bench press is the main exercise for building a stronger chest.
To perform a basic bench press you just need to lie down flat on a solid bench and lift a barbell straight up from your chest until your arms are straight, and then lower.
You can perform bicep curls with a barbell, an EZ-bar which is designed to give a better grip position, or dumbbells. Simple grasp a bar or dumbbells with palms facing outwards and curl up towards your shoulders.
Take a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Five Tips For Bigger Biceps for some more tips on bicep training.FlyesChest flyes are done by lying on a flat bench with 2 dumbbells.
Start by holding the dumbbells by your sides and then lift them both upwards and outwards until your arms a parallel to the floor or your hands just above the height of your shoulders, then lower again. Keep your elbows slightly bent.An alternative exercise of the deltoids is a front raise done with a barbell. This just involves lifting a barbell from your hip in an arc with straight arms until it is directly in front of you.You can exercise the rear deltoids by performing a bent over raise. Bend forward, keep your back straight and then lift the dumbbells out to each side.PushdownsThis is an isolation exercise for the triceps.
An excellent triceps workout.An alternative is the triceps extension that can be done by holding a triceps bar above your head and then lowering behind. Another method is to lie on a flat bench and grasp a dumbbell with both hands and lower it behind your head.Read Triceps Training – the Key to Bigger Arms. We use cookies to improve content and ads, to provide social media and to analyse website use.

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