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Recent Question: Recently bought BladezE550 it seems to be very jerky and only smooths out when going quite fast. The LS10E elliptical trainer offers a high quality elliptical with the benefit of power incline adjustability for those who like to change up their workout routine. I needed help lifting it out of the box & when you string the electrical through you need someone to hold it. Are there wheels under the front mount (at the floor) to permit the back of the unit to be lifted allowing the unit to be wheeled to another location? My console seems to be bigger, my pads are black opposed to yellow and my wheel is black and sticks our on the sides more.
We tested several (15-20) ellipticals at Dick's and Academy Sports before we decided to purchase the Livestrong LS10.0E. Well, after four days of researching what elliptical machine to invest in we finally decided on the Livestrong LS13.0E elliptical trainer endorsed by local Austinite Lance Armstrong. Here is your chance to rant or rave about the elliptical you use at home or at the fitness center.
Sitting in the middle of the Livestrong Elliptical range the LS13.0E-2 balances price with features. While all the machines are based on the same frame, under the skin there are some big differences. Body Positioning: With the handles are directly above the foot pads, forcing you to ride in a strong upright position.
Handlebar Spacing:  The handlebars feature long grips extending down the top of the handle.
Pedal Placement:  To minimise strain on the hips the pedals have been placed as close together as possible.
With its 30lbs flywheel, this elliptical has all the power needed to provide a challenging workout. The Livestrong range is produced by Johnstone fitness, a highly regarded company specialising in higher end cardio training machines. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS OVER ?99 You have no items in your shopping basket. Like most elliptical manufacturer’s, LiveStrong ellipticals are almost always on sale and you can usually get your elliptical shipped for free, and that will include indoor delivery.
We cover most of these on our site, and the models we haven’t yet included will be added to our elliptical reviews as soon as possible. Some of these models are still available at various entities including eBay and Amazon, so we’ll keep this page up for those who want to read our LiveStrong elliptical machine reviews before they buy.
Assuming you got the very heavy box into your house, you have only 1 moderately heavy piece to move and lots of light pieces.
The connection point at the crank as well as where the arm connects to the foot pedal are both bearings as those points take the most stress. We narrowed it down to the Sole E95, Kettler Mondeo, a Smooth Fitness elliptical and the Life Fitness X1.I read too many horror stories of people buying ellipticals from online vendors and having them shipped only to find you had to have three other people to help you lift it off the truck and then spend several hours trying to assemble it yourself. They may have more in the way of flywheel weight and technology, but the ride is the same high quality.
You also get other perks from ordering straight from them like guaranteed warranties and such. This issue must trail from Johnson Fitness because customers have had problems with Horizon’s customer support as well. But the allen keys supplied are a little tight for some of the places, I have my own set which made these areas easier to deal with. I went to Dick's Sporting Good in North Austin, Texas and found out that they only carried "in the store" the Sole, ProForm and Livestrong brands. Also, one reason LiveStrong treadmills are inexpensive, in my opinion, is because they are not made out of the most quality material. Even their most expensive, $1200 elliptical gets negative reviews saying it isn’t made from the most sturdy of material. The box is extremely heavy and therefore requires 2 people possibly 3 if you all are light weights with minimal strength abilities. Whoever has experience in doing workout on cross trainers knows that you define goals, like "I want to excercise for 40 minutes" or "I want to burn 500 kcal" or "I want to excercise at constant rpm's" and the mental component is very important to reach the goals.

I was surprised to find that I didn't like the feel of the Sole and that it had 4 small plastic wheels ontop of a plastic rod whereas Livestrong had 2 plastic wheels on a more solid rail.
Those two points aside, LiveStrong is a great brand and their ellipticals are definitely worth considering. I liked the MaxTonea„? Arch Pedals which are gel-like and make the workout feel more natural. Also, rather than trying to get the box to say an 'upstairs' location, drop it to a convenient location and unpack it and take it piece by piece to its final destination. The stupid switching between 2 levels destroys the constant displaying of the most important values.
What suprised me is that I went in to buy the Sole and ended up going with the Livestrong but only after I tested both of them out in the store.
Sometimes there is also some clicking noise, emerging from the pedals.The motor driven setting of the inclination was most important for me.
I wanted to test the Smooth Fitness and the German build Kettler Mondeo but Dicks only carries those through their online store and I didn't want to buy something unless I could try it out first.
As a bonus the Livestrong LS13.0E elliptical was $400 lower in cost (23%) which helped the budget. Based on what I was spending for my Golds gym membership and the gas to and from the gym 3 days a week this investment will pay back in one year. I've always known you get what you pay for pretty much with everything in life and this is certainly no exception. However the Dick's rep kept trying to sell me an extended warranty saying that the normal warranty covers 2 years in home labor BUT NOT the trip charge. The Livestrong LS10.0E elliptical trainer is built with the quality of a commercial machine, but with more comfort, and even better features.

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