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This applique design is fun to sew out and features an inner edge stitch of Triple-Bean to give an added look of luxury to your sew-out.
How to Build Strong, Powerful Glutes and Increase Your Explosive Strength, Speed, and Athleticism. Short Answer: Yes, as long as there are no orthopedic conditions that would preclude doing them. The problem with these types of pages is that the administrator simply scours the Internet for pictures of amazing butts and then posts them to their page. One of my most popular articles on the site is Growing the Glutes Without Growing the Legs. My guess would be that she will have packed on around 10 lbs of muscle during this time, but since she lost 10 lbs overall, this means that she will have lost 20 lbs of fat. When attaining an ultra lean physique, is there ever a situation where a woman’s quads can indeed be too big?
She currently has 269K followers on Instagram, so clearly thousands of people admire her physique.
Now, Andreia might very well be perfectly content with her glute development, and some of my readers might feel that her glutes are perfect. Chances are, most of the ladies that my female followers admire in terms of their physiques do in fact squat. Some people might feel that the deadlift is the foundational lift, but I believe it’s the squat.
Squats will help athletic people jump higher, sprint faster, and pick heavier stuff of the ground, and they’ll help the elderly stand from a seated position more efficiently while also improving balance.
Check out Olympic weightlifters – they tend to have excellent thigh development due to all of their squatting. However, not every body is built to squat (click HERE to see why people must squat differently), and one can attain a very functional body and pleasing physique by avoiding the squat and instead sticking to single leg squatting movements and posterior chain movements. How your legs look as a result of squatting has very much to do with the way you are eating. If you train primarily for aesthetics and you reach a point where you are very happy with the size and shape of your legs, then don’t feel compelled to perpetually increase your strength in squats year after year after year.
This entry was posted in Glute Training, Topic of the Week on January 28, 2015 by Bret Contreras.
LeighAnne – do lots of barbell glute bridges, band hip thrusts, back extensions, American deadlifts, and leg curl variations. Is it possible to butt wink in lunges and bulgarian squats?Because I am quite sure I butt wink on regular squats. Chris Beardsley and you yourself have investigated how unilateral squats can be made more hip dominant. If you like squatting deep, you should be using a high-bar (Oly) style and really learn to push your knees out to open your hips. Yep, I hear this all the time Malina…focusing on glute activation and getting stronger at hip thrusts tends to improve squat mechanics especially in women and beginners (but I also heard this from a very strong powerlifter the last time I competed).
Bret, what do you think about an individuals weed muscle, you know that muscle that is already somewhat developed even when completely sedentary. Hey Bret I have a question I’ve been working on my glutes for about a year now usually sore the next few days. Lets say you have a woman that obviously eats way too many calories so shes overweight, she also has a slow metabolism so its hard for her to cut calories, on top of that she can naturally put on muscle well because she has high T levels for a woman she is a natural mesomorph.
I know this doesn’t apply to 90 % of women but some women are this big bulky hench type.
In the older post about growing the glutes without growing the legs, you didn’t mention quadruped hip extensions.
As Northamptonshire’s Leading Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Expert, I have been an avid fan of the TRX Suspension trainer (TRX ST) for a number of years now and  I am always skeptical of other products attempting to encroach on its territory. Well, now there is a real challenger to the TRX crown and it arrived with the moniker, WAR MACHINE!
Now, thanks to the development team at CrossCore, we have a suspension trainer with a lot more tricks up its sleeves. The pulley wheel itself is housed in a tank like structure which is built to last a lifetime. This is an extremely smooth system which can be either ‘locked off’ with a pin, or as the manufacturers quote unlocked by, ‘pulling the pin’. Not only does the pulley make any existing exercise more challenging it also adds many more exercises to your arsenal.
Suspending the war machine with the strap however has been very carefully thought through and offers some significant advantages over its main rival. The handles on the CrossCore 180 move up and down on the actual straps on which they are contained.
As stated above, providing you can position the CrossCore 180 high enough, any adjustments can be made through the main strap. The TRX is a great system and I have had one since they launched the product in the UK some years ago now and can certainly recommend it.
Not only does the pulley wheel make comparable exercises more challenging but there are also a multitude of exercises that you simply can’t replicate on the TRX.
I will be publishing an article next week on some of these exercises and how to perform them so please look out for it. The squat is THE primary foundational movement in strength training and it will assist the vast majority of women in achieving their health, strength, and physique goals. The long answer is going to take me some time to fully explain, especially considering my tendency to go off on tangents, so bear with me. And since the page has the word squat in the title, the assumption is that the only thing the women are doing to build their amazing derrieres is endless sets of squats. She would have started out with 42 lbs of fat and ended up with 22 lbs of fat, which would reduce her bodyfat levels from 30% down to 17%, and she will have lost a lot of overall volume. I’m not into body shaming, and we all have different preferences with regards to our ideal physiques, so beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I am of the opinion that she needs to chill out on squats (and lunges) and focus on more targeted glute training.
But if I was Andreia’s trainer, I would put squat and lunge variations on the back-burner and prioritize barbell hip thrusts, back extensions (done with a glute emphasis), band hip thrusts, and pendulum quadruped hip extensions.
She seems to prioritize squats (she can squat around 225 lbs for 2 reps bodybuilding style – with a narrow stance and going almost to parallel), front squats, smith machine curtsy lunges, side lunges, walking lunges, static lunges, semi-sumo deadlifts, kb swings, trapbar deadlifts, and cable kickbacks (in addition to the individual Instagram video links, see HERE and HERE for YouTube videos of her training). But this is just my preference – I like more junk in the trunk in this situation since her thighs are very muscular. Ladies in this situation would therefore want to ditch the squats (and lunges for that matter).

But if you think that all Nathalia does for glute development is squats, you’re sorely mistaken. She just doesn’t go too heavy on them due to a prior back injury and pre-existing spinal condition.
She does barbell back squats, goblet squats, smith machine squats, and lever machine squats. Perhaps not surprisingly, they all squat with lighter loads than Andreia, but they still squat. This is essentially a form of HIIT and it will keep the metabolism elevated for hours after the training session. This goes for squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, lunges, bench press, military press, dips, chins, and bent over rows.
They’ll help you be a better lifter, a better athlete, and more versatile in everyday tasks. So there is a variation in unilateral squat styles and that means there can be butt wink – have seen it many times. You should then be able to go well past parallel without any butt-wink unless you have absolutely no flexibility whatsoever; in that case, work on your flexibility. Andreia definitely has incredible quad genetics plus she performs her lower body compound movements in a quad dominant fashion (squats and lunges).
I agree that you should eat at a slight caloric surplus while gradually gaining a lot of strength on the best glute exercises. You reccomend two days back to back followed by a rest day then another two days back to back. I have seen my thighs get more musclier and toned but I don’t actually want to make my legs or bum any bigger.
The TRX ST really paved the way and is largely responsible for the current popularity of suspension training.
We have as a race been using pulley systems for thousands of years, the idea of sticking one on a ST is so obvious, it makes you wonder why no one came up with the idea before. Many more rotational movements can now be incorporated as well as working in a see-saw fashion.
This self-containment makes for less faffing around for sure but I do find that the anchoring bar is a bit too small. This is a nice feature as it allows you to create a particular size stirrup for foot placement and the straps will close down over the back of your hands for additional support when performing any pulling exercises.
However, the CrossCore 180 trainer is the more complete system and will benefit you in a number of ways that the TRX can’t, namely, rotational training.
It’s just as much suited to a beginner as a TRX but will also enable you to progress to a more advanced level as and when you are able. Master's Degree and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Bret Contreras is Here to Show You the Best Exercises, Techniques, and Methods to Improve Your Physique and Boost Your Performance. I can promise you that this lady does a variety of glute exercises to attain this booty, plus she has great gluteal genetics!
I venture to guess that 100% of the ladies featured in these pictures do more than just squat. Bikini Olympia) recently shared it on her Facebook page and the article experienced a resurgence.
Well, actually you can if you adhere to flexible dieting and consistently fit your macros while sticking to mostly whole, unprocessed foods while sprinkling in some treats in small amounts, but that’s besides the point. Let’s say that over the next two years, she adheres to a progressive resistance training protocol that involved squatting, combined with a sound nutritional plan.
She’d be denser and would have retained muscular shape in the glutes, thighs, and back, while losing fat around the hips, thighs, abs, back, and arms (over the entire body).
My guess is that if we did this for an entire year, we would eventually bring the glutes up to match the thighs.
She has a cute little booty, and if her thighs were smaller, then it would be a perfect match in my opinion.
She also does American deadlifts, hip thrusts, single leg hip thrusts, band hip thrusts, kneeling cable kickbacks, cable kickbacks, back extensions, pendulum quadruped hip extensions, lateral band leg raises, reverse hypers, leg press, walking lunges, and many more glute exercises that you can see her doing on her Instagram page. But she’ll do light squats, smith machine squats, and reverse hack squats, in addition to many other glute exercises such as lunges, hip thrusts, single leg RDLs, step ups, and more (see HERE and HERE for more info). She also likes her lunges, kettlebell swings, hip thrusts, pendulum quadruped hip extensions, and straight leg deadlifts (see video HERE and HERE and HERE). The squat is very difficult to master, and good squatters are usually able to learn and perform other lifts with great form very quickly. The afterburn is often over-exaggerated in terms of importance in the grand scheme of things, but every little bit helps. In some circumstances, squats have been known to lead to hip pain, back pain, and knee pain. Jamie Eason sticks to bodyweight or light squats due to a pre-existing spinal condition but she still trains the movement.
It seems like my quads gain muscle pretty quickly while my hamstrings don’t gain as fast and my glutes are taking FOREVER to gain. Ofc it more often happens when going to or beyond parallel, but why – especially when having lighter loads on your back and thus less stress on the more forward-leaning spine in a deep position – would you not go to parallel with unilateral squats?
Either more forward shins or low bar placement (but then probably a pretty extreme forward leaning bc of her long thighs).
The knee of the back leg touches the ground before the thigh on the front leg descends past parallel.
After seeing some noticeable improvent in those departments, I reincorperated the squat and other quad dominant axial movements back into my routine and have felt a positive difference in gluteal activation ever since.
So far my glutes have made a change and if I push them back they look pretty good you can see the muscle definition but when I don’t do that they look pretty flat.
Lots of women these days think that by doing their own body weight or using light weights and more reps, they would tend to put on leg size. When I am at my optimal weight my butt does get smaller but I still have a good size butt I just want it firmer and perkier. This was largely due to the fact that it was and still is, an excellent product, well developed and conceived but also, crucially, the marketing campaign was and is very thorough. This allows the war machine to be suspended from a higher point and also allows for some adjustment to the height of the pulley system, ideal if you are requiring transitions from upper body to lower body for example. There is nothing wrong with other systems such as the TRX but if you want a suspension trainer that is going to continue to challenge for longer and in more ways, you can’t go far wrong with the CrossCore 180. In the article, I emphasized the fact that when most women finally attain the level of leanness that they desire, they end up being very happy with the shape of their legs even if they squat frequently.

What I’m trying to convey is that many women covet either the super model look or the fitness model look. Let’s say that she ends up losing 10 lbs overall while gaining 100 lbs on her 10RM squat (the most weight she can squat for ten reps).
By the way, see the pics below and you might agree that she could stand to bring up her glutes in order to better balance out her physique.
I do feel that I could get her looking even better if I was her trainer by prescribing her hip thrusts and back extensions, but I wouldn’t be obsessed with progressive overload with her.
They want to lean out and lose the fat surrounding their problem areas, grow some booty, and improve their body composition. Isn’t it apropos that Nathalia and I would become instant friends based on our mutual affinity for the same glute exercises? Of course, the same could be said for the deadlift, but the squat still tends to be labeled the king of all exercises. However, often resisted squatting can be altered so that the individual can better tolerate the exercise.
The goblet squat happens to be an excellent squat variation that can be performed very frequently and will help engrain proper squatting mechanics.
Of course, this can be circumvented by using a block and doing deficit reverse lunges or deficit BSS’s. But if she wants more glutes, then she could do things slightly differently for better results IMO.
I’ve been doing hip thrusts, sumo squats, cable kick backs, and a bunch of other glute workouts. Eccentrics are great for hypertrophy during resistance training, but it’s overkill with regards to running due to the vast number of repetitions.
That is a myth, and knowledge and understanding is the key in making most understand that you can still do squats without gaining bigger legs. Or is it because exercises like squats are such a large group that they can handle the frequency?
A comprehensive website containing exercise descriptions, challenges and other information helped raise the brand awareness and push the TRX into the worlds exercising population.
Just as you think you have mastered the instability that a suspension trainer brings to your training, the war machine massively ramps this up. A slighter larger bar with some form of plastic coating would be an improvement and wouldn’t necessarily add much bulk.
Ultimately adjustments to the individual lengths of the straps is trickier with the CrossCore 180 in comparison to the TRX but so long as you can suspend the CrossCore 180 high enough, adjustment through the main strap is ample.
This may seem time consuming at first but I can now do this with my eyes shut and within 5 seconds so it really isn’t that tricky. The reality is that these booties are the product of good genetics and lots of exercising in general, including squats and a variety of other glute exercises. Nevertheless, far too many women feel that they shouldn’t squat because their legs are already too big for their liking and they do not want them growing any larger. Neither of these looks can be achieved by eating several thousand calories per day with ample servings of junk food. Check out the vastus lateralis (outer quad) development on her – it’s impressive! Therefore, in my opinion, she would do well with my style of training (a permanent glute specialization routine, if you will). I’d probably get her up to 95 lb hip thrusts for 10-20 reps for a couple of sets or just stick with band hip thrusts done frequently. For example, individuals who are prone to experiencing hip pain when squatting can often perform half squats (or maybe even squats to parallel) and just avoid deep squatting.
My quads have grown a bit more too but I’m learning to embrace them rather than feel insecure about them! Inclined treadmill walking is a better activity in my opinion, but if glute growth is your ultimate goal, I think you should ditch cardio altogether and just focus on getting freakishly strong at the best glute exercises in a variety of rep ranges. There is also an issue with the bulky wheel housing clattering your door or potentially breaking a window! In the article, I detailed a plan for targeting the glutes without hitting much quad and hammies. If your legs are too bulky for your liking, I suggest looking to your diet first before ditching any exercise that highly elevates the metabolism and activates a large portion of the body’s musculature. For those who are interested, check out Jessica’s strength training HERE and HERE, and HERE she is doing some MMA conditioning.
Individuals who are prone to experiencing back pain when squatting can often perform goblet squats or other squat variations by adjusting the torso angle and depth of the movement.
But each of the ladies mentioned in this article also perform a large variety of exercises, so make sure you do more than just squat.
If those were well tolerated and performed properly, I’d start experimenting with forward lean, shin angle, and deficits. As you move into the exercise, you will be forced to make small adjustments to keep yourself level and as the fatigue increases this becomes even more apparent. But the point is that this hypothetical individual would not have liked her legs in the beginning and would have felt that they were too big, but in the end she would undoubtedly love her legs and appreciate her newfound squatting strength. Many of my female clients’ thigh and hip measurements tend to stay the same over time, as does their weight, while their waist measurements always decrease. Individuals who are prone to experiencing knee pain when squatting can often perform box squats to parallel where they sit back and keep their shins vertical and knees out. The first time I used this machine for my regular ST chest session, I noticed significantly more muscle soreness on the following days, a sure sign of additional muscle recruitment and stimulation.
However, unfortunately, many women are missing out by failing to perform their squats due to their incomplete understanding of the adaptational physiology involved in squatting when combined with proper dieting.
So I wouldn’t be quick to ditch the squat altogether before experimenting with different variations (click HERE to learn a bunch of different squat variations, and click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE to learn more about squat mechanics). Use the tie on tags by inserting them through the door or window and allow the cushion to hang down thus protecting any object it comes into touch with the housing.
Progress pictures always look much better after a solid year of smart nutrition and progressive overload resistance training including squats.

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