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The move by the sports shoe and clothing company ends a relationship that began in 2004 and helped the foundation raise more than $100 million, making the charity’s bracelet an international symbol for cancer survivors.
But the relationship soured with revelations of performance-enhancing drug use by Armstrong and members of his U.S. Nike said Tuesday it will stop making its Livestrong line of apparel after the 2013 holiday season. Officials at Livestrong, which announced the split on Tuesday, said the foundation remains strong and committed to helping cancer patients worldwide through its survivorship programs.
Armstrong, who started the charity in 1997 as the Lance Armstrong Foundation, was pushed off the board of directors in October and the organization later changed its formal name to Livestrong. Armstrong declined comment, noting he no longer has a relationship with Livestrong or Nike.
Although the Lance Armstrong doping saga has gone a little quiet in recent months, Nike Inc has now confirmed that it has distanced itself further from the LIVESTRONG cancer charity that still in part bear’s Armstrong’s name – or at least has an association with the disgraced cyclist. Despite confirming that it would continue funding the LIVESTRONG charity directly after this year, Nike has confirmed that it shall cease producing LIVESTRONG branded items.
Nike has made the decision to stop producing new LIVESTRONG product after its Holiday 2013 line. We are proud of the collective efforts between Nike and the LIVESTRONG Foundation to raise more than US$100 million to help people with cancer, distributing 87 million LIVESTRONG wristbands and serving and improving health outcomes for more than 2.5 million people with free cancer support services, programs, tools and resources.
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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch via our Contact page, or for research & consulting enquiries, please visit our sister site MultiSport Research. The Livestrong Foundation is a United States nonprofit organization that provides support for people affected by cancer. Please warn us if you consider Livestrong logo to be incorrect, obsolete or having wrong description. All logos available here are the property of their owners and presented under the fair use policy. MEET Helen Goltz editor extraordinaire for bMag newspaper, journalist, radio and TV programmer, publisher and author of crime, paranormal and historical fiction: Mastermind and Graveyard of the Atlantic. Helen, a mentor of mine, interviewed me on passion, power and living strong plus my writing goals for 2015. Helen and I first encountered each other in the elevator of the Arts Queensland building after submitting our grant applications in 2010. I divulged my upcoming memoir Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness about my survival of parent-teacher bullying and mental illness.
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Upon reading the news my initial reaction was, “How terrible, cancer research is taking a big hit.” However, after a little research I learned that Livestrong began pashing out hard science in 2005. Without Armstrong or Nike in the fold, it will be interesting to see where Livestrong goes from here.
TYLER (KYTX) - When Lance Armstrong admitted to doping earlier this year, it made a big impact on some Robert E. It's been hard times for the Livestrong foundation since Armstrong admitted to doping, but local students are taking the initiative to stand strong for the organization.
Back in 2011, Lance Armstrong was still a role model and Livestrong was a website dedicated to healthy living.
Foundation and company officials said Nike will honor the financial terms of its contract until it expires in 2014. Anti-Doping Agency exposed the team doping program and portrayed Armstrong as its ringleader. The foundation also noted that last month, it received a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, which evaluates charities based on financial health, accountability and transparency. Nike has clearly wished to erase all possible implied or direct association with Armstrong. We will continue to support the LIVESTRONG Foundation by funding them directly as they continue their work serving and improving outcomes for people facing cancer. She suggested I expand dramatic flashbacks into fully fleshed out chapters detailing my ‘decline and disintegration’ of a normal teacher ME to insane, crazy HER … and she offered publishing advice. My role was very minimal and you were well on your way to telling your inspirational story. I highly recommend Joshua as I know he will be diligent in providing the best customer service he possibly can for his clients.
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How can an organization, built with the intent of forthright discussion of an issue, be so cunning with its sales pitch?
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At that time, I contributed hundreds of articles on topics like nutrition, health, beauty and green living. And after years of denials, Armstrong admitted earlier this year he used performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France seven times. We expected and planned for changes like this and are therefore in a good position to adjust swiftly and move forward with our patient-focused work,” the foundation said.

This is even with Armstrong resigning as Chairman of Livestrong last October, and his move last November to resign from the charity’s board of directors. He clearly articulates the goals and objectives of the activity or business and sets forth clear guidelines to measure the overall success. He is passionate about his field, and dedicated to developing a life-long relationship with his clients. Given Lance Armstrong’s recent fall from grace, this seemed like the next logical progression. He makes a point to stay educated on all the latest programs and overall market conditions in order to assist his clients in making fiscally responsible decisions.
He has the ability to bring people together and to select the right individual for the task involved.
The ability to understand both sides of an issue, create an informed decision, and then have civil discourse sets apart the enlightened from the barbaric. It showed my father that life doesn’t stop, and that cancer is just one of the many challenges presented in life. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know Joshua I highly recommend it as he makes others around him better people!
He bullied former masseuse Emma O’Reilly after she testified against Armstrong and went public in a tell-all book.
For so long we were fed a wonderful redemption tale that it’s nearly impossible to swallow the bitter truth. O’Reilly was Armstrong’s drug mule during the Tour de France, and the champ didn’t take kindly to her “lies”—Armstrong sued the woman for more than her net worth and accused her of prostitution and alcoholism.
Livestrong may not financially contribute to cancer research, but that does not mean the organization is inconsequential. How can I possibly hate any person that helped my father during such a difficult time, as his body failed him?
I’ve given money to a foundation that contributes absolutely nothing to the hard science working to cure cancer.
Then Lance came along and showed that not only can you live, but your life can be better than ever.
If that book made at least one day a little easier on my family, then I’m eternally grateful. However, since it was marketed as a group supporting cancer research, finding out that Livestrong is mainly a PR firm doesn’t sit right.
When it comes to disease, I’m a firm proponent of “whatever works.” In my dad’s case, radiation, surgery, and a ton of positivity worked. With all of the celebrity resources and large-scale endorsements, the organization seems to have fallen well short of its potential.

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